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  1. antipro

    New Mk 1-3 Command Pod Issues

    ty, anyway when I use the new pod I cant see the kerbals inside view, but when I use the old pod I can see new interiors.
  2. antipro

    space shuttle engines

    I've changed screenshot.
  3. antipro

    space shuttle engines

    ty, but I have 2 fuel engines types and their throttle has to be different. I think the best solution is the TCA mod, but it seems pretty complicated. Maybe I'll try it someday. Or better I wait for the 13 march update hoping there will be bigger boosters.
  4. I used fuel engines instead of boosters only in my shuttle version. I'd like to know if there's a way, in stock game, to link the 3 shuttle "Vector" engines green power bar, when I move one of them. In few words: I want to adjust manually the power of all the 3 engines at the same time.
  5. hi, I've a minor issue with Interior Overlay. Noticing right now a weird behavior, I'm adding a short video where you can see that: while I manually move the ship with the keyboard, (the SS isn't fixed very well obviously), the Interior overlay keep steady while the ship moves.
  6. antipro

    docking alignment problem

    I've realized that if the docking port isn't on the same SS core axis, there's no way to make a smooth docking between a station and a module. Cause I have to move the station manually at first, and then the SS port doesn't follow the module port. If I'm wrong correct me.
  7. antipro

    docking alignment problem and in the video i've posted above, at 0:36 when the station moves, it's me with the keyboard to show you how is it moving back to the original position. and also when I said that the angle between ports was 45°, I was wrong. the angle change continuosly according to their distance. and also when I control the station from a perpendicular port, the Q and E keys dont work. the station non longer rotate.
  8. antipro

    docking alignment problem

    well, i've just tried to dock 2 test vessels using their perpendicular ports, and i have the same behavior, both the ports dont align with eachother.
  9. antipro

    docking alignment problem

    what you can see from the screenshots is the space station controlled by one of the 2 docking ports T-module. the target is the LAB-module docking port. and the angle between them is 45° the lab-module remains perfectly aligned. in the video you can see better
  10. antipro

    docking alignment problem

    I can't understand why you keep continue to talk about rcs, i dont need it. as I did till now, I align both the ships docking ports, then I push gently(with rcs or main engine) the module toward the SS, and they automatically dock using magnets. but I cant align the SS when the docking port is perpendicular to the main body axis. adding another RC-L01 close to the SS docking port axis doesnt help.
  11. antipro

    docking alignment problem
  12. antipro

    docking alignment problem

    ty but I still dont understand why when I select to control the SS form a docking port that isn't aligned with the main ss body, it doesnt work properly
  13. hi, I'm trying to dock a module on a space station. The problem is that when I try to align the SS with the module, the SS move to a 45° shifted position. I can't understand why.. it happened when I docked the 2 solar panels modules too.