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  1. politas, Sorting by date won't work, because often there're older mods that weren't updated.
  2. Add an option to clean old version archives of mods from the CKAN\downloads folder
  3. Wyzard, ok it does work, I just forgot about the settings window and it was on low. ps: it's not all caps #blameforumlamemessageeditor
  4. isn't working for me in 1.3, it pops up as incompatible at the start of the game and there's no visual change. installed with CKAN - planetshine+planetshine default configuration, using with other visual mods: EVE+SVE+SVT+Scatterer+Engine Lighting(+Kopernicus(required for SVT))
  5. Trying to slow down under 0.5x bends the rocket and detaches the "launch stability enchancers" I'm getting the old target speed bug, when under 5km distance to the target: when time accelerating - the target gets closer, when not - it gets away no matter the speed changes you make, basically rendezvous are impossible. installed with ckan.
  6. Add mods installation date or even better - a changelog with dates of all mods ever installed/updated
  7. - How to change UI to other visual styles like other types of vanila UI: on screenshots in OP and Djmajic's basic mods , current version doesn't seem to have these options but I think older versions had.. idk - Does it show in-flight burntime that the current stage has? Like if it has 2km/s dv I'd like to see how fast it'll get burnt through at max thrust of the current stage.
  8. - is there an 'add node' button (instead of clicking on orbit)? if not can you add such buttons for: add node to current orbit, add node to resulting orbit after 1 maneuver. - also why is only PE available for the second node and not AP? - how to move the window? - add target intersect/separation data to the window near the target PE.
  9. It seems that it doesn't want to exhaust the Atmosphere Analysis, only using it once and then showing it grayed out, even though the first experiment has been moved to a storage unit. Infrared telescope keeps jumping out of time warp with every biome change but it's a 'global'(one type of science per body) instrument.
  10. in-game "EVE config editor" window in atmosphere, texture and terrain tabs shows "no config", should I also install "eve - stock planet config" files"? (installed via CKAN: stock visual enchancements + stock visual terrain)
  11. Since all the layoffs, are there any feature-updates planned or only the bug fixes?
  12. currently kerbal experience is an obscure system that is only found out about by reading the wiki. add a hover-over information window on every star of experience of a kerbal, that will briefly describe the requirements for said star, but if it is yellow already, it should list the achievement it was given for in the hover-over.
  13. even if the intent was to work around the 32limit, the side effect was increased performance, which made the game more playable on older/slower pcs, that's why saying "just use 64bit to allocate more ram" sounds like buy a new pc. and that's why I've mentioned the Squad Texture Reduction Pack, which was a pure performance boost without side effects like loading time increase.
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