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  1. Well, I guess all projects slow down after a while. I used this project as evidence that I should be put into the STEM program at my school, and it worked! This thread holds a special place in my heart. I would love to try and post it on the subeditor or something to get new people on board, or just start a new one with different challenges.
  2. Hey it's been a while. what turn are we on? the save file is still mine from like 1 year ago!
  3. But blackouts would still happen on interplanetary missions. In normal ksp, it automatically finds you a path to the KSC. This seems realistic enough, so I am not sure why remote tech doesn’t keep the idea.
  4. I am just trying to get full control all the time on the active vessel. As far as I know, this is not possible and you must constantly re-targeting (which you can’t do when you have no control).
  5. Do i have to constantly re target things when i have a craft orbiting a planet at a low altitude? Is there a way to automate that? Edit: I am using the mod remote tech, which adds Lightspeed, less kerbin dishes, and is the reason for this problem. I am not targeting in the stock sense, but rather using a menu that comes with the mod.
  6. Okay The ITS "Assistance" is a rather long range tug for anyone to use. It has 13 Km delta v unloaded. Save file is turn 92
  7. I am working on plans for a nuclear tug for transporting things to inner planets and possibly as far out as jool. nowhere near done of course, and assembling it will take about a fuul day, so anyone else can go
  8. I have tried every engine combination I could think of. Dozens of nerves. Lots and lots of ion engines, lots of rhinos. I Just can't seem to make a vehicle capable of more than 10,000 m/s delta v. How would one make such a vehicle and still have a decent thrust to weight ratio?
  9. Alrighty, I may add to Eve station now. I need to scout out docking ports.
  10. All done! KSS 2 now as an important looking arm made of 3 different comms devices, 2 structural pylons, and 2 docking ports. I believe save file is uploaded (turn 90). Here are some (nighttime) images. I will try and get some better ones tomorrow.
  11. sorry, i will go now. Should i zip it up when i am done? i have no way to create a mac version.. EDIT: Mission failed. Cause: Improper tug design, tugs would have to be left on, which would have gone over the part limit. I knew I should have stuck with a wraparound design. Status: station appears to be stable, may have fell a few decameters. payload successfully detached and deorbited Next launch window: Tomorrow after school.
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