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  1. AVD 0.4 Images New Tylo terrain and dust Love new Jool texture...
  2. Currently AVD uses stock scatterer configs, 0.4 will use custom ones.
  3. Found- https://1drv.ms/u/s!AldhYjNFrtlghHd0grvOd3Iq2BP9
  4. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AldhYjNFrtlghHYFr6Ad5_-MVNfG - error and output log
  5. Well, i was building craft for Matchlight for trailer and it had 1700 parts, and my game crashed without mods, and i have 16 gb ddr4.
  6. Sir, by clouds particle i can tell that this isn't AVD or AVP repackaged, this is EVE, + scatterer cant see AVD cloud layers because they made on old EVE, so integration is impossible. This is definetly new EVE.
  7. don't know if its caused by new version of ksp but i cant weld more than 200 parts, more crashes the game .
  8. You should make AVD version with glow layers instead of scatterer atmopsheres, like a performance version of AVD.
  9. There might be issue with that since we try to implement................feature.
  10. You don't even imagine how sweet looking new update will look. Even I impressed how it looks, and it doesn't even complete! Especially I love Jool with its new texture, its too pretty to exist!
  11. Layer2D? I am correct that you talking about non-volume glow layers on planets? Because as I know, glow disappears when integration with EVE clouds turned on. It would be awesome to have both glow and cloud integration!
  12. Make sure you playing on 64x version of ksp. Otherwise you will just run out of memory and crash.
  13. @Matchlight i made Jool clouds work, kinda... They lack some textures. Please tell which ones. I used JoolLayer 1 and 2, cirrus also. Edit: added altostratus texture to Jool, still looks weird. Maybe I need adjust the color.
  14. Thanks! Yeah... Old textures don't work. Need to find new one.
  15. @Matchlight I was correct, kerbin clouds work now. Now, could you say what textures used for Eve and Jool? Btw., I have some different textures lying on my drive. I can change stock texture with custom one,if you want.
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