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  1. Thanks for the quick response, where would I put this? In a separate file in the original Decaying RTGs directory, in my part's directory, or could I add it directly to my part? If my last option works would it still work when Decaying RTGs is removed? Thank you.
  2. Not to be too clueless but is there any easy way to add a custom RTG to the decaying RTGs patch without editing the patch's own config?
  3. I found a map online finally, it just wasn't labelled I guessed that an area marked south of the northern Ice shelf was an Ice cap and used Hyperedit and kerbal engineer redux to test it. it's at lat 75 lon -120 if anyone needs it. it does extend closer to the KSC than that but this was the point that I remembered.
  4. I have a contract asking me to go to the Kerbin Ice Caps but I can only find the Ice Shelves. I know they exist as I flew over them on a sandbox world once but I can't find them again. I can't find anything online either. HELP! does anyone have coordinates for Kerbin Ice Caps!
  5. My heavily modded game (161 through CKAN) Is crashing. This isn't really "why is my game crashing?" rather what does my output log mean? I read that "To see the cause of a crash, scroll to the end of the file where it says "**** Crash! ****", then scroll up past the stack trace, past the list of loaded DLL file paths, above where it says "Crash!!!". Between this section and the last of the standard Unity log messages, you will see the exact error for the crash." Does this work and if it does what does Unloading 108 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 790826. Total: 1110.665894 ms (FindLiveObjects: 36.205891 ms CreateObjectMapping: 17.576382 ms MarkObjects: 754.523865 ms DeleteObjects: 302.358734 ms) Mean? this is what was there for me? Derp. KSP updated.
  6. Thank You! It was EL_Resources.cfg, just change installedWithMod = true to false.
  7. This is old but is there any way to override USI? I only use it for a few parts since I find it to be too complex for my tastes but I really want those parts. Is there some config somewhere that I can uses to turn of the override?
  8. I know that this has been touched before but does Valentine from 1.4 still light up Kerbin like the sun using Kopernicus 1.3.0-8? I really want some features added in Kopernicus 1.3.0-7 but that messes with the lighting.
  9. I apologize for my ignorance in this subject. To answer your question, yes I did land on Kersex and noting blew up in my face, both figurative and literally. I think that so long as this doesn't kill my game every other time I use it, I'll keep using this edited config, the contracts aren't that big a deal for me, I just like having commnets that actually need redundancy and this groundstation makes it too easy for me. I also just realized that I have another mod installed that adds 3 more upgrade levels to the DSN, with level 6 being 125 times more powerful than level 3, the normal max. These crazy numbers are in an attempt to reach another star with the commnet. Thank you for explaining this to me.
  10. Please forgive me for being absolutely clueless in this matter, but I got rid of the extra CommNet groundstation without killing the game by editing the Kersex config file. I simply changed the section Template { name = Kerbin to Template { name = Laythe When I started the game up everything worked as far as I can tell and there was no ground station. If I didn't kill the game what did I kill?
  11. Why did this need to be updated. The old version off of CKAN works just fine with version 1.3.0. The only hard part is going into CKAN's settings and allowing it to install older mods, without CKAN there is no problem. Right?