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  1. Yes, it really will be similar to stock engines. It works in RO and stock. By the way, in our family there will be a replenishment.
  2. You are right, but it may be worth making two versions, one classic NK-33, and the second AJ-26 ?
  3. @Abpilot I dont know. Oh yeah!
  4. So it is, but in REP they have gimbal...
  5. I no found a normal confirmation that the NK-33/43 has a gimbal, but found evidence that the N1 used small control motors in the three stages of the rocket. I also do not see where gimbal is placed at all. Who in the subject ,show me it.
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    What about the second stage?
  7. And here is this fu**ng rocket
  8. There will be different versions, I also managed to put it on Mun, but still I would like to see it in RO/RSS, not the stock.
  9. Checked all hatches, they work well. Although it still can not be planted.
  10. I do not know...
  11. a So, the first launch of BFR in stock!!! ..
  12. V1.2.1 1. Removed Kuran details (except for the nose), and RS25 is now just a cfg file, the model has a name in the game "" S3 RS-25m Liquid Fuel Engine "". 2. Added ET payload container. project RDTT work, if you want to find all the details in the game, hammer into the search engine "Kenergia" or "ET".
  13. Thank you! Creating textures takes much longer than creating a model, at least for me. I'll check what's wrong, there must be two RDTTs in the game.
  14. BFR in Unity3D, it's sad that I can not check it because of an KSP error, but the fact that it already in Unity means that the first and the main stage of development is coming to an end.
  15. I did not understand the first part of the message, but the second question, just install them so that they fly away from the payload, they are not configured like in real life, so they have problems. P.S. I have a big problem, KSP began to load about half an hour without add-ons, several times it was rebuilt it but nothing helps ... =(