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  1. That 's where KIS and KAS mod are awesome complement to Kerbalism ;-)
  2. Every one ^^ Read the page before
  3. I used to put a lot of Nerv engine on my long travel spacecraft, so I did for my first Duna kerbaled mission.... but I saw that a lot of radiation were produced. Is there a way to use it safely on crewed mission or should I change my craft for a liquid/oxydizer engine ?
  4. I have a space station, where my kerbal died regularly because of CO2 poisoning. The station have enough electrical capability while in the dark, but when I speed up the game it seems to be not properly handled by Kerbalism. Except adding more and more battery, is there a way to avoid surveilling the station while warping ?
  5. Hey ! My bad, here is the point. Many thanks !
  6. Unfortunately it is not working. I've also tested to wipe KSP from everywhere on the PC (users & co), reinstall just Kerbal without Making History ext, wipe all MM files except dll... Still got the problem. for the record, i've downloaded Kerbalism from spacedock.
  7. Hi, my container does not show any food or water (fresh install of KSP1.4.4 and Kerbalism, am I missing something ? edit : Humm same stuff with 1.6, I need to clean on my side first. edit2 : After clearing all mods, just Kerbalism, I cannot found Container anymore. what?
  8. Hi, I just want to give a big thanks for this mod. I'm using it to make some spaceX-like 1st stage landing, and it's running great. I also use it to make a small plane autopilot to make long range flight in fastforward mode. Having this working with my piece of code is a great satisfaction ^^