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  1. Things are not too different, your standard transfer maneuvers will still work, give or take some n-body funkiness. Get used to the Principia UI and how trajectories look in different frames. It will make things so much easier.
  2. @AlamoVampire Try reading that story out loud with a straight face while having the theme on!
  3. I walked a good 10 km today. Which, unfortunately, is 10 km more than on most days. I really should get outside more often...
  4. Took a few images over the last month. Some of them ended up quite well, even though they may be slightly over oder underexposed as I'm trying to learn proper exposure. Here's a mallard: A cat whose owner (if any?) we haven't been able to work out: A red kite that flew directly over my head. Now, my rather old, entry-level DSLR only has 11 focus points, and getting a moving object nicely inside one is a bit difficult. Point is, I'm trying to find excuses for them being slightly out-of-focus. I do take full responsibility for the underexposure, tough. There was a cloud in the background and I blindly trusted the meter. I still have to work out good how many stops I should correct with. Finally, a kestrel. Them hovering gives you plenty of time to prepare and take nice shots! I took over 100 images in that time, which is over 100 more than the last two years combined! These are simply a subset of the most presentable.
  5. I haven't played KSP in a bit, and maybe some things have changed in the Principia UI that I don't know of yet. But there are two reference frames that draw your orbit in relation to a line connecting the selected celestial and its parent. Whichever options remain after discarding the rotating and the inertial frames. These are the frames of reference used in images like this. This reference frame is also really handy for planning things like trans-lunar injections because you know exactly where you will be relative to the Moon.
  6. Banned because it would be "Der", not "Das".
  7. This image, right there. This just blows my mind. These clouds are gorgeous. Which brings me to a minor question - would it be possible to include (purely optical) weather effects like rain or perhaps even snow? Because that might be the only thing at this point that could make images like this one even better!
  8. This looks a lot more realistic than before, I feel. Before, something on the lighting just felt off, but now it comes across as a realistic image. That's not to say it didn't look stunning before!
  9. My basically new laptop, used for (combined) less than one month, apparently has some SSD issues that completely freeze it up. It has now happened twice within a few minutes! There's nothing overly important on it, but it's really annoying that I have to go to the store again (I already went there a month ago, they reset the thing to factory settings).
  10. It literally took until now for me to get that. I don't know what's more frustrating - the joke or just how long until I understood it.
  11. Legends say he's aimlessly driving around to this day. Sorry. Shouldn't make fun of it, but that is ridiculous.
  12. Just wrote my first uni exam. In chemistry, which I've never been particularly good at. Can't wait for the results in 16 days! Though, to be honest, I feel kinda confident with this one.
  13. Banned because you've basically just been given the answer.
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