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  1. The Ultimate Challenge

    yea, in any order except the last crash course. ty for the tip "start from eeloo", I think I will save a lot of fuel, but don't I waste a lot of time with large orbits? I'd like to find a compromise between carried fuel and time... maybe eeloo, jool sys, dres, (Moho - Eve/Gilly - Duna/Ike) with apo on dres - kerbin...?
  2. hi, what do you think is the best flyby sequence in order to reduce at minimum the ship's weight and cost? Moho, Eve/gilly, Duna/ike, Dres, Jool Sys, Eeloo, Kerbin Sys?
  3. cooling convert-o-tron

    Usually I got it balanced at 90% or more after it reaches 3k°C. But It often consumes all my heatshield ablator.
  4. I'm not an expert player but I did several isru missions.. I have never had problems about to cool drills and convert-o-tron 125. Anyway I can't understand what's going on now, I can no longer keep the optimal temperatures.. Convert-o-tron is around 90% efficiency and drills have 517°K instead of 500°. The last version has some changes with coolers? What am I doing wrong? What's the correct way to cool 6 drills and 1 CoT 125, like in the ss? 2017-11-08 18.27.16.png?dl=0
  5. hi, I'm dealing with these contracts: and I'm interested to have your opinion in which is the best sequence to complete them all. This is the rocketship I already have a lander orbiting Laythe, cause the ship can't obviously take off from it, but I'm also trying to add some jet engines in order to complete all with 1 launch only. and anyway the sequence to follow imho is: - Minmus Flyby - Duna Land - Ike Land - Eve Flyby - Moho Flyby - Tylo Land - Laythe Land - Vall Flyby - Bop Flyby - Gilly Land - Eve Land Would you make any changes to the sequence or on the ship?
  6. Hi, Is there a way to Move the Maneuver Node accurately along the orbit? I have to move it and see the result at the same time, so I cannot zoom in to be accurate, I need to view the system from far but move the Node accurately, like when you use the mousewheel on the Node directions. thx
  7. orbital drift

    hi, I'm on a new installation, setting the game I found "Orbital Drift Compensation". default enabled. but I think I didn't understand it. is orbital decay a wanted realistic feature or a previous version bug correction only? if I disable it, will my sats launched with prev version, crash into planets in some years? In a new installation, keeping it disabled or enabled is the same?
  8. embedding dropbox ss

    hi, of course you know about how is a dropbox ss link, it's like this: You also already know that in order to embedd the ss into a forum board you have to edit the link like this: so I'm just wondering if someone can make this become faster. I mean: I copy the link and the forum automatically edit the first part of the link only, substituting with is it possible?
  9. green mun and ksc flood

    excuse me if I revive this dead thread, I think is better instead of to create a new one only for this: I've recently ran into this video: ...and I was still wondering if I am the only one who see green textures, I tried to play it on 4 different computer systems, so I think it's green for real. anyway: do you see greenage surface?
  10. hi, need some suggests... my objective is to have the minimum needed relays to works on jool system with unmanned probes/landers in future missions. I don't need a complete coverage, .... ...I've just seen this awesome video: I could not stop laughing, ahaha! anyway I want a simple reliable network that let me land on every moon, without too many complications. So I thought about to launch a 4xRA-15 main sat into a jool polar orbit to communicate from jool orbit to kerbin and another launch to place 5 smaller 3xHG-5 relays in polar moons orbits, in order to link between the main relay and the unmanned probes/landers. my actual situation is this: I've launched only the main relay Before to proceed with the second launch, I'd like to hear your opinions. is this a good idea or maybe you have some suggests to improve the final result? I mean, for example, what's the best orbit for the main relay? Like you see in the screenshots(between Vall and Tylo) is good? I don't know, better larger? closer to jool? better two main sats? thanks
  11. antipro campaign

    ty all, nothing special anyway.. I've started playing ksp too late, after 2 years or more it was released... for some reasons I've never looked at it all this time, damn me! but when I've launched the first rockets.. when the first time I've reached the mun.. when I realized about the "physics" inside the game.. omg! this game is epic! This is what I've always wanted in a game.. thx staff! and thx modders too!
  12. Teleportation fails?

    in this case I saved the ship with "no crash" and "unbreakable joints", thx to bewing. I've lost 3 panels but I dont care, even for the moneys.. I've never used the rendevous cheat, but I've seen it. it could be useful in situations like this, thx spricigo.
  13. antipro campaign

    hi, This is not properly a mission but if I can I'd like to share my progress after 200 years of ksp. I just want to show my orbiting stuffs, landers, station, etc.. Screenshots:
  14. Teleportation fails?

    ok, thanks.. after serveral tries with cheats, I can separate the ship and the ast but I can't save the 6x1 panels. better than nothing.
  15. Teleportation fails?

    ungrab? how if 3/4 of the sat is inside the asteroid? oh! ok, somehow I did it, but as soon as I release it, the vessel explodes, well... is normal I think... 2017-07-11 13.11.07.png?dl=0 2017-07-11 13.11.11.png?dl=0 anyway the asteroid disappear immediately.. edit: no, I was wrong, it disappeared but as soon I reenter the tracking center I can see it again. thx! so no hope to save the vessel too? maybe with cheats? is there a stock cheat option to momentarily disable collisions?