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  1. KSP1 is essentially a lone developer's overgrown, space-themed playground without optimization in mind, only added after the fact because of a broad range of computers (and their performances). KSP2 is developed by people who already have lots of experience in programming games from the get-go. I'm positive the game has been designed with the goal of high optimization before the first line of code was even thought of, especially because the quality of the graphics has seen a dramatic improvement.
  2. I personally am for using a slightly modified version of the trailer as an intro to the game on every start, similar to how KSP1 uses cycling images during the first loading screen. It sets the scene for the game just perfectly.
  3. Yep. From the same company who made KillCIH in the late 90s... But I usually don't download anything that even looks remotely dodgy in any imaginable way, so it's doing an okay job when I actually need it. And I use Firefox, and it never showed this. Now that being said, nearly no file actually triggers a false positive, so I don't know how old they think these zips are.
  4. Mine has the same hash and literally opens the same VT page. False positive it is, then. About that "less than one week old": I use.... Norton... as my totally reliable antivirus product. I don't know where they're getting their numbers from, could be a mistake on their end.
  5. Sun diving would be horrendously inefficient in this case, right? You only need to double Kerbin orbital velocity to leave Kerbol orbit, rather than subtracted nearly all and then adding a lot...
  6. School servers are down, and I need to send an e mail until Saturday. But I won't be home for three days, so I can't access my PC and thus not my e mails. Why do things have to fail when you need them most? I wanted to write "I'll be gone for a day or two" as a cheap joke. I guess I still did.
  7. @pleroy @eggrobin My antivirus is falsely detecting all dlls of the ferrari release as potential malware, claiming the files are less than 1 week old. I just freshly downloaded it. Of course I trust you that there is no malware hidden in any of the dlls, but the given release date and the file's age don't line up at all. I'm asking for reassurance that these files are indeed the way you uploaded them.
  8. Less than 2 months ago. I think logic let you down on that one.
  9. Wouldn't it be great if a slightly modified version of the cinematic trailer is used as a (skippable) intro at every boot? Modern games can't seem to get enough of that, and honestly I'd gladly watch that cinematic at every game start!
  10. Being an animated trailer, the main intent is to show the game's existence and to hint - more or less subtly - at what will be in the game. One of the most important things in presenting a soon-to-be-released product: Make it look good. People will dismiss your product if it doesn't look promising. First glance matters a lot. Lighting "errors" are conscious decisions, the animators felt it adds to the atmosphere or otherwise contributes positively to the way the scene looks. These "errors" actually occur throughout the entire trailer. For instance: the planet seen at the very end (the ringed one) shows a near vertical terminator, so on the moon the sun should be near setting/rising. Nope, the ratio between building height and shadows is nearly 1:1 - 45°, not really what I'd consider to be a sunset. But these lighting conditions make both the planet and the moon look better respectively, so they went with it instead of a realistic light approach.
  11. Probably also one of the fastest growing YouTube videos right now - 2,000,000 views in 3 days is not something easily achieved.
  12. We know that development has begun some time in 2018. We can't tell exactly of course. However, the graphics seem mostly complete (most of the slow down in the video is probably caused by lots of debug code running in the background), particle effect seem pretty good, explosion sounds are (hopefully) placeholders from KSP 1, but if what is seen in the video is to be believed, most of what can be viewed is in a mostly completed state. We cannot make statements about, say, the colonies system and progress made there. And they still have 7 months left, plenty of time.
  13. If it wasn't for KSP I would still know nothing about astrodynamics. I owe my entire knowledge of orbital mechanics to Squad and KSP 1 (Time to get used to adding a number to the end!).
  14. I think I've never been that excited about a game being ANNOUNCED. I look very forward to getting my hands on a working copy of this game!
  15. Indeed, especially when you have both reference frame windows open (one for the maneuver and one for the display) and can't figure which one it is.