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  1. “I make the rules, and so if I lose, I DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANYBODY! Tell Me I Should Play it safer. Welcome to my world!” -Welcome To My World -Mavin
  2. I’m probably going to start a lot of things and move on to the next idea before I finish any of them. I’ve done that a lot with KSP
  3. Honestly, I liked the cinematic, but to me, every time it was about to give me goosebumps, some sort of failure that would never happen in KSP (IE random part failure) pulled me out of it. I would have no issue if it didn’t seem so much like a terrible comedy movie rather than the game I’ve been playing. Of course, this could mean that KSP2 will allow for a small impact from a kerbal to completely disassemble your lander’s landing gear, or allow a random part failure to take down your well established colony, which would probably satisfy me in terms of the trailer, but neither one is confirmed to be KSP2 stock behavior, so it still annoys me
  4. *has Intel integrated graphics* *computer hides in corner fearing for its life*
  5. We are go for hype! Anyone got a countdown?
  6. Error 11: Mario Kart failed to run, because it cannot be run by this Raspberry Pi. Press the A button to continue
  7. When you come up with an idea for a KSP flag while waiting for something
  8. My profile picture will send yours to orbit. And bring you back safely
  9. The non-individual above is lifted to orbit by one of the space shuttles I have designed... as long as it weighs less than 321t
  10. Error 3: aperture not found. Please insert portal gun to continue
  11. Not much can be a match for 4 KS-25s, 2 Mainsails, and 4 Kickback SRBs. The 2 Mach 3+ supersonic jets may help as well
  12. I’d start a space program! Mars, here I come! Just gonna need to create payloads for them...
  13. I build a new hill in the VAB and place it on top of your hill to take it. About half the parts are structural panels, the other half are struts. My theoretically indestructible hill
  14. A second ring rotating the opposite direction and starting and stopping with the first. If it’s going to stop a lot, might as well make it easier to keep the station from spinning
  15. KER, for showing me all the data I want, and more!