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  1. I do´t really know how to join people on other servers. I installed BDArmory and wanted to play with someone online. I dont have friends to play with. I am on 1.6.1 and server version v0.3.1.0
  2. Egg said that they were having plans in working on KSP2.
  3. yes, its under a folder on the github page. Its not inclueded in the GameData fodler. Its before that.
  4. Does the last pre-realease version with the new features work in 1.6.1?
  5. Where is that patch for applying the mod to the stock wheels? WRONG THREAD
  6. You need to activate modules in editor and in flight open the gui
  7. I am having a problem when loading the craft. The cargo part loads in the wrong place.... I am on 1.7.3 Changing the root doesnt help. Its only that hangar part which causes the problem. Anyway I could see this fixed? Its the perfect part for me.
  8. How can I rotate the craft? Nevermind, Found another cargo much better. Now yes!
  10. Yes it works, but its not easy to understand at first
  11. The piston robotic part in 1.7.3 is making my vessel spin uncontrollable when trying to reach orbit...