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  1. kerbinorbiter

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Crashed windows (by reverting flight) no i really did! after realising that my only safe option was 1.3 decided to do stuff like launch rockets unlike my usual play style: open a text editor and code and i jinxed it :-/
  2. I have a genuine feeling they compromised the CPU

  3. Why is KSP causing windows to crash sometimes?

    1. kerbinorbiter


      speaking of an Operating system, i'm working on a second version of the kOS-OS as I realise that a installer isn't really the right idea as when tested didn't work so yeah version two will have a background picture that can be replaced more info on release.

  4. Guess who contracted the common cold :/








  5. kerbinorbiter

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Still needs moar boosters well as for meni installed KSP loaded it up and launched the least interesting thing ive ever launched...a box. (No screenshots as this was acctualy yesterday unless you are UTC-12 and im on my mobile)
  6. image.jpg

    now i didnt exactly expect to open this snail but i did...still cant run KSP yet better than a cromebook! (And much better than my other PCs as it runs windows 7)

    you win some you loose some

  7. I have litteraly survived a week without a computer...i suprise myself sometimes

    also i may be developing a bit of code indioendantly of my PC for the OS

  8. kerbinorbiter

    Google Picture War RELOADED

  9. What do you guys think is wrong with my Aspire nitro V17?

    CPU cooked

    GPU cooked

    Battery expodes

  10. Of all things i could learn in russian...i learned things i allready knew


  11. Oh goodie its the 9th of may!

    or in my terms:

    День Валрия


    1. cratercracker


      ''День победы''

      (Literally translated to ''day of victory'')
      Or was that not in Russian?

    2. kerbinorbiter


      Yes it was russian but it means Valeria day (I still dont unerstand my own reasoning)

  12. first we had the SM head pack

    someone had came up with making everything scott

  13. Also i have given permisions of editorial to Voske_123 for the kOS-OS project as my PC broke

  14. 33 letters, can pronounce any word

    what language