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  1. Those clouds look insane. When are we having first release? I don't care if its alpha, beta or whatever
  2. Hello, I love this mod. I am having an issue which some other had also. Look at this thread: Maybe warping is causing the bug in stock, and maybe your mod can fix it somehow. I only can wish that I mean.. I am not asking for anything but maybe you are interested in it idk.
  3. It seems latest stock ksp versions introduced a bug where from time to time the engines dont produce sound. Does this mod fix by accident or intention that bug? I am installing it now... I hope it does! It didn't fix the bug. It might be related to warping....
  4. I think the last update made the menus in the space center to shake. At least in my configuration. I also saw the flag flickering and in map view things shaked too. Reverting to previous version fixed all that.
  5. Far seems to be updating even on space... Can it be disabled? I am getting so many log messages from far when I am in space.... EDIT: Just by removing FAR I removed a continues stutter with a big station in space. I am in space so FAR shouldn't be causing lag. It should be disabled in space, if possible. Sorry for being so harsh but I love this mod and I can't play with it if it gives me so much lag in space. TY
  6. I have Parallax working fine. I am running a i5, 3Ghz gtx960 4GB RAM 16GB RAM I would love that the collisions came back as in the early stages, But the author of the mod said its being worked on. Meanwhile we have the visual displacement which is working fine on my computer.
  7. Does this mod conflict with pincipia? Because principia's author indicated me that when looking at my logs. Does it change the planet's terrain other than the looks? EDIT: I just had to add a cfg and restart the game.
  8. I get so much logs about eve... I am having stutter in my rp1 install, and looking at the logs find that EVE writes down so much info that seems unneccesary... Things like: [WRN 09:46:35.734] Cannot find preset 'RSS_High' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 09:46:35.740] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 09:46:35.740] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 09:46:35.740] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 09:46:35.758] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 09:46:35.760] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE all over the place.
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