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  1. This didn’t make it onto the testing list
  2. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    It’s ok, that happens. Have fun!
  3. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    You just upload it in the google drive folder as a .zip file, and post something saying you finished.
  4. It’s time. https://kerbalx.com/53miner53/P-1-Classic
  5. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    It is turn 85, and it is still on 1.3.1
  6. P-2 uses airplane plus engines. I use a lot of mods on some things.
  7. The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    So... I crashed out. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pvgXIxWkXD_iUUsvndOU3DYYnGjdU0sp note to self... there was a cliff there.
  8. Unless you have a lot of mods and use 64 bit KSP.
  9. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    Ok. Turn is open for anyone
  10. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    @rocketbuilder, would you like to take a turn?
  11. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Hi! @dundun93
  12. It’s certainly still not easy, and I might just be used to a large shuttle and having the lower part count help with that