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  1. I'm having issue with KCT launch on KSP 1.8. If the mod is there, the initial load of KSP get stuck. Am I the only one ?
  2. You can't. I personnaly use an excel sheet.
  3. What about latency ? I'm a RT user, still with dev Kerbalism. To be honnest I don't see limitation with it. I've noticed that vessel are displayed has "connected" in manager, but with no transmission capability. Also, I can use Kerbalism Script with unconnected vessel, but I just don't use it to avoid cheating. For what it worth, I think RemoteTech is still usable now, and I enjoy high latency communication, which push me to write some script in kOS.
  4. Would this mean that i'll be able to get rid of the mod "Oh Scrap" ? (yes, I play with Kerbalism, Oh Scrap, and Kerbal Construction Time, and I like pain)
  5. It works, make a backup anyway...
  6. I've got the same issue. Any hint (other than "don't take those contracts") ?
  7. Kerbalism works with 172 and BG. I just don't (didn't, made some progress) know how to use some stuff.
  8. I'm having doubt about how to use the ground experiment part from the last DLC (even with ou without Kerbalism.. and remotetech). I deployed a weather station, a control center and a solar panel. LE control center seems to be disconneted from communication (no antenna, so i'm ok with that), but I don't find a way to collect data on both of my "prototype" installation (one on KSC, one on the mun). Any help ?
  9. I encountered the same issue. Kerbalism tool panel show an established link with unconnected vessel (which is correctly unlinked when active)
  10. That 's where KIS and KAS mod are awesome complement to Kerbalism ;-)
  11. I used to put a lot of Nerv engine on my long travel spacecraft, so I did for my first Duna kerbaled mission.... but I saw that a lot of radiation were produced. Is there a way to use it safely on crewed mission or should I change my craft for a liquid/oxydizer engine ?