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  1. So it appears that the CKAN team made a minor back-end change to a mod for the good of the mod itself and the CKAN environment. This change was an arbirtrary change, that can easily be reveresed if requested/needed. I have that correct, yes? Ok then, it seems this issue should be taken to a PM chain so you guys can work out the details that the public really doesn't need, or want, to know about. Perhaps some sort of documentation from the team to help avoid this type of situation in the future might help too. And let's remember, it's usually best to start with a PM to ask a question before posting it publicly in the forums with the appearance of implication of malfeasance. That often won't lead to clear answers and just draws in rabble rousers to stir the pot.
  2. And then complaining about “over moderation” when things turn violent. Our rules have never changed, in fact, I think we’ve lightened up on them some to let people vent their anger. We don’t need 28 threads discussing the same thing. We don’t need arguments merely for the sake of belittling others. We don’t need threats of physical violence against the devs and others who aren’t carrying pitchforks over this issue. We don’t care what your exact opinion is, hell, we probably share it. We’re liquided off too. There’s no image to protect, it’s done and gone. That ship has sailed. But what we do need to protect is this community. And given the quality of humanity that has shown up here over the last couple months, I’m starting to lose hope. This is the most we’ve ever openly talked about our moderation policies in general. For privacy reasons, we normally ask that we discuss this type of stuff in PM’s, as Deddly mentioned above, But there are enough stresses on the community in general right now that we’ve opened up some to hopefully make people feel safer about the moderation team. And as Deddly has also mentioned, this is way off topic for this thread, I’m not even sure what thread this is to be honest, but we’d be glad to discuss what we can in another thread. The “ask the mods” thread would be a good place to start
  3. I really don’t think this argument is appropriate for this thread.
  4. WHO LEFT THE DOOR OPEN AGAIN?! MARTHA!!! THESE DANG KIDS ARE BACK IN THE POND AGAIN! ~shuffles off to find a broom and a fishnet-
  5. *shrug* It’s just a terminology thing. Of all the issues related to this drama, this goes near the bottom of the list for me. Overlapping threads have been merged.
  6. I would recommend not even trying, aside from your own personal correspondence, which you’d be free to do anyways via copy paste. I’d say that with out a specific reason to save an individual message, there probably isn’t a reason to back up your inbox en masse. If you do happen to stumble upon a way to archive PM’s in general, uhhh, let us know. Those should be behind an authentication wall, and you should only have access to your own inbox. That goes for any private information. If you do gain access to anything that should require authentication, please contact us privately. I’d say a good rule of thumb for this project is that only data that can be viewed by guests who are not logged in should be archived. I don’t think that is what you are doing, @Lisias, your comment just made me think we should state something that hopefully didn’t need said, but probably does.
  7. Overlapping threads have been merged. We do have a laundry list of things planned out, and we’ve been making gradual changes, some visible, some not. There’s a real danger with these 502/503 issues, though. If a change only gets partially implemented, things could get ugly real fast. So we’re going with baby steps to maintain stability. We’ve seen the poll, we all have, and we hear ya. And that’s the general gist of what our plans are. And yeah, we’d love to hear more suggestions. On our list, we would like to solicit suggestions on what to replace it with? We have some ideas and what not, but outside suggestions are always welcome.
  8. Well, since you’re not asking about the game, nor the forums, it’s probably best to ask in the appropriate thread: It probably even has the answer to your question already posted in the thread!
  9. You’re asking two different questions here. 1) the forums require a direct link. 2) To place an image on your craft in game, you can use a custom flag, or change the texture packs to create a new texture on your craft. I don’t do either of these, and you’re best off asking in the appropriate game discussion forum regarding this.
  10. A type 3 civ wouldn't need a SETI program, as would we would think of it: A) They're already made up of a number of various races within their own galaxy already, so they would just assume that, on average, each galaxy would have a similar distribution, and they'll get to them when they get to them. They then progress to B or C. B) They're alone, and the distances are too vast to attempt any sort of communication, with any hope of the other party even receiving their message during the existence of the sender's civilization, making the whole idea of attempting to communicate moot. Even the foot print of their civilization would take so long to travel across intergalactic space, that it would be useless to the "sending" civ. C) They can travel over those distances, but cannot communicate over them in a form that is receivable by a random party. This would then require the establishments of colonies and outposts in other galaxies to coordinate their own local SETI program, and report back. So in summary, space is big, and once you reach a galactic scale, it's _very_ difficult to take that next step. Any SETI program that would exist for these guys would not be even recognizable as a SETI program to us.
  11. Moved to ksp1 mod discussion.
  12. Nice. Moved to Fanworks.
  13. What? I’m not sure, there’s stats on the bottom of the front page. Edit: oh, I was just responding to your relevant comment as a segue into the thread merge. I’m not sure on our “views”, we don’t track that way, we look at users and topics, and those can be decades old on some forums.
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