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  1. XLjedi

    Cargo Airdrops with the MK3

    Yeah... breaks my heart too...
  2. XLjedi

    Cargo Airdrops with the MK3

    It worked fine in 1.3. With the 1.4 upgrade a new Unity engine came into play and the Mk3 ramp became too destructive to use for airdrops (among other things). I recorded this mission in 1.3 a little over a year ago, and have not been able to reproduce it without catastrophic explosions since... Some will claim it's by design. For me, the Kerbal Airborne Corps is permanently grounded. I don't expect it will be fixed. I don't expect to do these missions anymore. I gave up.
  3. XLjedi

    Tuning changes in 1.6

    It's one of many items that has (in their entirety) just made the game not fun anymore... I'm playing Interstellar Rift now. It has its issues, but they at least seem to have command of the game engine they are programming with. This game seems to be a perpetual victim of the Unity engine and where one thing is half-fixed another problem or "feature" gets added. I haven't really been able to do a rover mission with the Mk3 Cargo Bay since 1.3. Since I have a large hangar of craft over on KerbalX, I'll probably follow along at each update. ...may even blueprint and post a few more of the craft I have in my backlog. Honestly, stock "Craft Improvements" are a dev focus now? ...do they have any actual programmers still working at Squad? I'd maybe settle for a gifted modder or two. An equally valid improvement to the stock craft would've just been to delete them in their entirety. Talk to you all later... s'pose the good news is there will be one less critic posting to these threads now.
  4. XLjedi

    Tuning changes in 1.6

    No longer a 400+ ISP Vacuum engine... not even at highest tech tier. You all lost me. I'm on to contributing to other space sandbox games now, might check back in when a v2.0 comes out. Maybe it will include some fixes to some of the bugs that broke most of what I (at one time) liked to do in this game.
  5. XLjedi

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Yes, I quoted myself... As of last night, I have a staggering 120 hrs now logged on this game. Will see how the next 100 hrs goes, but this one has potential to be the KSP killer for me. Funny thing... its a sci-fi fantasy spaceship builder sandbox game that was designed around multiplayer from the start. So guess what the community is talking about? How the devs should maybe focus their time on single player and possibly just scrap multi-player. LOL... Damned if you do, damned if you don't! Not crazy about exposing my peaceful exploration and science vessel to the riggors of the PVP servers; I can't even kill the lowliest of PVE baddies yet. ...but I will definitely be on the PVE server in the next week. It's a little tough managing a Battlestar Galactica sized dreadnaught all by me lonesome self! Not exagerating at all on the size of the craft that you can build in this engine. My first ship is about on par with the size of an aircraft carrier with 3 distinct hull sections spanning 5 decks and so far, I only used the "small" and "medium" sized engines. Anyone interested in Star Wars/Trek sci-fi capital ship multiplayer?
  6. XLjedi

    Krakonian Skunkworks

    Lately, I've been live streaming how I make the blueprints on Twitch. Typically Saturday or Sunday mornings... If you're around this weekend, I could do another one. Maybe I'll record it?
  7. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Merry Kerismus everyone!
  8. XLjedi

    Prioritizing Bugs in the Bugtracker

    Now that some folks have registered their upvotes... Who sets the "Priority" field? Is it possible the top 10 (or so) reported bugs might be addressed in the next update? ...and on a side note, I do feel somewhat sorry for @Squad having the "Joystick Don't Work" bug (in Linux no less) as the number two item on the list, because I know you have no earthly (errr… kerbinly?) idea how to make Joysticks or Saitek drivers function correctly with the Unity engine. ….Windows, Linux, or otherwise.
  9. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Re-entry flight testing proved the fat airline wings on the SC-33 prototype (image below) were indeed... An abysmal failure. Although... the resulting catastrophic re-entry (3 to 4 large disconnected parts tumbling in flames through the upper atmosphere) was indeed pretty spectacular, if not horrifying, to behold. Good news is, the wings were redesigned and the problem solved! In the process, the part count was reduced, the TWR increased, and the overall craft now has a more balanced and uniform look. Several missions to and from orbit were indeed successful and it's probably the most stable Mk3 SSTO in the UT Exolifter line now. Particularly interesting on the re-entry... This one loves to skip on the atmosphere like a stone on water when coming home. I targeted the return orbital trajectory the width of an ocean and it comes in and bounces right over the ocean, gaining altitude and pushing the projected fligth path forward. ...then finally dropping into the KSC area and still overshooting the runway at like Mach 2 and 25 km. It managed to bleed off enough speed that by the time I was abeam of the island base runway I was maybe in the range of 600-700 m/s and I had enough altitude (still like 22 km) to roll inverted and do Split-S to come back at the KSC runway for a direct approach on runway 27. I don't have any other SSTO that comes home anything like this one and rolling inverted like that on the overshoot... that was just fun! Looking forward to commissioning this one to KerbalX this weekend.
  10. XLjedi

    [1.3+] Community Delta-V Map 2.6 (Sep 29th)

    Apologies if covered in the thread somewhere, but while adding up the dV amounts on the map... Do you always have to assume you are starting or ending at Kerbin? Start at Duna end at Jool for instance?