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  1. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Well, your Bucc is so far removed from any of my designs... I see no resemblance at all. So that one's definitely all yours. ...and good job!
  2. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I design them with certain parts that I call "EZ-swap" so folks can easily modify for their own mission requirements. SP-06B is a 2 crew 4 pax base design... if you'd like to post your variant to KerbalX along with a link to the source design that would be fine. Would probably generate more interest and downloads on the Star Ranger than you not posting it. So if a link is included to the original SP-06B design then you have my permission to post it.
  3. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Can't stop you, but would prefer you not repost my design.
  4. XLjedi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @Hotel26 @Cavscout74 The SP-06 Star Ranger continues to be my most popular design. I have a basic SP-06 and larger SP-06B variant available on KerbalX. If you'd like to try one and/or modify one to your own mission requirements, just follow the "My Designs" link in my signature below. Nice to see the Pumera is still out there touring the Kerbol system.
  5. XLjedi

    Tell me about Homeworld

    Interesting that Simple Rockets is a 2D game... I would've expected it to be more like their Simple Planes game.
  6. XLjedi

    Tell me about Homeworld

    IIRC, in Homeworld, the missions in the storyline progress in such a way as to limit your ships/choices and basically teach you how to play introducing new craft and abilities as the missions progress. The 3D movement is not exactly my favorite gameplay element on a 2D screen, but they did about the best job you could possibly do. Question is... Are you looking for another game like KSP? ...or for something maybe different, but might appeal to a mature KSP player? I've got a 100+ game library on Steam you're welcome to look at to get an idea of the kind of games I like. As far as sandbox games like KSP, I have 6 others that I bought but haven't really done anything with yet: Space Engineers, Starmade, Empyrion, Interstellar Rift, Simple Planes, From the Depths One day when I get bored, or while waiting for a version/bug to resolve itself, I'll give one a try. I tend to prefer sandbox games where the creations/designs can be shared with others.
  7. XLjedi

    Tell me about Homeworld

    Homeworld is the only good 3D space RTS game that I've ever come across... It's a classic, and the remastered edition is available on Steam now along with the standalone ground-based RTS (Deserts of Karak) which I also liked. Not a sandbox game at all though, so very different gameplay from KSP. You have to like selecting groups of units and ordering them to attack stuff, mine resources, build new units, etc. Not much in terms of actually building anything though. If looking for an RTS that does have some pretty decent building element to it, maybe look at "Stronghold: Legends" possibly? ...if you like building and defending castles. Another good sandbox option, without the war/conflict component, might be something like "Cities: Skylines" I tend to keep about 100-ish games on my Steam wishlist and then pick em off as they rotate on sale. So I don't necessarily recommend running out and buying these 2 at the moment. I'd probably wait em out til maybe a sale. Although Stronghold is not too bad right now, you could probably get it for under $10 if you wait awhile though.
  8. XLjedi

    Untied Technologies

    @FleshJeb Well that's just a very nice thing to say, thank you! My hope is to make stuff that people might actually use for a mission or two. ...or maybe spark an idea that others might try. I only post craft to KerbalX after they have been documented and vetted. Sometimes in the process of creating the blueprints and writeups I catch things that need to be fixed in the craft, or I might add an extra gadget for a little fun. I also think it's particularly fun if the craft can be combined for different missions. Like maybe a certain rover being added to an SSTO might allow it to refuel once it reaches a destination?
  9. @Klapaucius I think the issues with personal chutes arose in the update shortly after the personal chutes were introduced. Squad added the ability to deploy the chutes from the command chair so people could make parafoils. Along with that update, the chutes started popping when staging was activated via spacebar and probably is related in one way or another to your issue as well. Out of curiosity, can you workaround the issue by adding a decoupler under the chair? ...if it works, I suspect your glitch is somehow related, but can't be certain.
  10. Maybe doesn't; but does the chute pop when you trigger the initial staging to turn on the jet engine? ...or does it just randomly fire as you move down the runway?
  11. Yeah, but the goal is to put a kerbal on a stage... like a rover airdrop for instance. I got craft where I want to pilot a main ship, and drop a lander with a command chair and it pops chutes. I suspect it's the same problem that OP is having.
  12. @bewing Here's a video of the kerbal chute bug. Basically the personal chutes automatically inherit the firing of any stage they are associated with. I believe this occurred as a result of people wanting to create parafoil-type craft and the Squad team happily obliged... only problem is, the way it was implemented wrongly assumes that every situation involving a command chair should be treated as if you only wanted to create a parafoil. Notice there are 2 command chairs, the one on the side fires the kerbal chute when its stage is activated first. The command chair on the top is separated by a small decoupler, so it is insulated from firing when the first stage is released. However, it will also fire automatically when its associated staging is fired. Here's the bug report I just posted with sample craft that replicates the behavior 100%. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/19589 I don't mind that Squad maybe wanted to accommodate this little parafoil exploit for a fun little side game, but there should be a way to somehow disable the kerbal chute from firing if the intent of the stage with a command seat was NOT intended to be a parafoil, which in my opinion, is more often going to be the case. I'm thinking there might be 2 relatively easy solutions. 1) display the kerbal personal chute in the staging sequence, so it can be managed and/or disabled after occupying the command chair, or... 2) don't automatically inherit the stage firing I consider the added decoupler on the top command chair the "workaround" that I don't particularly like, as it adds unnecessary parts and staging to a craft just to keep it from behaving like some sort of parafoil. Alternatively, if it's caused by a mod I have installed... happy to help diagnose which one specifically as I only had a few installed when I recorded the above video.
  13. I have a craft that replicated everytime… I'll take a look at it again to see if it's still there and post back.
  14. Sounds like the bug I've mentioned before... the chutes are bugged and fire with staging. I don't have Take Command, and it does the same thing in a vanilla install. The only way I was able to work around it was to put a small decoupler under the command chair so the chute was in its own stage. I don't like the solution at all and would just prefer to have the chutes fixed.
  15. XLjedi

    Down for a bit...

    Thanks to all for the kind words! My head/helmet hit the passenger side mirror on a Tahoe... I then started to wobble, and high-sided at about 40-50mph and completely blacked out, don't know if it was fear or what, but I totally lost consciousness. Next thing I remember was being in an ambulance with my helmet still on. The driver of the Tahoe said I went airborne and rag-dolled for about 30-40 feet along the pavement. I have no injuries to my hands at all. If I were awake I probably would've broke my arms and scraped my hands up trying to stop. I did break my collar bone though, so the sling makes it a bit hard to use the mouse, and my breathing is a bit labored. Mostly dealing with abrasions to my right side. The bike was completely destroyed... everyone I've talked to that witnessed it was surprised I was alive, I came down on my head/shoulder and if it wasn't for the full-face helmet I had on, I'd be dead for sure. I'll have to get a pic of what's left of the bike. The guy who towed it away couldn't believe he was talking to the rider yesterday; he thought for sure I died. Praise God, just wasn't my time.