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  1. Juraffics? So a website consisting of a bunch of gifs could be a Juraffic Park...
  2. I'm making the maps right now and so far I haven't run into any problems. The nozzles are kinda bright, though... Might have deviate from my standard color palette a bit and use darker values...
  3. Mad scribbles on the engines. (AKA: My idea for reconstructing their UV maps.)
  4. "I see you have problems discerning what's important and what's unimportant. You'll need to learn that." So basically, my physics teacher told me to "just" not have Aspergers. Great.
  5. Has anyone ever looked at the stock config files, just for fun? The potatoroids/asteroids have some rather funny comments in theirs! This is what Squad has written about them: title = #autoLOC_500643 //#autoLOC_500643 = A potato like rock manufacturer = #autoLOC_501643 //#autoLOC_501643 = The Solar system description = #autoLOC_500644 //#autoLOC_500644 = Big ole, rock like thing. A bit further down... maxTemp = 2500 // way hotter than the melting point of "Ore" but oh well. You'd never see these comments in the game, Squad could have just left those fields empty (except for maxTemp).
  6. Continuing to patch parts to use TU. Right now I'm doing size 1 engines. (first I did the all probe cores/command modules, then size 0 engines and now size 1). The Wheesley was the last one so far (with Mk1 cockpit and cabin to compare with all other non-patched parts). As for the Panther and the Whiplash, the next two on my list... those will be difficult. I create the map(-s) based on the UV information of the mesh, and the Blender .mu plugin doesn't load them for some reason. So I either patch them without maps or blindly guess.
  7. That would be the best (pre-/post-) Christmas present ever.
  8. You know where you are, right? I doubt anyone will not get what you mean.
  9. Cities in Flight. A particularly good one in my opinion! Anyways: In-flight abort in February 2020. When was it scheduled for initially?
  10. Success! First time I visited Moho! Now what do I do with the ~900m/s I have left?