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  1. Delay

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Some more Planet Coaster. I've now discovered it as a very calm and soothing game - if you come home from a stressful day, Planet Coaster is a fantastic option. ...Except for staff, which I don't quite get yet. For some reason everyone's... uhh... slightlyTM unhappy with inspecting and repairing the rides I build. To the point at which they want to quit and I'm just sitting there, asking myself what I could do.
  2. That's because maneuver nodes still use patched conics and are thus useless for n-body physics.
  3. It's one single character that I get by applying an index to a string. This one character should be added to the end of another string.
  4. (those are unintentional, the compiler nicely tells me they're missing). 5 minute replica. Didn't overly care about syntax correctness.
  5. Oh. Oh! Oh YES! Delta V? TWR? Helmet removal? Nah! Can do it myself! at least the first two. This makes me really excited for this release!
  6. I asked my teacher if the solution of his would leak. As already mentioned, the response was unintelligible. So why not ask here? char Text_to_add_to[] = ""; //ignore the fact that this line would very quickly run into unallocated areas in memory. char Characters[] = "some arrangement of characters"; int index = 0; // inside the switch which uses the line in question. case 2: char temp[] = " "; //couldn't I change this to "char temp[2] = " "? One byte for the space and one byte for \0. temp[0] = Characters[index]; strcat(Text_to_add_to, temp); break; "temp[0] = ..." is the line in question. This, upon a space (case 2) being entered (and thus a character needs to be added), constantly changes to supply the correct character for strcat() to add. Apparently this does work just fine; no errors while compiling. However, I might just be overapplying the "pointer to char array gets lost -> memory leak"-rule. I always tend to assume the worst possible case. That's why I want to ask whether or not this would/wouldn't leak and why. Though it probably wouldn't matter that much anyways, it's one byte at a time.
  7. Delay

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    "api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll". If I understood correctly l2-1-0 is the current dll it should use, but it doesn't.
  8. Delay

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Okay, so I figured out why the steam browser doesn't work anymore. Basically SteamWebHelper.exe is looking for a dll file which doesn't exist anymore. Consequently it doesn't start. Next question: How do I get it working?
  9. Delay

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    @Fraston You know it's good when even the thumbnail has compression problems.
  10. Delay

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Planet Coaster. For the first time. It's a bit overwhelming at first, but I already know why this game got so much positive feedback. It looks beautiful, too. Even on medium graphics.
  11. @Green BaronI now have the book. It is the variant on C99, not C11, but aside from texts being written like {" "} in the book, there doesn't seem to be any absolutely massive difference between the two that would make the book utterly useless. Even after looking it up it seems like the changes are smaller ones and not absolute game changers. Skimmed through the Array chapter, most importantly string handling. There were some things in there that I didn't think of before, like simply testing until "\0" occurs in for loops. And I think I now (sort of) understand why strcat() doesn't work when adding an indexed character to a char array. (I'll pretend they are strings for simplicity). What I think is happening is that the character resulting from an index is not a string, but instead just one character. Since strcat() combines two strings, not strings and chars, I'd get an error for attempting so.
  12. Delay


    According to my little Python script (cheating?), the next prime after 179 is: 181.
  13. I doubt that. It really seems like he knows what he's talking about. In fact, I don't want what you said to be true. I want him to have come up with it himself.
  14. I love my teacher so much. I open up the file and modify it slightly, according to the results here. Lo and behold, I get bombarded with errors nonetheless. Now; As a teacher, seeing one of the few students who genuinely try to work, do you: A) Help the student? B) Ignore the student? C) Rather talk and listen to someone who clearly doesn't have any problems with the task and is instead merely boasting about how they already managed to use DirectX to display a cube? As a responsible teacher he of course knew what answer was the correct one. C, of course. Don't get me wrong: Good for the other student. It's impressive that he's already able to use a 3D engine to display something, and that's not even sarcastic. I'm genuinely congratulating him here. However, of course I do start wondering why he even is in the class if our Einstein already knows everything anyone ever needs to know about computing, or at the very least why he doesn't help anyone. Other than his friends, of course. Those are privileged. In the end the teacher actually did manage to fix my error. Not by explaining why it works now and not with my original concept. The response to my question of "Shouldn't this (his solution) leak?", with my - and keep this in mind - very limited knowledge and my tendency to severely overextrapolate, was - how could it be anything else - technobabble no one outside of him and Einstein over here could ever understand.
  15. Can anyone confirm that there are no Pythagorean triples where one of the legs is equal to half the hypotenuse? Because if that's correct I accidentally just proved that.