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  1. Anybody happen to see that spacex was streaming flight 4’s launch countdown? And then the stream was locked down and the account locked also? The stream was deleted from my history, and I can’t find spacex on the site right now.
  2. Try asking them if they ever give away free models. Can’t hurt to ask. What is the name of the period between the rebuy/addon period and “in the money” during a poker tournament? Been playing semi professionally off and on for 20 years and I’ve never had to name it before it came up in a conversation today.
  3. This was my first thought aside from probe control. You might be trying to drive straight up or down, find the proper command pod and click “control from here”. Testing a rover on kerbin usually doesn’t involve the whole launch vehicle. Landing it on the mun involves multiple control points, and rovers have been known to be delivered in a wonky state.
  4. Which relate to old versions of the game and may no longer be even valid.
  5. As @The Aziz has pointed out, we have a thread for this. Let’s head over there for the non ksp2 related discussion.
  6. Since we already have a number of threads on this topic, we really don’t need another.
  7. Quick side note. That field was roughly 50 acres. They had somewhere around 4,000 cars parked there, based on our estimates (as low as 3k, as high as 6k, we agreed 4K was most likely). At $40 a car. That’s $160,000 cash they took in that day. Roughly 32 years worth of revenue for the corn that normally grows there. Anyways, going to work on processing the photos tonight and get a start on building the time lapse. It’s going to need some editing and stabilization, for reasons. Got thinking about that one today after seeing it a few weeks ago. I now fully appreciate how ancient cultures thought eclipses were acts of a god or other such powerful being. Fully comprehend that feeling now. The sky broke. But back when they did this flyover, there must have been a large number of areas that had no warning the eclipse was coming. The day starts darkening, and then all of a sudden It breaks. And the BOOM, the passing sonic booms hits. Yeah…. That would really turn your world view upside down if you weren’t ready for it.
  8. Yup! I was on the corner of the corn field next to lowes!
  9. I saw at least two flares/prominences. The bright red spot on the bottom side, and a bigger one that only showed up in my photos at about the 4 o’clock position.
  10. Only? Line for the air and space museum is only just out the door now. May head over. Post eclipse Waffle House called first.
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