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  1. 30 or so minutes before I closed the windows on turned the heater up, which is only around 1 meter away from the console. Adding to that, the cooling is at the bottom, which is also kinda where the ground is. So, no circulation of air, heat coming from right next to the thing, generally humid air in my room and (apparently) very sensitive hardware. I wouldn't exactly be surprised if that contributed to a system reset. But I might look around a bit, if things still look okay. Just looking for now. The problem is that I really don't want to make it worse. I still want the console to
  2. I think my N64 overheated. I've been playing SM64 for around 6 hours (hence I think overheat) and it suddenly reset itself, which is apparently common. ...but could the console have picked any worse time to crash than the third stage of the final Bowser fight?
  3. Well, no. In fact it was nothing particularly major (in terms of cause, at least). The ear felt so blocked because that's what it was. I'm just glad it wasn't something worse. Had an appointment today and cleaning the ear was literally all that was done. So, in total, everything is okay again, actually a lot better than before. I should have done that much earlier. But that was indeed the worst. That night was terrible with so much pressure on the eardrum.
  4. Right ear is completely gone since late yesterday. I can barely hear anything. The left ear is still perfectly fine, it's just extremely uncomfortable and, provided the sound is loud enough, a bit painful. It's weird that the absence of sound could be a source of pain.
  5. So... Just watched Terminator 2 for the first time in complete, on DVD. I've seen small snippets of it every now and then on TV, but now I've seen it in complete, uninterrupted. No other movie that I have watched so far made me want to rewind the player all the way to the beginning to watch it again. None. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this was the best movie I've seen in my life. I cannot even think of anything to improve. The humor is spot on (for me), the effects are outstanding and I enjoyed every minute of it without exception.
  6. Spent the last few days working on my configs again. Now that I'm in vacation I actually have the time and motivation to do this kind of work. ...Meticulously aligning the specular maps with main texture features, I mean, so that highlights look like this... ...and not like this. It's as fun as it looks, turns out.
  7. I occasionally find myself literally forgetting to take my mask off because I don't care about having it on in the first place.
  8. I like this a lot. The Kerbals didn't have a lot of personality before, outside of a few reactions in the portraits. However, if I understood correctly, the Kerbals actually scream now? Regardless of whether or not I did, I'm not entirely sure if I like that. I think part of the "fun" is having to imagine the helpless screams that accompanies their gestures and flailing. It gives you much more freedom as to what they really are like, not every one is going to agree to the presentation in the game. I, for one, find these screams way too high pitched and prefer something closer to the end
  9. In the meantime, my sky is covered with clouds. I can only see the moon.
  10. Only watched the replay now. That was amazing! They almost stuck the landing on the first attempt! Also, you just have to appreciate how persistent SpaceX (and I guess in particular, Elon) is. SN8 just went up in a huge fireball, and the stream shows "SN9 is up next!".
  11. I literally just heard of the collapse. That's 50 years of astronomical history gone in just a few seconds. I would have wished for the telescope, if not used, to be at least preserved because of it's huge importance to astronomy. Alas, that definitely won't happen now.
  12. I would guess a space elevator? I dunno; there's a tower and a train...
  13. Whatever that F1 race in Bahrain today was, I don't think I'm going to forget that for a while. That first lap Those first three turns were not what I was expecting. In case you don't know what I mean.
  14. The godrays are particularly impressive. Smooth, (at least by your selection) bug-free and freely adaptable to whatever is wanted. However, as gorgeous as the effect looks, keep in mind that crepuscular rays are very rare in real life. Not every cloud - by far not every cloud - casts one of these.
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