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  1. Viscan Update 1. In the years leading up to the formation of Viscan Space Technologies, the world embarked on an international space project, the Kerbin Orbital Lab. The Orbital Lab was composed of a Viscanian Section and an International Section. Throughout its life and construction it was mostly built using the Viscanian Space Shuttle, this however had been cancelled by the government of Viscania. The last shuttle took flight just after the first Harmonia Capsule test took place. Viscan offered the Viscanian Government a proposal for Viscan to launch Viscanian Astronauts fro
  2. I don't think i'm here but i'm there! @HerrCrazi Wen Falcon?
  3. Will be creating a viscan spin off for a while to launch a space station that may or may not have existed prior

    1. kerbinorbiter


      Realised i had a GIANT plothole in the form of why am i creating a cargo capsule for no apparent reason so... - sinp - i guess?

      EDIT: I am open to suggestions here too though

  4. It was a sunday, a calm morning as the Strongback supporting the vehicle of Melodia 9’s maiden flight rolled out of the vehicle integration building, gingerly making its way across the 200 meters or so distance between the integration building and the launch pad. All 33.8 meters of the strongback and rocket inched out of the building slowly so the engineers and technicians could check clearances and ensure that the rocket was supported by the strongback itself. Following closely was Jebediah, founder of Viscan Space Technologies. Melodia 9 was to be a reusable system, rather than a system
  5. The Melodia 9 was currently in the final phases of development prior to its maiden flight from Viscan Launch Complex 0 at the Kerbal Space Center. The Melodia 9 was a much more capable rocket than the Melodia 1, which was undergoing preparations for its final flight, the guidance control computer had been reprogrammed to hopefully solve the maneuver issue. This would be the same segment of software used within the Melodia 9’s maneuver guidance computer. The Viscan Space Technologies Corporation had also developed a flight fidelity test article for their contribution to the recently launched
  6. Melodia 1 - flight 2 The aftermath of the successful Melodia 1 Demonstration mission gained Viscan Space Technologies a platform to work on, a platform for space access to widen for the masses. But yet Jebediah knew that if he were to open up a tourism business in space, it would go under quickly. Government agencies had long offered launch slots to commercial customers, it was lucrative as slots were minimal. After the launch the CEO of a well known communications provider, Bill Kerman, Kerbal Network Communications (KNC) approached Jebediah asking him if Viscan would launch an
  7. With the success of the first demonstration mission for Melodia 1, Jebediah hosted a live webcast on VidKerb, a well known video sharing website on the prospects of the future for Viscan Space Technologies. Within the webcast he stated the Viscan Mission: “To place Kerbals on the surface of everybody within the Kerbol system, have them return to Kerbin or colonies on planets whereby they are able to. To take Kerbalkind’s next big leap, taking society interplanetary”. He unveiled the next step in that journey, the Melodia 9. The Melodia 9 will be a two stage Liquid Fuel rocket,
  8. Banned for asking to be banned
  9. Modlist Taking flight In the years prior to this moment, whereby a private entity attempted the launch of a liquid fueled rocket into orbit around Kerbin. Space had always been the dream of the masses, yet the playground of the very few governments who had the resources to haul massive chunks of cylindrical metal filled with explosives into space. The tempo of the space development dance had reversed. From sending Kerbals to the Mun, governments of Kerbin had went back to sending Kerbals into Low Kerbin Orbit. The plans to go onto Duna had stalled to a halt.
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