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  1. Also from me - Congratulations @all The Leto Mission has arrived today. Here is the link and a photo. Leto Arrival Greetings
  2. Today the Leto Mission arrived at the finish line. The mother ship must do a braking maneuver for 3810m/s to get an orbit. Now I have just 536m/s dV left - not particularly much. Now I release the two relays out. The connection to the KSC is miserable, I often lose it. I just managed to position the two relays, a few days later nothing works anymore. Maybe I'll never get more contact and I've got 2 dead sattelites out there forever. The problems are endless. The mothership now has not enough dV to land itself, so I fill the rest of the fuel into the lander, wh
  3. The test phase of the new Mothership begins by mounting the rover on the lander. Besides, I take one of the additional tanks with Iota. Works everything quite well so far. The new Rover also works as it should. The crew discovers a huge hole in the surface. Perhaps we can solve our garbage problems in the future by using the hole as a garbage chute. The tank was filled and everything comes back to its place at the mothership. The next thing to test is to land the whole ship on Iota. It works more or less well.
  4. So you know the problem. Thrust Offset Angle can be really difficult if you want to build asymmetrical. Without KER, it would not have been possible to get the ship to fly. I pushed the outer tanks slightly upwards so that the fuel tanks form a kind of counterbalance. The thrust offset angle is initially 0.3 degrees, then rises to 0.9, drops to 0 and then reverses and rises again to 0.9. Here is a picture from the bottom - after landing on Iota.
  5. Thank you for the compliment. Once the mothership is in orbit, it can be controlled normally - now. I spent half of the construction time adjusting the thrust angle. The thrusters were sometimes too far down, then too far up. If it is full of fuel, it always wanted to steer "up" when it is almost empty then "down". I then also had to adjust the order as the tanks are emptied and mount some Reaction Wheels. Now it can hold the course. I build such monsters just because I'm too stingy to constantly send rockets up. I also want to be as flexible as possible when I visit a system. And I'
  6. An illuminator with white light is mounted on the claw. I forgot to turn it off. It is very close to the docking port.
  7. So you have managed to build an airplane for Laythe which can also startt from the water. Congratulations.
  8. By the way: I like your rockets - especially the upper stage of the project "Iron Sands"
  9. Today I brought my new mothership into orbit. The old design was not bad but I wanted to have a slimmer design. The launch was a bit difficult but this is always the case with the huge mother ships. At the third attempt it worked and the mothership arrived in orbit. It then waited in a 600 km orbit to the rest of the equipment. Here comes the rest. One lander, a rover, two satellites and a claw. The rendezvous has worked and I dock. And here it is. Complete equipment with all the stuff. Here is a picture from
  10. Lilli - Definitely. It is not able to land at...ahem... It 's best to try it out yourself. I don't want to spoil.
  11. People ... get ready for really epic pictures. Edit: Holy mother...He did not promise too much !!!
  12. @eddiew That looks far from lumpy. I think I mentioned it before but for safety I say it again: Because of YOU I have begun to build more beautiful vehicles. Your pictures are always very beautiful and inspiring - always. @JadeOfMaar Did you mean that Pack with the "Hades" Engine? I just installed it and look at the new parts. There are exactly the parts that I missed. I thank you for the hint. Hopefully my old i7 870 can still work with it. Now I am able to compete . For the many parts I will need some time, but at least a few days. Maybe we can also pull Lovahullus into the bo
  13. @JadeOfMaar I knew it. I've already known it before ...That I must build a new mother ship. That is an awesome piece of art you have built there. Since I now really need some good design ideas to keep up with the stock parts. Just give me a few days.
  14. Damn it. And again he has me on the hook. So the next goal is called: Grannus Orbit and back with ISRU - and a new fence. You're driving me crazy
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