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  1. Reassemble the shuttle and the attachment problem will be fixed.As for the cargo bay and fenders, maybe these are problems due to KSPWheel, I don't know ... unfortunately at the moment I am not able to support this add-on
  2. Unfortunately I have no idea how to use github. : / By the way, there is further progress in development, completed the version of the classic shuttle: I also got an interesting idea that if make a returnable self-contained container:
  3. I don't quite understand what "for more realistic shuttles" means, this option also has the right to live, and here's grandfather.) Yes, it is quite possible that in the future there will be such an opportunity, I think about it, the more options the better.
  4. Any docking port for 1.25m (size1) , eg "Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port".
  5. Okay, I'll fix this shortly, it's actually not a major bug, it doesn't affect gameplay.) Fixed minor bug with B9.
  6. Release this add-on This development thread is no longer valid, moderators, you can close it.
  7. KERBOLRISE - is the name of a non-existent space shuttle made in a style ... I don't know what style. Inspired by "Buran" The author's task for this add-on is to create a universal shuttle of various configurations, which should be able to launch light and heavy loads into Kerbin orbit, as well as, after docking with a heavy block for acceleration, deliver payload to Mun orbit. The heavy upper stage is missing due to a number of technical problems, but I do not lose hope. PICTURES: Now will are LOTS of instructions for use, yes, it will be l
  8. So, to begin with, I'm surprised to see 500+ uploads in spacedock, don’t know how many people actually use it in their missions, but thanks anyway! I'm surprised because I didn't even expect 100 downloads this week, thank you!!!) But still think that need to revise the entire add-on and make big changes both in textures and in models, so I am sending the add-on for remastering, better now, while the add-on is still under development. At the moment, the updated textures for the shuttle are almost completed, it will be made in the "Buran" style, after the shuttle the rocket will be rem
  9. It? I have many models of varying degrees of sophistication, but there is no desire to return to real rockets and ships.
  10. RP support will be coming in the next update.
  11. v0.2beta available. Fixed a silly bug where FX was not displayed for RCS. Quite possibly I've already thought about it.
  12. A beta version is available, I have updated the first page with an important description and a link to the add-on.
  13. This is not "Energia", so nothing will change.
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