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  1. should be? I don't have sensible screenshot or dated quicksaves. I just have KCT (RP1) (LOG)
  2. Is the last version of magicore compatible wit 1.3.1? because I have a lot of errors about magicore with 1.3.1 version installed in my 1.3.1 ksp these: [ERR 17:25:25.682] [MagiCore] Tried to parse a non-double value: [SN] [ERR 17:25:25.684] [MagiCore] Tried to parse a non-double value: [SP] In Vab specially.
  3. I get a lot of these: [ERR 20:37:08.243] [MagiCore] Tried to parse a non-double value: [SN] [ERR 20:37:08.245] [MagiCore] Tried to parse a non-double value: [SP] In VAB and maybe in flight also.... What is it? Should I worry? Because I am trying to figure out what is causing lag when editing in VAB... And playing ksp1.3.1 rp1
  4. log: I am building and everything seems fine. Until I have a medium size ship and lag appears. I am trying to elaborate more but maybe someone haas the same problem. I'll come back with more info and testing. Okay, I played a bit more without test lflight and I still have lag when building sometimes... It seems testflight wasnt the problem , although I don't know why so many log messages... Maybe I am using too much procedural parts?
  5. im having a lot of messages with last version in rp-1 and fps drop.
  6. Why haven't you updated the OP, or said anything about the official release? Rp-1 is out! If anyone wants to know... Thanks to all the developers.
  7. I am having quite a lot og log messages and I think the last version made my game lag a bit when decoupling. Like its thinking too much or something. Is there a way to disable logs or something to prevent this lag which I didn't have before? Thanks.
  8. Agustin

    bug en 1.5

    desde dónde lo instalaste? Volvé a instalarlo eligiendo bien el idioma. Y fijate en el archivo settings (directorio del juego) que esté selccionado tu idioma tmb.
  9. what is the meaning of the new geopotential modelling? Would I notice anything behaving different?
  10. Agustin

    bug en 1.5

    Tenes un problema con el idioma en tu instalacion.
  11. Hey, are you experiencing offseting of parts when rolling very fast (sounding rockets) and specially at warp? Like the parts separate from each other and when I stop warp it comes closer together again? Although when rolling too fast parts might still be offset with no warp also. Ksp 1.3.1 Rp1
  12. What version of inernal robotics could I use with new version Lisias? I am in Ksp 1.3.1 installing to play on RP1 If it isn't really compatible I would install dockrotate...