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  1. uhhh i has a cold anyone got any tips of how to get rid of one?

    1. cratercracker


      get hot

      (I also got cold dude, this is awful)

    2. kerbinorbiter


      ikr thanks  viruses of ever changing form

  2. The Ctrl+V thread!

  3. Don't Click This

  4. im on a reset PC xD

  5. Don't Click This

    yes you can do better xD (remember kerbals are green)
  6. The Ctrl+V thread!

    ok then thanks
  7. Don't Click This

    @Dman979 booby trap this thread with lego
  8. Post Something to do With It!

    Lego (its not LEGOS ok!)
  9. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    make it a V6 and put a 1.6 liter tank and make it a hybrid and you have a Racing Engine
  10. How famous are you?

    0/10 look in the kitchen to find me
  11. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    yup Newcastle Upon Tyne
  12. Really Really Really Tall Building

    floor 1949: nuclear bomb
  13. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    so i was comming into my home airport, NCL (guess where NCL is without google) and as we came over the A1 the engines spooled up to 104% im guessing and the kids were like "whats happening" it reminded my mam of one time they were coming back from Mallorca as they came over the mouth of the river the plane droped and all the kids squealed and as they came over the run way it droped 10ft and bounced 3 times my dad turned white mam wasnt bothered and the kids, they squealed again