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  1. +++ Bugfixes * Fix non-motorized robotic parts being free moving. Appreciate it, thanks.
  2. [snip] I do agree that it won't be "MMO" in terms of 1000's orbiting Kerbin at the same time. I guess I'm more thinking in terms of private or public hosted servers. In which case I see tighter reins on the modding. My point was related to MP and how it gets implemented having an impact on modding. There have been some contradictory statements made by the devs (vs T2 execs), so I'm curious to see how that unfolds. Maybe MP doesn't even start until you leave the Kerbin SOI? If I played Skyrim?
  3. @Incarnation of Chaos My expectation is max speed will be achieved at the half-way point between origin and destination. My first test with the new engine will likely be sandbox unlimited fuel accel into the abyss and see what happens. Then I'll put 10 engines on there and do it again... Then I will start playing the game.
  4. I don't see literal MMO working either... can't have 1000's in orbit around Kerbin at the same time.
  5. Which of those is the "Late Game Holy Grail Cat 4 Screaming White Death Engine" ? (as if I'm the only one who will install like 24 of these on my star destroyer) From what I saw, and the types of orbits contemplated... speed is simply a function of distance. The further away a planet is, the faster you go. How (if) they adjust the curve as it approaches C will be interesting to see.
  6. I believe you didn't think they would have engines anywhere near the speed of light either, correct? My guess is based purely on what I see T2 do as a business.
  7. Ummm… no... it would be piggybacking on every other title that T2 currently has online.
  8. @Incarnation of Chaos I'm speculating a bit... but from the investor chats, on the business side... Strauss would have a lot of splainin' to do if this franchise launched a public MP server without a profit motive. I'm betting on unmodded MMO, but they are about to open the floor at PAX East... so maybe we learn something new today?
  9. That would assume that the MP is going to be a system where small groups of 2-5 can queue themselves for a matchmaker universe. The problem is two-fold. First, it requires Take-2 or PD would actually be willing to acknowledge the work(s) of some modders and put checkboxes and such out there for a compatible match-making type MP system. Based on what I've seen and heard however... that's just not the Take 2 business model. I suspect, if they have public servers, the format will be more of an MMO universe where folks can come and go. Along with some recurring payment options... most likely in the form of: paid content/mission updates 2 or 3x a year, possibly offer a "Season Pass" option. I wouldn't rule out some form of virtual currency either. This would all fall inline with the Take2 playbook. (I listen to their earnings calls.) So, your craft may be denied entry into the MMO universe (if that's the route they go) based on the modifications that KJR makes to the underlying structure of your craft file to "weld" the parts together. I think mods are going to be allowed, but very possibly limited to solo career play.
  10. Don't really care what ML couldn't get to work... They work great on the craft that I build. Maybe go point Matt to my stuff. LOL If I paid attention to what most of the wanna-be armchair aerospace engineers on youtube said... I would not have built the majority of my craft. I can name at least 3 off the top of my head that speak with authority on their webcasts but my reaction to what they say half the time is... That's a bunch of bull @$%!? LOL I'm glad I tuned into them later rather than sooner.
  11. @mcwaffles2003 LOL, well of course if fell a part. It's a complete (and glorious) monstrosity! Don't blame autostrut for that. Given the approach of KSP2 in the next year or so; I would start to ween yourself from mods that change the stock parts. I'm getting the feeling that mods (although allowed in single player) are going to be heavily restricted in multiplayer online. They would have to be.
  12. @Brikoleur My only major criticism with autostrut is: I'd much prefer if it just let me pick the part that I want to anchor to.
  13. @mcwaffles2003 autostrut is indispensable. I simply would've quit the game if it didn't exist.
  14. Cool! I posted the challenge a few days ago... the link is in my signature below
  15. Totally rewrite the whole Clone Wars story... It will have to involve orbital mechanics me thinkst?