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  1. Delay

    Shower thoughts

    Now, this is an actual shower thought I just got... Bear with me, okay? It's some sort of live show where two people or small teams argue for and against completely mundane and irrelevant opinions in the ridiculous style of a Phoenix Wright-esque court trial (or a UK parliament session) and at the end, the audience votes for the team they thought was more persuasive. You'd choose the subjects to make sure there is no bias and that there are no consequences for picking one side over another. I can't stop smiling over this, I'd gladly watch something like that, just for fun. I'm proba
  2. Got my physics exam back today. So far I haven't even tried to be happy about getting 39 out of 42 points. I know I could have done better than that, I should have and I didn't. It's a frustratingly poor result. And one, only one point more would have sufficed to give me a better grade. That's just insult to injury.
  3. That's 8 minutes longer than I expected given the earlier abort!
  4. Yeah... Given the fire just after landing I actually was worried more about an explosion than toppling, but without landing legs and quite a heavy landing, that was expected. Still, it landed! That's a huge success in and of itself! Edit: Should've informed myself before, since an explosion is exactly what happened. A bit embarrassing, but the landing isn't erased by that!
  5. Probably trying to play it safe? There's more tolerance for single-engine landings... Honestly though, that looks like one hell of a ride!
  6. "Starship 10 looks too intense for me"
  7. Almost? Does that count? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HAVE A LANDING!
  8. That got me worried as well. And that was far before shutdown as well.
  9. The cameras are very engine-focused, though. Something may happen?
  10. Countdown stopped? No... it's going again.
  11. Would be amazing if they stuck the landing today... assuming they lift off.
  12. Okay, but what's a "conservative thrust limit"? A margin of 2%? 1?
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