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  1. I'm so hyped for the mod to be downloaded so I can test those new translations, they will be great! (Wait, isn't it me who wrote those? I also heard there is other new things as the translations)
  2. Hey, you finally got this UI at least barely working, that's great! (Even tho, I don't know if the shaking effect is wanted haha)
  3. Uh, if I remember correctly, Niako told me that each existing and futur bodies are already chosen, and I don't remember seeing a brown dwarf. It may be possible to have others though, but i guess that no.
  4. Not yours, for sure.
  5. @Gameslinx Good job for Olu'um , but the planets are illuminated by it or Kerbol?
  6. Thanks for the screenshot! Nice job for the 5k downloads, I hope you'll continue your superb pack and reach the podium of planet-makers ! Dreidos is proud of you !
  7. Hey, I'v made a star for TRAPPIST-1, I can send it to you if you want to add it to you'r pack http://imgur.com/a/gxum0
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