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  1. StarMods: Textures Unlimited!

    Which parts are those? Also what parts are in the op of this thread?
  2. In the spirit of collaboration, may I ask why my solar panel's reflections seem to be in the opposite direction? It should reflect the dark of the night, or maybe even better the stars behind.... Maybe it's a known limitation, or planned fix, or maybe my installation is broken, or ultimately I just found a glitch... You know, it's upside down or something... The dark side of the sky is reflected when I look fro below: BHasically reflections see to be upside down in my modded install..
  3. IVA crew control

    rasterPropMonitor and aset Iva's gives you hours of IVA gameplay and immersion
  4. Can you make your parts configs for this?
  5. I am not puting anything on the end of my ksp exe to change the driver to gl 11 or anything. I am seeing everything okay... So I don't understand the warning in the OP. This is amazing and my mid end pc doesn't even blink with this installed. Ksp is looking much nicer every day... Now I want a new graphics card for that clouds.... ( although I play with them installed anyways but low fps ) Anyway, Just want to pass by and say thank you so much for sharing this with everyone this is unbelievable. I really am super excited to play with this much level of inmersion in my KSP universe...
  6. [1.3.1] Stock Visual Terrain [v2.0.8]

    Can I install it but atke away Kerbin and leave the rest? How can I delete Kerbin's textures
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    I was out of fuel, so I pushed my ship with my Kerbal: Then my mission was completed successfully... Then this is a random picture that I like
  8. What do you mean by: "signal strength decay when connected to a relay is wrong, so green, yellow and orange circle are not properly scaled. " ?
  9. Or you could just download and replace this DLL done by ElectroStar more info here:
  10. hello forum

    wellcome, Kerman.
  11. I am having some really fps killers null reference messages from FAR. Here is the LOG: Also, Some other weird kraken excrements started to come, like visual flashlights on map view and terrain glitches, then reloaded a quick save, and the scroll of the camera was working the other way around. (?) I'll keep on trying and edit the post with more info... I removed trajectories and I didn't have the problem again. I think there is something between both that is breaking something or maybe it's my faulty install I don't know.
  12. where is that cfg patch that adds kerbin side runways info to the nav utilities mod? EDIT: Nevermind, found them on navUtilities Continued thread.
  13. I have to do something to change direct9 to dx11 or opengl? Although textures did go wrong last timme I touched something about that....
  14. [1.1] Improved Chase Camera v1.6 (Apr 23)

    I love how the stock camera in flight can go so far away. Would it be so difficult to go even further a bit with some easy plugin? Just a little more and I can see all earth and that would be glorious....