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  1. Cool, will have to check this out when I get home tonight!
  2. One other question/suggestion... On more than one occasion, I've started to post a craft file and put a fair amount of links/pics/text, etc. into it before publishing. ...and then I realize I need to update the craft file again before publishing and the system won't let me. :-( It forces me to either publish the craft and change it, or delete everything and start over. If I have followers, I would prefer not to hit them with 2 notices of my craft, initial posting and an immediate change. So I would tend to delete and start over, which is a pain. Maybe allow craft file edits/updates for unpublished craft similar to the published ones? I'd also like to be able to have more than 1 unpublished craft, but not a huge deal.
  3. That is an excellent suggestion! ...and I will flight test that a bit today to see if I Iike/prefer it. The "airblade" system on this one is pretty awesome in that respect already and I intended the main wing to also serve as a pivot point between the fore-aft blades. Changing the AoA may disrupt the flight dynamics; but I do like the idea of tinkering with it. So we'll see. Update: I flight tested the addition of a bit of rotation on the main wings and it felt like an improvement in the water takeoff/landing, which I thought was already quite good! ...double-checking the effect on cruising at altitude, particularly in time-warp situations.... all looks good, will include this in the final design! Excellent suggestion!
  4. For me personally, it's not as bad as I once thought... It's starting to grow on me. Although I still do kinda prefer the old-school style basic forums like BoardGameGeek or the good ole SubSim forum. Those seem to work fine regardless of how I access them. ...this one's a bit fancy/different. Just takes some getting use to I s'pose.
  5. Glad you like the graphics... I also include a signature at the bottom of all my designs at KerbalX that reveals how I create my blueprints. ...and yeah, your up-votes at KerbalX are also most appreciated!
  6. I think I declare you the winner and the challenge complete. Good job! Mine looked like this: (-O-) and sadly only had 2,345 parts. GAH! I was sooooo close.
  7. Won't admit to how many hours I played til I figured out how to make jets fly like that... well done!
  8. Generally I like gaming gadgets, and have tried most if not all of them... this one, honestly, doesn't really intrigue me too much as it seems to be addressing something that I don't currently have an issue with. Also skeptical that I could effectively manage 2 forms of movement with the same hand, I think I could do it with two hands. But with a joystick on a mouse, I see myself using one or the other but not both at the same time. So kinda comes across as a novelty I could live without. Could you make a programmable keypad that has an 8-way hat switch built into the base in such a way that I can keep my fingers on the programmable keys and use the palm of my hand to move the whole thing. I've been looking for something like this and it doesn't seem to exist.
  9. I remember my big station... Spent like 2 days designing it, another 2 or 3 days hauling up the parts and assembling... At the end of the week it was finally complete! A marvel of ingenuity and inspired engineering! GLORIOUS! High-fives all around!!! ...and THEN, I docked something with it.
  10. I see... I think my pref would be alpha-numeric sort as opposed to craft number, but if it's a lot of work... it's not too high on my list of "must haves" anyway. On a side note, the new ranking options for Users is nice! Gives me chance to be located after a month.
  11. @katateochi One other question... How does your system set the order for my Hangars? It does not appear to be alpha-numeric cuz I changed one to have a "zzz" sort prefix and it seems to have made no difference in the order. I'd like to have my 3 faction hangars first, then my D/L and Favorties hangars... then whatever else. Was thinking I might be able to control it by using sortable alpha-num prefixes, but doesn't seem to make a difference?
  12. @katateochi yeah, I think it was maybe server delay or something... it all looks good on my side now, even with IE. Thanks!
  13. OK, will chalk it up to retarded IE again... and will have to go clean the pic cache manually or something.
  14. Yeah, I'm hitting the refresh... but it doesn't change. Might be something wonky with my IE settings. Do you see green or blue thumbnail for this: https://kerbalx.com/XLjedi/Miss-Miggy