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  1. My mod has been updated to 1.3 Thanks!
  2. Hypothetical worlds

    Hello everyone! This mod is not dead! ATTENTION! The mod has been updated wit ha completely remade texture for Kyche! And it now supports 1.3!
  3. What's behind your username?

    About 2 years ago, I was obsessed with the legend of zelda video games. And one kid told me I was like a Modern day link (link is the main character) and so I decided to use that name
  4. I would recommend taking a look at new horizons, it reparents kerbin.
  5. Is there a good clouds mod?

    I agree with genesis its a good balance between high performance and good visuals i actually use it even though i have a decent pc
  6. "all Kirby invincibility themes" so I'm invincible and some sweet music is playing too
  7. What is your favorite mods?

    Environmental visual enhancements, I can't play ksp without my clouds
  8. The whole solar system! [drawings] [You can participate]

    @cratercracker That only took 4hours.... but it's done! You could say I had a @Tutur to help me
  9. Hypothetical worlds

    Currently Kyche is using a texture from a celesta mod, and i kinda want to use my own had made textures.
  10. Hypothetical worlds

    So I'm planning on changing Kyche's texture. and it will end up looking like this Should I change Kyche or should I use the texture for something else?
  11. Last thing I googled was Minecraft so with minecraft logic on my side I can watch the zombies burn up during the day and I can just go to sleep once it becomes night time and then it will instantly become day again
  12. The great forum test thread!

    I was seeing if you could post pictures hosted on discord SUCCESS!
  13. [1.3.0] Before Kerbin - 2 Billion Years before Stock

    "That was fun"-me
  14. The great forum test thread!

  15. Hypothetical worlds

    No worries, the next update will be for 1.3 and 1.2.2 support will be completely dropped