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  1. Thanks for taking this on Linux! Quick question: does this work with vessels that only have RCS? I checked the original thread and it appears that the original creator was going to add that feature.
  2. You posted that file before, but it is the Classic.cfg and does not say anything about Signal. Are you sure that is the correct file?
  3. The latest .dll in the gitlab fixes the issues I was having. Now to figure out how to get signal from the Mun to other ground stations besides the KSC; still having difficulty with relays.
  4. So wait.... Now the least powerful Antenna, the Communotron mini thing, has super-powerful relay capability that takes precedence over anything else? And the high-gains can now no longer transmit science, only telemetry? Is that right? I have a crummy little lander on the Mun with a deployable low-gain and deployable high-gain. When I click relay to 'yes' on the low-gain (which should not be able to reach Kerbin), all of my satellites around Kerbin suddenly connect to the KSC through the Mun lander's mini antenna. When I stow it away and use only the high-gain, I can control the Mun lander but the data rate says 'none' and I can't transmit any science.
  5. Wouldn't a better solution be to increase the range of some of the stations that exist already? However I have tried that (by changing the range in the default.cfg profile) but it doesn't seem to work.
  6. Hello, I'm loving how extensive this mod is so far. I'm having an issue with the Historical Progression Contract Pack though - if the contract says I need to have an antenna, as long as the Signal feature is enabled, the antennas don't trigger that part of the contract as complete. When I disabled the Signal feature in the config, the antennas were recognized. So I assume it must be something in Signal.cfg but I am not sure what I would need to change.
  7. Hi this pack is awesome! But I am having an issue when combining with the Kerbalism mod. The issue is that when I build a craft with an antenna (eg the Sputnik contract), the antennas are no longer recognized as antennas. Is there some kind of config I can create to fix this? Not sure if I should be posting here or in the Kerbalism thread, maybe I'll try both.
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