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  1. May I have an extra large Jedi with a side of lightsabers?

  2. I took it as... Like a little mini-model or icon you would use in the mission creator to assign/position/use a related part in a mission.
  3. Largest Cargo Plane Challenge

    Love this design!
  4. Largest Cargo Plane Challenge

    Following cuz I'm curious to see what exactly these "trailers" are? Edit: Ah, I see now... they're all mod-heavy and no pics. Gonna have to pass.
  5. Would love to see the "Ker-bounce" bug squashed! ...and maybe some improvements with Unity garbage collection stuttering.
  6. Wow! BIG NEWS! I was expecting to pay double... I may have to buy it twice now.
  7. Untied Technologies

    VTOL departure from Island Base, inbound for KSC VAB Helipad. Plant flag on helipad, VTOL departure and finish with conventional landing on KSC runway. Keep in mind while watching that 2/3 throttle equals hover when verti-lift turbofan array is engaged. A 100% stock design and available for download here: https://kerbalx.com/XLjedi/FA-08-Bobcat
  8. Questions looked too compelcated to actually read and complete... But generally, no I would not cheat on Science in a career that requires I earn science to unlock a node. Although, I don't consider KSC science biome farming a cheat or exploit. However, there are at least a few conditions under which I have either used the debug cheats feature or plan to use it: 1) The interior look of the SPH and VAB, as well as exterior looks of the KSC in various states of upgrade obviously change appearance as they are upgraded. The first hangar upgrade, for instance, has a pretty cool looking interior that I may use for a craft display such as the one in the spoiler below. I can only get this pic thru a career mode game as the sandbox would start you with a fully upgraded facility. So sure, in a new career game I would cheat myself the funds to upgrade the facility and (if I want to take my craft outside) maybe cheat the science required to unlock the parts to take the craft outside. 2) There are times when I may want to build a craft and purposefully limit myself to a given set of tech tree items. ...or possibly match someone elses tech tree. It would be nice if under sandbox mode, the tech tree building was accessible and allowed you to enable or disable parts of the tree. As an alternative I just start a new career and cheat the science and upgrade funds needed to accomplish the task. 3) There are career modes that cover "earn money and science" and "earn science with no limit on money"; but there is no career mode for "earn money with no limit on science". I thought it might be a neat career mode playthru to see how far I could get with a pre-designed stable of craft with only facility upgrade limitations on science. In other words, how few of my advanced craft designs would I actually need to be able to accomplish all mission objectives assigned via contract? So under this scenario I would cheat all science to open nodes, and do contracts to earn the funds to upgrade buildings and earn cash to purchase the parts. Under this scenario I might also deliberately add a few additional cash-sink rules that I would have to also manage with the debug cheat bar to decrease funds. Mabye a "skunkworks" development fee of $5,000,000 or something to allow myself to introduce a new craft or model to the career. Additional fees to retire and replace a craft by actually fully recovering it at the KSC and issuing a shiney new one. ...or fees to bring out a refueling truck, etc. 4) Loans - I might allow myself to take out a loan of X amount with certain limits and rules on repayment with interest. As opposed to killing a career due to some unfortunate handling of contracts and losing track a bit on how much I just spent on a fantastical new space station! ...that didn't really have a contract payout attached to it.
  9. Mod Manager Goliath Wheesley Fix

    Well good, it seems to work OK for you then. At least it might be working for the folks who might D/L it along with my craft file. Has to be one of the other mods then! I think the value of the multiplier is a moot point as long as the damage is False.
  10. Mod Manager Goliath Wheesley Fix

    OK thanks... I do recall reading about the % now to add stuff. I think I'm back now to wondering why my script stopped working? Even though it registers as a mod manager patch on the load screen. I may have to test tonight in a vanilla install. I've noticed 1.3.1 has done some odd things to certain mods. Hyperedit landing feature just blows stuff up now and does some really odd stuff and mangles planet surfaces.
  11. Mod Manager Goliath Wheesley Fix

    Thanks, I will give this a try tonight. I would've swore it was working as-is at one time though. Just so I understand; it's meant to edit this part of the "jetEngineBig.cfg" part file (Goliath engine). MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX engineID = Cruise thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 360 heatProduction = 100 useEngineResponseTime = True engineAccelerationSpeed = 0.06 engineDecelerationSpeed = 0.25 //fxOffset = 0, 0, 0.74 flameoutEffectName = flameout powerEffectName = running_thrust engageEffectName = engage disengageEffectName = disengage spoolEffectName = running_turbine engineSpoolIdle = 0.05 engineSpoolTime = 2.0 EngineType = Turbine exhaustDamageMultiplier = 2 clampPropReceived = True PROPELLANT { name = IntakeAir ignoreForIsp = True ratio = 227 } ...and you're saying exhaustDamage in the above context is not a name and that I should refer to it with % instead of @? Are they considered parameters of "name = ModuleEnginesFX" or how should I think of them? I assume the % tags it as a parameter of the name then maybe?
  12. In update 1.3.1 Squad changed the @exhaustDamage setting for the Goliath and Wheesley engines and it destroyed one of my marine engine designs. I have this relatively simple mod manager script to reset exhaustDamage back to False so my 1.3.0 design continues to work... I thought it was working fine, but it seems like something has caused it to stop working and I can't figure out what happened. If I go in and edit the part file directly (change True back to False) it works exactly as it did in 1.3.0? Not sure why the script below isn't overriding the values anymore? Pretty sure it worked at one point. Anyone see any issues with this simple script? I also confirmed that during the load screen it does report 2 additional Mod Manager edits when I include this script in gamedata. Not sure what's going on? @PART[turboFanSize2]:AFTER[Squad] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @exhaustDamage = False } } @PART[JetEngine]:AFTER[Squad] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @exhaustDamage = False } }
  13. What do you like to keep on hand for spares?
  14. They're aware of it... it's a bug... and being worked on apparently. Maybe just self-impose some rules there for Jeb recovery ops in the meantime.
  15. @RizzoTheRat If we're bringing in KAS/KIS (probably one of my few or only must-have mods) the KAS winch adds a whole nother realm of possibilities. I even include KAS Winch mounts in most of my designs for this. Again, working from an overhead attachement concept, the winch eliminates the need for lift jacks. It was particularly cool for redocking a submersible that I have on one of my transport craft that gets raised/lowered right through the deck floor. The winch also has an attachment setting specifically for this sort of thing. You can attach the winch to a winch port without actually docking with the target vessel! This lets you draw the vessel up into the transport craft, to dock with a dedicated port and then detach (or not) the docking cable. Edit: If lowering the craft to the ground, it works too! Just reattach the KAS winch cable to a cable port (in non-docking mode) and then undock your craft and it will hang there from the winch cable ready to be lowered to the surface or water. Also, since it's non-docked, there's no reason why you can't just leave the winch cable attached to the craft once docked and basically have it ready to lower back down.