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  1. Can I have motion blur with this? Do I need a config? I am in RSS
  2. Is there a way to make this no so strong? like a weaker KJR? not for me but for a friend I am asking.
  3. Well I found another link in another site.
  4. link is down. Any new release please?
  5. There is no mod called that. "E4" IT seems its a pwing with a kind of transparency cfg... But he wouldn't give it away.
  6. I am orbiting mun and after docking my probe with another probe, my reactions wheels seem to provide rotation although I have the settings set to NONE. Is it a bug? I didn't have rotation before docking. I am 1.8.1
  7. Hi. Can I install Kopernicus in a stock system and make a patch so that Kerbin sphere texture loads on a lower altitude? Like FadeStart.. FadeEnd PQS transition thing? I just have bad performance when going to orbit and looking down at kerbin, as it seems all those polygons visible are bottlenecking my CPU or something. Thank you!
  8. Is there a way to make Kerbin load the sphere texture in a lowet altitude? It really is the only thing that reduces performance in my install. When I am over some really high altitude then performance is great. But when I am reaching orbit, FPS go way down if I look down towards Kerbin, and up if look at the sky. So I think that when it stops calculating polygons I get good FPS. but it is unneccesary for it being so high.
  9. maybe you can try b9PartSwitch with B9 stock patches. It works.
  10. I have it installed as well. What's the problem with it? can you be more specific?