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  1. May I ask what the design proposal was for? I'm curious!
  2. Delay

    Shower thoughts

    Literally had this thought in the shower. How does special relativity work on a rotating sphere? Because an outside observer would argue that the linear speed depends on the latitude, whereas observers on the sphere would argue that there is no relative motion at all, regardless of latitude. Two points on a sphere never move relative to each other. Then again, higher latitudes have a shorter distance to travel in the same amount of time, so they are actually moving more slowly... I guess this is why special relativity specifically describes inertial reference frames, since a sphere is constantly accelerating anyone on it?
  3. I could complain that calculating a 16384x16384 image of the Mandelbrot set with 63000 iterations takes a ridiculously long amount of time. I could complain about my ludicrously inefficient code (literally just iterating long doubles without any optimizations) , or that I'm using bmp as an output format (768MB) because it is the simplest. And I do know that there is much better software that does the exact same thing a lot faster. I just wanted my own. Instead, I'm just going complain about myself wanting such an image without any sane reason behind it. Why am I doing this to myself poor computer? Edit: the image is done. After 10 HOURS and 28 minutes. I need to learn how to write better code!
  4. I'm back in a period of doubting myself regarding anything. My ability to make/play music, write code or perform basic math, just to name a few. It's a combination of being aware of how ignorant I (genuinely) am, coupled with the awareness that I have no one to talk to who could help me. I don't have anyone who could criticize my code, no one to give me feedback on music, etc. I don't know what to do. All I can do is wait it out. But even then, even if my awareness of it has slipped away, I'm still on my own. I'm still helpless. Forgetting that a problem exists is not the same as a solution.
  5. Principia is very specific with game versions. If the version number is not exactly the same as a supported one, it will crash the game. You'll simply have to wait until the proper update is out.
  6. If I had to guess, after around 2-5 minutes I suddenly felt very dizzy and nauseous. Some sort of shock, maybe? I never had that after a vaccine, however I did have very similar reactions after eye drops while at the opthalmologist. Again, though, I got immediate help and everything is fine now. They were well prepared for a case like mine. I'll take some precautions for my second dose, though.
  7. I got my first Pfizer shot today! Unfortunately, I did develop an allergic (?) reaction after a couple of minutes. I was quickly helped though, and all is good for now.
  8. If anything, it's probably Newtonian. It's certainly not based on relativity as, for instance, Mercury's orbit doesn't exhibit apsidal precession.
  9. Banned for banning for 6 million years.
  10. I like these tutorials a lot. The kurzgesagt artstyle, I think, works very well for this. And while I personally won't need them I do think they can greatly benefit new players and remove the initial frustration that's so difficult to overcome.
  11. Delay

    Shower thoughts

    Now, this is an actual shower thought I just got... Bear with me, okay? It's some sort of live show where two people or small teams argue for and against completely mundane and irrelevant opinions in the ridiculous style of a Phoenix Wright-esque court trial (or a UK parliament session) and at the end, the audience votes for the team they thought was more persuasive. You'd choose the subjects to make sure there is no bias and that there are no consequences for picking one side over another. I can't stop smiling over this, I'd gladly watch something like that, just for fun. I'm probably not even the first person to think of something like this, perhaps something like this already existed at some point? Wouldn't be a surprise to me, frankly.
  12. Got my physics exam back today. So far I haven't even tried to be happy about getting 39 out of 42 points. I know I could have done better than that, I should have and I didn't. It's a frustratingly poor result. And one, only one point more would have sufficed to give me a better grade. That's just insult to injury.
  13. That's 8 minutes longer than I expected given the earlier abort!
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