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  1. if you put a vessel to an eve 400km polar orbit, your "advanced transfer to another planet" can create a node for kerbin?
  2. this bug has never been fixed. someone knows if the mod still works now with 1.10.1?
  3. for example you can add multiple tasks and start the "program" in order to automatically do several maneuvers. This, not tested, should be take off, reach minmus, orbit it and return home. It's also much complicated and can do a lot of things, honestly I never use it, I only tried it once to start engines and take off. It could be useful in very early career when the ascent module isn't unlocked yet and it isn't fully functional. I normally do maneuvers one at a time. anyway I'm noob with this stuff, I'm sure dozen of forum users can explain it you better.
  4. Hi, now that I've done the 9th launch, I'd like to share my last 2020 career progress: Installed mods: [x]-Science! Continued - KER - Trajectories - MechJeb 2 Rockets Evolution KSC R&D Contracts Archived Active Kerbals Rockets data sorted by Mass, Cost and Size. Last Mission completed (Eve Flyby) Rocket, Science and Crew Next Contract (Orbit Eve) Kerbin View from Mun Flag
  5. nothing to do with learn a programming language, It's more like to press 4 buttons.
  6. I've already wrote to you some posts ago that the "Ascent Guidance module" and all the others modules included "Maneuver Planner" and almost all the features are available since the 1st launch by using "Scripting Module" and I quote: [well ok I found what is needed for a fully functional autopilot ascent guidance. - of course the Tracking Station and Mission Control for the nodes. - the "Advanced Flight Control" in the technology tree R&D facility. the MJ AR202 case is not necessary attached on the rocket. all can be taken in career mode before to do the 3rd launch to a clos
  7. hi, generally x-science is very useful but I would like to know if is there any mod that can help me in this scenario: In a hypothetical eve flyby where the Pe is 90km and the max speed is 4750m/s, when I'm under 400km, so in Low Space, I have to collect EVA Reports and Gravity Scans at the same time, for each biome, so when a new biome is under me, I have to: - press EVA Button to leave the pod - press x-science EVA Report - press the green button "keep experiment" (maybe this is facultative cause the science window disappear when re-entry the Pod) - press the B key to enter the
  8. maneuver-planner - Intercept only, no capture burn (impact/flyby) hi, I'm close to eve on the way back for kerbin after a 90km eve flyby. From a sun orbit, in order to reach eve from kerbin, I have used it cause it seemed better. But in this particular scenario, look ss, there's not so much difference between both the maneuvers. I can't decide what is better: enable or not enable the "Intercept only, no capture burn (impact/flyby)" option in maneuver-planner? Can someone please explain me when it is usually supposed to be used? what does it do when enabled?
  9. Mechjeb Ascent Guidance can be used since the 1st launch, without any cfg file edit but using "Scripting Module", and like I wrote down here:(click "antipro replied to a topic") it can be fully functional since the 3rd launch to a Mun flyby mission.
  10. yes thanks, I've already read about this you've mentioned, here: https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/issues/102 I'm not sure it works with "launch into plane" too, but I'm gonna try it again right now, wait... ...indeed it doesn't work, the result deviation is always the same: 0.19° And it seems I cant even correct it with "change inclination" feature, cause of the too small difference. "change inclination" after that maneuver can't even place node in the right place and once you press execute, the node just get deleted. I'm more precise doing it manually: now is 0,00029°, that is f
  11. hi, Situation: launch into plane of target, target = minmus What I expect: As soon as the ascent guidance autopilot stops, KER Relative Inclination = 0 Result: KER Relative Inclination = about 0.2 Question: is this the normal precision margin of MJ or I can do something better in order to launch into a perfect plane of 6°? I notice that the engine starts exactly when KER Rel. AN = 0. Start a little bit early isn't it better for precision?
  12. I'm agree, and even better I would like to see a video of the whole mission. also a couple of screenshots of yours KSC and "R&D Tech-Tree"
  13. x-science tells you what situation you are in every moment and do many others cool indispensable things. I'm serious, without that mod I would not play anymore. Biomes can be visible by using alt-f12 menu
  14. imho you have to get more science as possible. in LKO every EVA report gives you 24 points in each biome. I suggest x-science mod. with the 2nd launch you can reach high space(>250Km) and before deorbit, return to the KSC and accept the contract "make eva and return to kerbin from its orbit" to get extra funds.
  15. "flatten out?" I'm sorry but I can't translate it. I find you explode almost weird. you don't even need to decelerate I think. Just enter atmosphere with only the 3 main parts: Pod, Parachute and Heat Shield. It's impossible you will explode at that speed.
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