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  1. The orange is obviously the April Fools, but I really, REALLY hope those textures make it into the game (with the characteristic green, of course)! The clouds look spectacular!
  2. It really doesn't like 64k demos, but that's shared across basically all AVs. Compression really obfuscates the purpose of a file and AV vendors really want to be on the safe side.
  3. Well.... I do too, and it doesn't like Principia all that much. Never had problems with Scatterer however and it never removed stuff I already moved out of quarantine the first time. Unless I update the mod of course, since it's a different file Norton will start crying again. All the same it's not annoying, and if it wasn't for Windows' poor security with all these exploits to run programs without permission I wouldn't have a reason to have any AV at all.
  4. That is because the mod only provides an API for other mods to work with. By itself it changes nothing.
  5. I think that's not Scatterer's fault. I haven't taken a close look myself, but the new textures for Kerbin in 1.9 are more saturated by themselves.
  6. Sorry, I might not be the best person to talk to. I will admit that I have not taken a close look at the variables either and only skimmed over them a while ago. Perhaps @blackrack could help you out here, given that he made the syntax?
  7. Looks absolutely right to me. Maybe a little too blue, but that can be tweaked in the configs. What you are seeing here is not a bug, it's the main feature of Scatterer in full effect.
  8. I personally would have no problem with separate Scatterer versions for each renderer. Honestly you should do what is easiest for you to implement. It's your mod after all.
  9. Thank you for the quick fix! I have already played around with the rotations a bit (I might have gotten my hands on a bad copy before it was removed) and it is quite a nice addition indeed!
  10. Absolutely phenomenal work, once again! Can't wait to use this release, since this means that vessels in near circular orbits and told to hold prograde will only drift slightly with timewarp because of their extant rotation! This will make space stations look even better!
  11. And so you can't charge the phone? Or is it just an annoying message that pops up every now and then? ...or is the phone bricked?
  12. They also had a rather... funky(?) S2 camera with a few exposure problems!