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  1. try mod AnyRes Continued You could be using a resolution that forces black sides because if not it would stretch the image. You could search for other res. and if it resets AnyRes mod will help you.
  2. tried alt+ENTER?
  3. do you have all the dependencies? like module manager?
  4. Agustin

    Can't get RSS to work on 1.3.1

    Why can't you install KSP 1.3.1?
  5. Agustin

    Can't get RSS to work on 1.3.1

    kscSwitcher isn't installed and it seems to be a required mod for RSS. And no, install is only putting mods into gameData folder. You don't have to do anything else. But every mod has to be version compatible. Double check all mods are 1.3.1 compatible. EDIT: Also remove kopernicus and install this version: EDIT 2: I found your problem. You don't have any RSS textures installed: Just copy into game data folder the resolution pack you want. (preferebly the one with best resolution)
  6. I am playing 1.3.1 and active particles doesnt work.
  7. what's that patch for?
  8. Agustin

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    There is a patch that fixes that buy youll have to google it.
  9. Agustin

    Can't get RSS to work on 1.3.1

    Post a picture of yur game data folder and make sure there isnt another subfolder called the same. Also what do you mean it doesnt work? Explain with more detail. Does it load and crashes after. Or it wouldnt even load. What other mods have u i installed? Visual mods? You have 3.0.6 version of moduleManger. Last version should be 3.0.4
  10. Agustin

    Can't get RSS to work on 1.3.1

    you have this istalled: Active Texture Management But it doesn't seem to be compatible with 1.3.1. Try deleting it.
  11. I just would love to see this working in 1.3.1 because the old versions seem not to be compatible with carrier games it says. And I still have to play in 1.3.1 for RSS/RO.
  12. Hello I just want to pass by and say thank you so much. It is so beautiful and fun watching all the trajectory paths drawn from different perspectives, and helpful too because it is more precise than the stock phyics, and so much more interactive in the sense that it has more gameplay mechanics playing with different types of orbits. It's great and I love it (now playing on RSS) So yeah. Just wanted to say that.
  13. Agustin

    Electrocutor's Thread

    Should I use Porkjet's Stock Engine Overhaul or just the StockRevamp?
  14. what is Wild Blue Tools? I ask here because I can't find its own thread.