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  1. Nertea, I absolutely adore your work. You are one of the reasons why I did start to learn 3d modeling. You are an inspiration.
  2. I can absolutely not wait until I have more time to start a new career with this mod and USI stuff from Roverdude. Man, I thank you people doing this mod and wish you all happy holidays.
  3. Hey you! So, you will need to learn to UV Unwrap. There is no shortcut, friend! It is painful at start, I know. But you will learn to like it! Forget Smart UV Project and stuff like that, do it by hand. Also, I would switch over to Blender, it is free and has a lot of good tutorials. Check out Blenderguru at Youtube, especially the Donut and Anvil series.
  4. Hey Nertea, did someone call you a treasure recently? Because you are one. Thanks for all your work, you and Roverdude inspired me to pick up 3d modelling again.
  5. This mod needs way more love! You did an awesome job here, it helped me tremendously.