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  1. MrTetra

    TESS Thread

    I only watched a short doc on YouTube last night comparing the 2 with each other. TESS's scanning time frame is seriously impressive. They said it would scan the same patch of sky for 12 days twice in 2 orbits and transmit info back. S. 27 days in total with the orbit it has. They then said anything interesting will be passed to the James Web once its launched for further investigation. Over the next few years the data recovered will be massive. Exciting times.......
  2. MrTetra

    Xbox Landing Gear Question

    Hold the left bumper and press X. X on it's own to apply the brakes.
  3. Nice one. I was gonna post to ask. I don't have to replace my TV now. Yay
  4. Thanks Bewing. I recovered the Kerbal before the lander and i brought it down with a remote control unit, so no kerbal in the unit when it splashed down. I think that was my error.
  5. Hey everyone, Last night i completed my most advantageous mission to date. I sent a pod and lander to Minmus for a soil sample. I didn't fit a data storage module to the lander but it had the sample in it when the Val left it in orbit of Kerbol. After she landed (safely) i sent an unmanned probe with a data module to recover the sample. When i docked it wasn't there. Was my error in not sending a Kerbal or did it simply delete once Val left? It's for future reference.
  6. I had this same problem myself. First time ever. I started a new career game and had to upgrade the Astronaut Complex before I could make maneuver nodes. Works just fine now.
  7. Yea usually dashboarding it works well but I built a mining rig and its pretty big. Even after a full system reboot i can only open one menu when transferring fuel and when I try to open the next, B fails. I think it just means I cannot build that big. Yet......................
  8. Hey everyone. This has probably been brought up before but from time to time my B button stops working. Trying to transfer fuel from one ship to another and time slows down and B stops opening menus. I've started to build larger vessels and I'm starting to get it more. Is it that I have built it too big for my Xbox to handle?
  9. MrTetra

    Hi everybody

    Indeed it did. I will reset my probe and try again. I now get what you mean boosting at PE as my speed will be at its lowest and any speed I add there will be increased by the fall into the gravity well. Awesome.
  10. MrTetra

    Hi everybody

    Thanks guys, Still finding my feet at the moment. With regards to game play I'm still experimenting with orbit speeds and angles. Any recommendations for noobs would be welcome. I started a Science game to find my feet and use it like a tutorial. When i reach the limit of what I can do, I unlock more to advance. So far I've put 3 stations in orbit of Kerbin and 1 around Mun. Next target is Minmus for a station and lander. Can I build a larger platform in space using the docking ports. Link a few different pods together, in orbit and attach an engine. Then push the entire station out to Minmus? When in orbit of say 150k and 300k, when is the best time to boost to escape orbit. It's been a bit hit and miss for me. Please feel free to use the technical definitions as I must learn these too. I put a probe out into the solar system with the ion drive on the back. Its on the same orbit as Eve speeding along at 111kms but is cannot seem to get an encounter. My orbit is slightly higher than the planet's orbit around the sun. Should i be on the inside for more speed? This will also help with docking 2 parts. Thanks again guys and I'll have more questions soon.
  11. MrTetra

    Hi everybody

    Hey everyone. I found KSP on the xbox dashboard 10 days ago and i haven't watched TV or played another game since. Hooked is the word to use. I have some tech questions to ask but is this the right place? Dave