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  1. Most Frustrating Things in KSP

    I dunno if it's a bug, or just my frustration, or maybe even I just don't know how to make it work right? I have a lot of trouble using the stock radial decouplers and pylons as wing mounts for munitions. Not that it's difficult to attach stuff; but upon release, the decoupler and/or pylon stays attached to the munition instead of the plane! The only way I've found to get around it is to treat the munition as the main unit and then attach the pylon and plane to it. Which is extremely frustrating! I must just be doing something wrong...
  2. Santa is watching and the Krakonians have been especially naughty this year!



    Checkout the Krakonians latest mission here:  Agent Zero in "Die Every Day"

    A covert op submitted in response to this week's challenge:  Blow up the KSC

  3. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    I finally managed to blow up the VAB! Buildings Destroyed: 1 (the VAB) Parts Used: Zero... Agent Zero in "Die Every Day" Not as much fun as the mission story; but to make it official the A-22 craft file includes 103 parts... https://kerbalx.com/XLjedi/A-22-Inquisitor
  4. KSP Weekly: The Cosmic Snake!

    The mission builder is sounding better every week! However... As for this Part Failure Node... Are you sure I don't have these nodes on several of my craft already?
  5. One trick I've used with refueling to manage the Ker-bounce damage is... As mentioned previously, when you come out of accel time the craft does not always appear to bounce as much, but only because the gear got jammed up into the hull and absorbed the bounce with damage. For me it seems to happen most often coming out of accel time after refueling. I have noticed there is less chance for gear damage if coming out of a save, as opposed to accel time. Sooooo... if you accel time to refuel, just make sure to do a save AFTER you harvest the fuel, but BEFORE you come out of accel time! Then to exit accel time, just press ESC and load the save. You get your fuel, and the Ker-bounce is less likely to damage your gear.
  6. Yeah, not much you can do there... except hope they fix it soon, and avoid the offending parts. For now, maybe just focus on craft design and tinkering around in sandbox mode until we get a stable version to advance career mode saved games. Maybe even participate in a challenge or two? Would be nice to get an update on this here... but I guess I'll have to go open an account on their bug tracker system to see what (if anything) is being acknowledged and worked on.
  7. @dark_reef even if you bolted them down, something else I've noticed... We notice the gear drops down into the ground and then gets thrust up. What also occurs is, sometimes the bounce up appears to be not as bad for some reason. What actually happens in those cases, is the landing gear actually gets thrust up into the craft and becomes permanently assigned to a new position as if the craft had incurred a particularly rough landing and damaged it's gear. So basically as you play, and your craft bounces around... it is also randomly taking damage that compounds over time. I've noticed that at the KSC on the tarmac, I can retract the offending gear on some craft and let them sit on the ground and it does seem to avoid the issue. On low-G planets I've tried similar tactics with other craft and the results were unfortunately catastrophic. As the 1.3.1 update did absolutely nothing for me but introduce problems... My best course of action (and recommendation for others) is to rollback to 1.3.0 until the next update comes out and hopefully fixes it.
  8. @dark_reef appreciate you spending time swapping out your mods to see what might be causing it. ...and here's my 5 minute confirmation that it has nothing to do with a mod. Renamed my game folder New vanilla Steam install of 1.3.1 Put a craft on the runway use accel time, and... Ker-BOUNCE! ...it's a 1.3.1 Ker-BUG!
  9. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    MMmmm... Muah haha HAAAaaa! I've heard rumor that the Krakonians were plotting something particularly diabolical in the next two weeks!
  10. Good point, I'm rolling back to 1.3.0 and just gonna forget I saw this update for now... Thankfully, I can rollback... A few have asked me about purchasing the game since the update; I can't recommend they buy into this version right now. Hopefully, a 1.3.2 fix takes care of this soon!
  11. @Squad if it's this bad for everyone... it is game breaking. This is my latest craft landed on Ike; and this is what happens when you load a save game, come out of time accel, or try to extend/retract the landing gear. This particular craft is 109 parts and I don't think too terribly complex or overly auto-strutted. If I try to refuel and come out of accel time, when the gear drops into the surface and then gets ejected (as the video shows) it pushes the gear up so hard it physically changes the location of the gear in the craft, and basically destroys it! The design of this particular craft includes a vertical stabilizer with tail gear that keeps it from flipping completely on its back, but I imagine other craft designs would just get flipped onto their backs. I'm seriously considering walking away from the game for awhile until this gets resolved. ...on a bright note, at least my Kerbal crew seems to enjoy it!
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    After a stop at Minmus for fuel, visited Duna... Landing was a bit of a challenge! Glad we packed those chutes. Refueling ops... and now where to next?
  13. Excellent, thank you! So since I did this... obviously there's a problem with my script then if I don't see the "patches applied" message increment by 1 after I put my .cfg out there. Also fair to assume the .cfg file is of the typical .txt editor variety, correct? Well, I s'pose that narrows it down to my little file as the issue then.