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  1. A while back i made a post about my mk1 spaceplane,and people demanded the download link,so here ya go,now you can stop asking me: I hope you enjoy,bye! @TheDestroyer111
  2. Ah,spaghettification.Isnt it b̶e̶a̶u̶t̶i̶f̶u̶l̶ TERRIFYING?!
  3. thanks a lot, @Marschig. Now i can fly stuff mk2 style!
  4. Im downloading Dropbox right now.Just be patient.Also,im going somewhere,so be patient.
  5. thank you! well,uh......i dont know how to make ships downloadable.But i gave a full view of it,so maaaaaaybe you can copy it?
  6. when you fire the engines and the rocket causes Kerbin to tilt its axis
  7. Thanks for the advice! Also,im only good at making airplanes/spaceplanes Mk1 style.Do you have any tips and tricks for building Mk2 styled airplanes/spaceplanes/ssto's? That would be great
  8. well,it doesnt go to space,but i found out it can go to the old island runway and back,2 TIMES! i meant airplane! im too used to typing in "spaceplane" instead of "airplane"
  9. Hello everyone! I have not really been interested in spaceplanes/ssto's,but today,i built my first fully functional spaceplane! I present: Mk1 "Arrow" Spaceplane It has airbrakes,it has ladders,it has everything! Here it is in action: I hope you enjoyed it!
  10. thanks,im downloading it right now! nice!
  11. thanks,im going to the Badlands right now!