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  1. I'm looking for new ideas for launching big payloads. can you share your reasonably big stratolauncher?
  2. thanks alot
  3. that makes a lot more sense. so if the root part is sandwiched in between 2 other parts, it won't work?
  4. When ever i bring in my launch vehicle to merge with a new payload, there is no green joints to place the launch vehicle on. it simply cannot be attached anywhere. try it yourself.
  5. I wass actually thinking about this ind that s probably the problem i think i got it friends, thanks for the help
  6. oh, i guess my picture didn't show the batteries on there.. i have over 1000 EC
  7. this is what i have observed First off, i appreciate a member of squad responding, thanks for making this game! Second, i did have to use a lot of manipulation to get the wheels on a structural sheet. Is there a way to fix this, or should I just make a new design? P.S.: why does the wheel power degrade when i go forward. It works fine for a few seconds after i launch it, but then i can see the motor power randomly drop.
  8. My rover only moves forward when i use the A and S keys (of course, it turns when this happens as well as moves) All wheels are touching the ground. picture of rover
  9. I concur. It may take a lot more delta V to change from a equatorial orbit to a polar, but not to hard to do with the keybindings altered once you're up here
  10. Well i said in the rules no autopilot mods, but i'll include KOS just in case I think if they can make a rocket that will fly without the controls being touched, that deserves points. I am also adding more challenging tasks so everyone check if they want to attempt those! Breaks shouldn't be needed, and if you really need the max throttle button, you may assign it a different key.
  11. I've never done this challenge myself, but it's possible So, someone on the construction team didn't wire you're controls correctly Rules: No autopilot mods No KOS script No using these buttons to the left of the navball Here are the new controls: W=Q A=Z S=P D=B Q=J E=K (if someone has a better keybinding idea, i will change the rules, but keep the previous scores) Points : Get Above 15 KM :100 Above 30 :200 Suborbital flight : 600 (no Periapse) Get a Periapse: 1000 Achieve Orbit :1300 Achieve Munar SOI encounter 200 KM Land on the Mun: 3000 Bonus points : Achieve an equatorial or polar orbit less than 5 degrees off: 300 Get a periapse without the use of maneuver nodes: 800 Do not turn on SAS at all :1500 Return to kerbin: 100 All points you collect during a mission will be added up I have no badge, so just write it down in your description a GIF or video of your entire mission should be used Either have a camera pointed at your keyboard showing which buttons you're using or have an uncut video of you changing the keybindings SCORES : 3600- @icantmakemodels
  12. aren't more intakes better for high altitude flight? They keep you're jet engines running.
  13. so, your advice is angling the wings (down if their behind the COM and up if in front) and getting rid of the canards? If it doesn't work,i may just experiment witht he stock craft or download a good one from somewhere in the forums.
  14. to clarify: it starts when i'm high in the second layer of the atmosphere/ early in the third. JX-4 "whiplash" engines are still producing sufficient thrust for flight
  15. Whenever I perform the last step of the ascent profile (high altitude), I flip out despite having a reaction wheel and pitch an yaw control surfaces.