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  1. Yes.. It seems to be that. thuogh my pc runs out of fps if I change to every frame. I think I'll stay in low. Thanks anyway. My previous questions was about a crash to desktop I had, but I think it had something to do with using stock fairings. I am using procedural wings now, which seems to work absolutely beautifuly.
  2. Edit because it doesn't matter anymore. Now... Reflections seem to change in flight in a weird way. I don't know how to describe it. It changes constantly 4 or 5 times per second. Is this normal behaviour?
  3. As the title says.. I have just started a new career with the mods listed in the image and I am not having any missions at start. I did my first launch and now all I am getting is the "Test this part" missions, but no missions like "escape the atmosphere", or "get into orbit"... Ksp.log: Possible mods causing this: Kerbalism, ProbesBeforeManned
  4. what is the legnew that is disabled? should I enable it in a new save, and do I need to make another action if I do enable it?
  5. what for? and I don´t think so, no.
  6. install kspWheel Also kerbal Foundries; And download the stock wheels patches from the girhub web of kerbal foundries:
  7. It doesnt work right for me in 1.6.1. it disables when I try to go into the settings.
  8. Not much yet, just a probe to Mun.... My first Kerbalism install. Which is great.
  9. This is because I don´t have launch clamps yet. My scientists aren´t that smart... But my engineers are smarter
  10. I also need that because the versions I have installed aren´t working properly in my experience. I am using last version from this: But I will try beta 2 now to see if its better.
  11. although... description only says: "measure environment radiation" I quite don´t understand which are the safest to dangerous areas in relation to each other...? I am reading from wikipedia but still don´t understand fully.
  12. Can anybody explain me in detail how the radiation and radiation belts work? I see them by pressing 1/2/3 but don´t understand what are the differences between them and how should I approach them in a mission. Thanks and just downloaded this mod I am loving the science overhaul.
  13. In the OP I can see a long trajectory display in tracking station or map view. I can´t do it in my pc increasing tolerance because it kills my memory. How am I supposte to use this feature?
  14. I do´t really know how to join people on other servers. I installed BDArmory and wanted to play with someone online. I dont have friends to play with. I am on 1.6.1 and server version v0.3.1.0