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  1. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Re-entry flight testing proved the fat airline wings on the SC-33 prototype (image below) were indeed... An abysmal failure. Although... the resulting catastrophic re-entry (3 to 4 large disconnected parts tumbling in flames through the upper atmosphere) was indeed pretty spectacular, if not horrifying, to behold. Good news is, the wings were redesigned and the problem solved! In the process, the part count was reduced, the TWR increased, and the overall craft now has a more balanced and uniform look. Several missions to and from orbit were indeed successful and it's probably the most stable Mk3 SSTO in the UT Exolifter line now. Particularly interesting on the re-entry... This one loves to skip on the atmosphere like a stone on water when coming home. I targeted the return orbital trajectory the width of an ocean and it comes in and bounces right over the ocean, gaining altitude and pushing the projected fligth path forward. ...then finally dropping into the KSC area and still overshooting the runway at like Mach 2 and 25 km. It managed to bleed off enough speed that by the time I was abeam of the island base runway I was maybe in the range of 600-700 m/s and I had enough altitude (still like 22 km) to roll inverted and do Split-S to come back at the KSC runway for a direct approach on runway 27. I don't have any other SSTO that comes home anything like this one and rolling inverted like that on the overshoot... that was just fun! Looking forward to commissioning this one to KerbalX this weekend.
  2. XLjedi

    [1.3+] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    Apologies if covered in the thread somewhere, but while adding up the dV amounts on the map... Do you always have to assume you are starting or ending at Kerbin? Start at Duna end at Jool for instance?
  3. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    A specialized SSTO was needed to refit OCV-100 class corvettes. Haven't decided on a name for it yet, but it's a Mk3 Rapid Lifter SSTO that can reoutfit all the station parts of an orbital command vessel. It has a rather high 30° angle of ascent on liftoff that can be followed all the way to orbit. The forward swept wings and large forward canard seem to work well in this respect, although it does seems a bit like the front and back of two different craft. Will continue flight testing to see how it does on re-entry with minimal fuel and sans equipment. I might stream some flight testing tonight on Twitch while I tinker with it...
  4. I may stow all the old skins for these and just add a "classic" variant with a little Mod Manager script that I've used for skinning aircraft liveries. That is, if @SQUAD doesn't allow for classic variants...
  5. I do like the look of the new nosecone skins. This is a pretty good example though of, "Why not just use your variant engine to add the new skins as optional variants so you don't upset people?" I honestly can't figure out why you retire/change parts instead of just adding the variants and new parts? My only criticism is the orange variant on the Mk7 should have been entirely orange so I could (almost) make a space shuttle main fuel tank. I'm still waiting for you to add the hemispherical end cap part for that tank too. Maybe someday when you're done retiring and changing all the pieces I like, you could maybe add the few that are still missing. (Mk3 airplane cockpit, steerable large landing gear, the pointy and round ends of the orange shuttle fuel tank)
  6. Yeah, I like that one too... :,-(
  7. If I'm lucky, maybe they balance it by pushing it to the last level of the tech tree and setting the ISP to 450. I don't feel very inspired to play right now... will wait and see what they say in their blog.
  8. I don't build stuff for mods... what people do outside of stock doesn't apply to me...
  9. It won't be able to go between planets... the Wolfhound had just enough ISP to make it a viable interplanetary craft, the poodle wasn't enough to make it work. Sadly... I think I'm done now. how depressing
  10. I was excited when I saw an engine I could use in vacuum with a 400+ ISP and was finally able to build something that I had long wanted to create... I put weeks into that design... I hope they didn't just kill it. If so I may give up.
  11. Ohhh man... you're gonna nerf the Wolfhound? I just built a new favorite craft around that engine. Everything was sounding so good up to that point too.
  12. XLjedi

    Should Squad Priotize bug Fixes?

    @Foxster I would agree with the new gaming mechanics over new parts... but if they don't fix the bugs, the new mechanics are only going to cause the bugs to multiply.
  13. I like the new DV display feature, very much looking forward to it!
  14. XLjedi

    Should Squad Priotize bug Fixes?

    D'oh! yeah... I didn't see it til a day after I posted here. But technically, they are now prioritizing the bugs!
  15. XLjedi

    Should Squad Priotize bug Fixes?

    Well... we voted on whether Sqaud should "Prioritize Bug Fixes" Good news! It appears they took immediate action! Although, I suspect it's not entirely what we had in mind... Maybe we should vote on whether or not Squad should "Fix the Bugs" next time?