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  1. Aha! That's what I was missing. Somehow escaped my notice that you can switch that part to the various needed ones. Quite ingenious. Edit: Thanks man, worked like a charm! That dual axis tracking looks really impressive.
  2. Might be a bit of an old question but: Tantares .craft files for Zarya and Zvezda? Where did you see those? The craft files link on the OP don't contain these On another note: I seem to have a problem with truss construction in HabTech2. I decided to replace CxA with HabTech2 (more parts modeled) and recreated the USOS. When constructing the trusses though, I noticed that I seem to be missing all the truss connection docking ports to connect the truss segments together. I also can't find the round truss part which I assume is the one that rotates the solar arrays. Where can I get those parts?
  3. Alright, you invoked it For one, I would like to see a bigger version of your rounded docking node (with the same size of docking ports) as counterpart of the Prichal Node Module. And while I'm on it, though they might not be all that small or belong to the utility category, some Nauka parts would be cool. For example: Radial/dorsal cooling panels Nauka-style RCS with 2 nozzles for up/down and 3 angled ones for forward/sideways transition (when used in pairs) Some science experiment resembling the Nauka airlock (warranty void if used as refrigerator) Solar panels based on some of the designs for the Science and Power Module
  4. Sweet! I've been hoping for that satellite communications antenna for a while now. I really have to find the time to redo my old Mir build somewhen, now it just looks gorgeous. Nice little Mr(s). Spacebot you got there. Kinda looks like your wife yelling at you and swining around a pair of frying pans xD
  5. @Kartoffelkuchen I read that you plan to include a cargo Dragon and Dragon V2 capsule in this mod. I've been looking for a good/realistic Dragon capsule since LazTek's SpaceX mod. The closest I've found so far was DECQ's KerbalX Dragon capsule. But those have fixed docking ports and I intend to use the Dragon capsule in conjunction with the CBM docking ports from CxAerospace: Station Parts Pack. Are changable docking ports something you plan to have on your Dragon's? And concerning the texturing: which version of the Dragon logo do you intend to use? The original one or the one seen on the pictures for the Red Dragon (with only the head)?
  6. Alright, thanks for that input. From the picture it looks like that module would also have solar panels and thrusters, but what exactly would this module be for? Is it mainly for habitation or for science (like the Destiny lab) or more a mix of both?
  7. @cxg2827 how ist the next update coming along? Would you possibly have any more WIP to share (I'm curious)? Also, I have a few questions: 1) What exactly is the purpose of the "Challenger" Module mentioned in the roadmamp going to be? 2) Would it be possible to add a second attachment point on the Zenith side of the Z1 truss for a second Ku-Band antenna, like this one:
  8. Thanks! Thought you might like the Cygnus comeback.... told you I still found some use for them (especially the Phoenix for my Cygnus 5 replica..... I should probably post a picture of that one too somewhen) What would I like to see? Hmm.... probably a dedicated Nauka airlock... I found the small Cygnus to have the most fitting proportions for that task but a real part would be cool, as would the radiator. TKS style thrusters would be sweet too (although they would deviate from the previous Tantares thruster style). Maybe also some more radiator / monoprop tanks for radial attachement? Something along those lines I guess... as for bigger modules I'm not too sure right now. Nice truss parts by the way. Reminds me I still have yet to redo my Mir station since updating to Tantares 5.0. Once I'm not concentrating on that whole airline assessment thing I might acutally come around to do that.
  9. Since you seem to like Nauka, I thought I might as well put this out there: Also includes the planned Nodal Module and some power modules based on one of the preliminary designs. I think I would also enjoy dedicated Nauka parts
  10. They wouldn't really have a purpose besides decoration, much like how I view stock antennas. Personally, I would like such parts, as I feel they add to the imersion. But I can understand if you prefer doing other things. I just put it out there as a suggestion.
  11. A short while ago I was thinking: maybe some more parts for decoration? Y'know, like IR reflectors for the docking systems, docking targets, a few more antennas (maybe that long antenna on the swinging boom at the aft of the Mir Core Module / Zvezda)... stuff like that. Some of my station modules just feel a little bare, a bit more diversity and detail might be a nice touch. Btw: does anyone have a craft file for a Soyuz/Progress rocket that gets a nice booster separation (where they flip end over end like the real ones) that he's willing to share?
  12. Much thanks for those detailed blueprints. That resolution was really useful (I've only seen smaller versions of one of those prints previously). But that seems to confirm that Zvezda (and the Mir Core Module too I'd assume since they're so similar) only have (had) the pitch, yaw & roll thrusters. That would make kinda sense, especially considering Zvezda has the passive docking port and taking a look at the thruster blocks on Zarya. The angled ones at the front and aft look like they can be used for translation sideways as well as prograde/retrograde movements if fired accordingly but that seems like it wouldn't really be fuel efficient if they basically have to cancel out prograde/retrograde movement to translate... Though that leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.... I placed some thrusters where those star mapping devices are located (which is a kinda useful location for prograde thrusters) but if I remove those (and those I placed for retrograde movements) that would leave a bit of the part count I could use to greeble my SM up a bit more. Taking a look at those detailed blueprints @TheRedTom provieded, that gives me a headache already. Seems I have quite a lot of greebling ahead of me Looking forward to that one already. Then Jebediah could finally see what he keeps crashing into all the time and why KSC sends him those humongous bills for trashing up their stations Thanks. I tried to put quite a lot of attention into it with my FGB module. This time I'm even happy with the outcome of that. Though I've been using quite a bit of the Contares parts for the greebling (mostly antennas and external tanks). I found the monoprop tanks from Contares better fitting when putting 2 in front of each other, yours seemed a bit too long in that case plus Contares has ones with the long offset radiator pannels which give a nice fit against the docking compartment. That radially attached radiator is also quite nice looking... do you have any plans to include one of those yourself? Besides those I also found those TKS-style thruster blocks from Contares quite useful, they help save a lot on the part count compared to trying to replicate those with individually placed thrusters. That aside, the rest of my ROS is proudly built with Tantares parts almost exclusively! I even have a preliminary power module ready. I'm even still using your Cygnus (Phoenix) parts from 37.1
  13. Personally, I would go with option 1 (as long as Jeb survives :P). True, I didn't have THAT many crafts with Tantares parts, but IMO they do make for nicer crafts than the 37.1 ones. I had to re-do the whole ROS of my ISS build and some other crafts though but it was worth it. Looks cleaner than it did previously I think: Btw: does anyone have a good reference/information concerning translation thruster placement on the Zvezda module? I kinda can only find the location of the roll and yaw thrusters
  14. I was also using the most recent version of CxA and for me it worked. There might be another mod causing this.... did you make sure you have all your installed mods on the most recent version?
  15. I second that. Plus, the big antenna on the rotating boom at the aft of the Mir core module would be neat.