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  1. BDA is the greatest mod i have ever seen! and another question, can you add something like "target type priority" ? i hope my fighters could attack incoming missiles more aggressively...they always stick to enemy planes, regardless of the incoming missiles ,though they have an effective laser defence system on them. : )
  2. Hi there.thank you for update this great mod first,and i wonder if you could add some function that allows users to creat their wings by drawing the shape of the wings,just like the “squeeze” in 3D softwares like 3dmax?that wil be of great help to build even more ornamental aircrafts XD. (sorry for my poor English,hope you could understand what I say XD)
  3. Ah,im an aircraft lover actually,and I wonder if there will be a function that could adjust the fuel amount inside the fuel tank to simulate the fuel consumption process during the flight,then i could adjust the wings to the best position…
  4. this tool is great.however,i cant import .craft files. that's the error code,how can i solve this problem? (thanks for your tool!) (please forgive me for my poor English)
  5. hia!4k图吃了不少手机内存感觉上次国庆问你的那次科幻画的画法还不错(滑稽)老师说天太黑了点像污染的(滑稽)
  6. No, I never recycle debris.I play sandbox only,so I have infinite money! There's no need to recycle them for me,and I also have no time to do that. As you can see,More debris,more fun,isn't it?
  7. I started playing this game for three years.But I felt sorry because I didn't paid for this fantastic game because I have no money to buy anything.My mother didn't allowed me buy anything about game.However,I got a good grades when I finished my last term,as a gift,my mother bought a KSP for me. (As you can see, I'm not good at English.
  8. Hi,here's Grenade002 from tieba,be careful when flying! I think this board don't allowed Chinese Wait,滑稽??
  9. But wait,i got an error information from JSI when i launch the plane with Cobra,here's the error information(how can i uplaod the screenshots????): JSIVariableAnimator:INTIALIZATION ERROR,CHECK CONFIGURATION. Thanks again!
  10. I tried again.now it's work!I must used wrong buttons when I tried it first time.Thank you!
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