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  1. Ok! @zeta function is up!
  2. Do not redirect the magic boulder. It will redirect itself when it wants to.
  3. Explosions
  4. @monstah destroyed by crash landing Soyuz
  5. The power to fly a plane, but only if you are not in a plane
  6. Confusion
  7. ΔV
  8. It becomes very hot in the Kerbal's spacesuit. The kerbal than disintegrates. I launch a space shuttle to orbit with a memorial to the shockwave kerbal.
  9. I don't know if any of these are on Spotify, but here are a few that I listen to. CTX theme-Richard Bells Roll On Down The Highway-The Donnas Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day-Bowling For Soup Let's Take A Rocket Ship To Space-Danny And The Jaytones
  10. "I probably have enough fuel to do the mission." -me "Dang it, ran out of fuel." -also me