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  1. It would be interesting to know, although I do not see the point in this, at launch it still will not be visible.
  2. Because I tried to do it but nothing happened.
  3. RO -> AJ10-137 is HUGE.

    Why then I was working on this add-on...
  4. This is Zenit with an extended first stage and a modified RD171. Can safely assume that the Russian cosmonautics is beating in agony, Angara is a dead project like this one...
  5. Two-stage Spaceplane with LOX collection

    It seems to me or the Soviets have long come up with almost the same project called "Spiral", everything new is a well-forgotten old one ??? And the spiral is more effective and daring in appearance.
  6. My first file on Sketchfad is the rocket Energia and Polyus. Although the first attempt is unsuccessful, the central unit is slightly shifted backward.
  7. Continuing to develop the project "Energia". Upper stage block DM is ready, the Smerch upper stage is almost ready.
  8. Update v1.8 1. Fixed a problem with RD-108, thanks @NathanKell for comment, I hope now everything works properly. 2. Made a small restoration of textures and models for engines RD-107/108 and A7. 3. Added two new engines for US pack, OMS/Orion engine (AJ10-190) and Apollo engine (AJ10-137). Download: Many thanks @Phineas Freak for the information and assistance in creating new engines, now I also have a reserve for the creation of new engines.
  9. Here is the picture I'm focusing on, the base is already made in 3d but this is not enough for the release of the engine. By the way, thanks for the information, I'm not very familiar with the American engines. I will search for at least a little more information, and if do not find then I will have to do a very not exact model.
  10. Guys, anyone knows if the Americans have normal photos of their engines, I found only one photo of OMS, but it's not enough to make a 3d model ... It's also quite difficult to find normal photos of other engines ... If anyone has information About OMS give me links to normal photos.
  11. I'd rather see what's wrong with him.
  12. I'm not ready to speak for the fate of add-on because I have not been able to find the motivation to continue working on it for a long time.
  13. REP V 1.7 1. I tried to change gimbal to RD180, RD108, NK33. I hope everything works fine. 2. Added a new engine A7.
  14. Thanks! it seems it really helped, I'll make a new update soon.