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  1. Hi again! We just put a Kerbal in space. And by "We" I mean @53miner53. Generation 2 rocket design is starting NOW. Come join us! >> ONE OF US << (Discord direct invite)
  2. Technically a Mission idea, but this forum is called Challenges and Mission ideas. Hold my beer.
  3. @MajorMushroom -- Very, very carefully. Also, PPs get paid yearly by the government for their satellites.
  4. Uhhh...... Kerbucks are not exchangeable for real money?
  5. @cratercracker, We have a sort of hastily-made-in-paint icon, but if you want to make a better one, we would be honored
  6. So, remember Emulating real life in Kerbal Space Program by @TheEpicSquared from the way-back-when of April? It's back. This time, we're calling it the "Kerbal Capitalism Program" to distinguish it from the old one. With the new-fangled technology like Discord and GitHub! 2017-10-06 | We're staying on 1.3 for a bit until the mods are updated. >> Sign me up, Scotty! << WOBSITE MODLIST | SAVEFILE ROLE INFORMATION HOW TO PLAY LINKS
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