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  1. Looking for good mods

    Kaboom Allows you to destroy things with right click menu
  2. Tungsten Chickens Presents Boatee Priced at 56 601 000 It is one of the most expensive sea planes. While designing we didn't think about price but comfort, which is why plane includes things as wider Mk2 cabins, Ramjet engines for faster travel, built in internet and emergency communications. While this plane can crash land on water at speeds over 215km/h (60m/s) It can also sustain flight at speeds over Mach 3 if needed. When flying offically only turbofan engines shoulf be flown at altitude of 200m and speed of 330m/s, unoficially however plane can reach speeds up to 1200m/s at altitude of 17 000
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    Someone turned off the sun...
  4. Smallest SSTO Challenge

    Boredom got me to land Jerry Mass: 8,57t Capacity: 2 Cost: 24780 Score 5*24780/8,572*10= 16869,789 Hope it is calculated properly Small cut somewhere in the video because I forgot to record.
  5. [1.3.x] KSP Caveman Evolved Challenge

    Doesn't look like I'm going ot be capable fo that, thinking about disabling comms in some penalty tradeoff and sending small probe to ike so I can have patched conics and launchpad
  6. [1.3.x] KSP Caveman Evolved Challenge

    Yup, I know I don't need to return, that's why I removed landing legs (Expected antenna to brake) But I forgot to take the heatshield and chutes off and had enough fuel so I went with it. I landed on Mun in Caveman 1.2 so I'm counting that in if I got it right @Jetski how did you dock without patched conics? I have trouble doing it with them
  7. [1.3.x] KSP Caveman Evolved Challenge

    Landed on Minmus, forgot to take much screenshots so I can do it again if needed but I'd rather not because I spent 10 mins aerobraking Still haven't decided what to upgrade
  8. [1.3.x] KSP Caveman Evolved Challenge

    Well count me in, I'll continue in my save from Caveman 1.2. but one small question, does the craft need to return as it was launched or can it be brought down by some kind of shuttle This brought me from burn out so I hope I won't stop playing for 1month again during this F@$# Mun
  9. What is the obsession with cockpits on SSTOs?

    Yup cockpit These two don't have big cargobays but are certainly capable of liftiing something up there, they just weren't intended for it
  10. Every time I see SSTO it has cockpit but on rockets it is more 50/50 for manned/unmanned. Why? Most of SSTOs I saw were to deploy some kind of station,cockpit could be replaced by fuel tank and incerase delta V by nice amount
  11. Truly random "software only" number generator (?)

    Wel, it could just be counting ones at alphabetical order (or random from some kind of seed like @Shpaget said) and then just take that number
  12. Truly random "software only" number generator (?)

    Cpu temp looks to consistent for me and with small usable range, if something from hardware something like number of bytes currently on RAM would be better
  13. Truly random "software only" number generator (?)

    For letters as X Y Z I'm mainly betting on gamers, I agree that vowels will be leading, might need something from that, implemeting other languages with things like ž ä ô would be maybe good for something but won't do much. Might need something for that but now I'm aiming for creditability of main idea On that keylogger as I wrote above after you posted this, opensource might solve that
  14. Truly random "software only" number generator (?)

    Patterns are out because of storing it in alphabetical order and then getting those numbers according to number of every keypress from some kind of algorithm (Badly written in OP, changed now) For that Keylogger thing, for that it would need to be open source (or at least the key logger part) So people can see it isn't sending everything as you write it