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  1. The piston robotic part in 1.7.3 is making my vessel spin uncontrollable when trying to reach orbit...
  2. I´ve built some bases that worked well when I used the waypoints feature. Now I built another vessel which is similar, and it doesn´t work anymore.. It doesn´t try to go, or sometimes it seems it tries to do something but then starts going up and up and up... I am playing with principia, but I was playing with principia with my original bases that did work, so I don´t know what´s the issue here. Will continue to see if I can configure TCA in some way it works... It can hold maneuvar and do it manually with the vertical speed slider. But waypoints seem bugged (maybe because of principia) sometimes.
  3. I ve beeen playing with waypoints and landed several bases totally controlled by TCA and I have to say I am in love with this mod. Thank you so much for making this beautiful smart autopilot. I don´t have to worry anymore about making my bases symetrical or CoM balanced.... TCA takes care of everything for me and that´s beautiful...
  4. Is there a mod to make all command pods be probes?
  5. I was just using Snacks for the first time. I don´t see the fresh air thing/s. Also I was adding Snacks container and the GUI recognized it but my estimated time was stuck in 1.00 years and 407 days, no matter I had 3000 or 5000 snacks recognized in the same GUI. Weird. There were placed before the last stage maybe that´s taken into account and it doesn´t use the snacks in the previous stage? I am using 1.7.3
  6. Im here to say I am excited too.
  7. Could this have something to do with this mod? I am having this logspam and fps drop in editor a LOT. and I just cant build anything.
  8. Heeelp? I can´t narrow down the mod which is causing this... I tried deleteing a bunch of mods and reinstalling everything...
  9. I have the same, am trying to figure out which mod is causing it... In editor Its unplayable because it gets laggy.
  10. So... After reinstalling I still having this issue. It happens when I am building something after a while, not with new vessels. But the vessel which gets "bugged" gets bugged even after restarting the game.... In flight no problem, but in editor I get all lag and low fps whenever I click ANY part and lots of these: I got the same before, I reinstalled everything from scratch using CKAN... the same issue with new save....
  11. nevermind I reinstalled everything.
  12. How do I enable it for the external command seat? I can´t do a single science with 1.7 arm because it detects movement on my rover that only has external command seat.
  13. well, those wheels are just low tech... thats why they brake easily. I dont have bouncing with the wheels either... maybe try kerbal Foundries mod wheels?
  14. I am havnig this problem on 1.7.3 and I only have B9PartSwitch, not SimpleFuelsSwitch... I need B9Part switch for some mods I have so anyone knows how to stop the spam? Its giving me like 5 fps