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  1. I'm very good at remembering numbers. I can even say with confidence that I memorize numbers better than anything else, sometimes even without intending to. It therefore was very frustrating and disappointing today when I misremembered the Planck constant as 3.3*10-34Js instead of 6.6*10-34Js... in physics class, during a test. So all results are off by a factor of 0.5 or 2, except for one, which is off by 1.41. I'm sure my grade will be fantastic. What an embarrassing error.
  2. Today's Formula One race at Mugello was quite entertaining to see. I don't think there ever was a race that needed two restarts from the grid to be finished. I also don't think there ever was a safety car-worthy accident mere seconds after the safety car left from a previous one. Complete chaos from start to finish. It was hilarious. Not necessarily for the drivers, but as a viewer I couldn't help but laugh because this race was just great.
  3. I don't know about everyone else, but I occasionally have a day or two where I suddenly want to pick up a game I haven't touched in a very long time, haven't even thought about in a very long time. Yesterday, I had that with Planet Coaster. I was doing something completely unrelated and suddenly thought "You know what, you play that game again". The games deserves it, though. The art, the music, the design - pretty much everything about this game is just great. And so the hours went by, and before I knew it it was 2:30 in the morning.
  4. Delay

    Shower thoughts

    I've been thinking about KSP 2 and how landing on Rask/Rusk would actually be simpler the closer you are to the barycenter since the other body is pulling you towards itself as well. That (somehow) got me thinking about orbits around binary systems in general, and now I want to figure out if it is possible to orbit such a binary pair in a figure 8 pattern. I know it's possible if the bodies were stationary, but I guess them orbiting each other as well makes it impossible?
  5. @DunaManiac You're lucky there are two posts before I could make one, for I would have banned you for that objectively terrible pun. Anyways, Kane Kerman gets banned for typo'ing.
  6. Banned because TWO MINUTES lie between the two posts, and that can hardly be considered ninja'ing.
  7. Banned because you were too slow!
  8. Banned for the public service announcement.
  9. I built something that is, let's be honest, completely useless... ...but it was a pretty nice start for me to get back into working with an Arduino and electricity in general, after not having touched one of these things for almost 2 years. The idea here is that the display's update frequency is driven by a potentiometer's output. Basically, the larger the voltage, the longer one digit would be lit, and therefore the fewer times the display as a whole would update per second. It became very amusing once I realized why the display wasn't showing what it should (I made a lookup table for each digit and I got the segment order wrong). But I would say that I had a few bits of fun building and programming this. And I got to learn that potentiometers don't like behind put on a breadboard. I think I "permanently altered" 6 points today; they're still working fine, though.
  10. I don't know exactly, but it's not a "new" problem for me. But I rarely mention as well, if anything I quote.
  11. This has happened numerous times now. Sometimes, when I mention someone in a post, it prevents me from continuing to write, at least past the mention. Since (at least) I mostly do that at the beginning of a post, this means I can't write anything at all; I need to refresh the page and hope it doesn't happen again.
  12. Malbolge? Malbolge has become my go-to esoteric language to joke about, actually.
  13. Our dishwasher is dead. Something went horribly wrong and a resistor gave up... along with my replacement. Theory: The resistor didn't blow up for no reason. And looking for a replacement part, namely a chip whose apparent purpose is to take a wide-range of AC voltages as input and give out 6V DC (?) managed to make the house of cards that is my knowledge of electricity collapse yet again.
  14. I'm sure they exist in stock KSP too, they're the largest wheels in the category. This is, however, Ven's/Kerbas ad astra's overhaul of them, with my TU patching on top.
  15. I wanted to test some reflections to see if I should add them to other parts as well. Ended up making a flying, vector-propelled quote-unquote "car". It went about as well as you can expect.