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  1. Ok all seems to be working ok now except my main ship It looks the changes you made some how made my radiators and my thermal rocket eat up all my power where I had far more then enough for them before I'd simply make my fission reactors bigger if the ship was not half way across the solar systme lol. Poor jeb and his brothers are stranded with me not having the tec for a rescue mission. actually after some testing I found that you broke the fission reactor all together some how. in vab its max theoretical power out put it 0 at all scales
  2. @FreeThinker I don't know why but after update the reactors are not producing EC any more even though they are still producing GW, MW, and, KW as they should. I have also had a bug were disconnecting from a base or unloading and object by going out of view would cause EC to stop being generated however i could all ways fix this by quick saving and loading. Now though they have just stopped making EC altogether and I cant get it to restart at all.
  3. Any update? I love this mod but the way I have it working now is just killing my game. I am not sure if its because I manually added the dlls you talked about or some thing ells but its sadly unplayable atm.
  4. Cool Also every time your script updates it causes a small lag spike that gets bigger and bigger for every kerbal you have at three kerbals it felt like a micro stutter but now I have overe 50 and it's not fun. The small freeze would not be bad if it was like once every 2-3 min but your script updates ever other second any way you can cut that down?
  5. It's not so much that we don't want to bother (though it did take me over 2 hours to figure out what I need to make uranium nitride) it's cpu usage each tank has polygons, textures, physics, and are constantly checked by script when ruining any ISRU process. There is 75 resources from IFS alone witch you can often need more then one of for logistics and that's not including any other mods like EL, MKS, or TAC. You can easily end up with 60-160+ tanks on a single base add this to the 100+ other parts a station or base needs and your machine just dies any time you load it in.
  6. So after thinking about it I decided to do it my self I think I done it right. // KSPI-E // Radioactive Fuel Container (RFC2502) PART { // General parameters name = Radioactive Silo module = Part author = Eleusis La Arwall // Asset parameters MODEL { rotation = 0,90,0 model = InterstellarFuelSwitch/Parts/TankRevamp/modelRFC2502 } // mesh = model.mu scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 1 // Node definitions - Position X, Position Y, Position Z, Up X, Up Y, Up Z node_stack_top = 0.0, 2.4, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2 node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -2.4, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 2 node_attach
  7. My bad interstellar fuel switch's (the ones your refinery use) some thing like this // KSPI-E // InflateableStorageTank Large (IST2501) PART { // General parameters name = Gas Silo module = Part author = Eleusis La Arwall // artist // Asset parameters MODEL { // rotation = 0,90,0 model = InterstellarFuelSwitch/Parts/TankRevamp/modelIST2501 texture = InflateableStorageTank, InterstellarFuelSwitch/Parts/TankRevamp/InflateableStorageTankGasL texture = InflateableStorageTank_NRM, InterstellarFuelSwitch/Parts/TankRevamp/InflateableStorageTankGas_NRM } scale = 1 r
  8. @ FreeThinker could you make expanding resource containers that can hold all of the resources at one time and can be scaled to massive? The reason I ask is because I like a to make planetary bases but having almost 150+ different resource containers on screen at one time causes my cpu to die! If you don't want to mix resource types maybe make four and name them some thing like 'Radio active silo' 'Gasses silo' 'Liquid silo' 'Solid storage'.
  9. I used EL and simple construction to build a rocket on a mun but I can't seem to make the uranium nitrite to power my reactor. I am quit sure I have the resources I need but cant seem to figure out the IRSU process Ok I figured out I am mission flourite witch I found only a bit away from me now however I have every thing for uranium tetrafluoride ammonolysis but I can't find the process on any of my IRUS's where is it at and what tech tree is it in? -edit After messing with every thing for over an hour I finally got it all to work. Dang is it complicated though.
  10. it was just updated and that broke my game lol and even when un updating its all weird
  11. Found and replaced all still dint work. I am using simple construction as well though so it may be a conflict between the new updates
  12. For some resin even with your setting the launch pads are not working any more. They show productivity on the UI but it says locked and there is no option to select EL's UI
  13. How dose the UI work? And how do I know if any of the mod besides the parts are working at all? I have a station. It has four civs in the apartment but nothing seems to do any thing lol
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