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  1. Obviously, I'm not a Squad or Take Two lawyer, and maybe eventually they will respond to your thread... However, I'm thinking we're pretty safe in the sense that the missions we upload would only be usable on Squad/T2's game anyway. So, do I read that red underlined part correctly then? ...in addition to Missions (which may contain crafts), the new KSP Steam Workshop Hub will now host Craft files? So will these be stock-only files, or are craft files with mods allowed? Any similar plans for the console players to share craft files?
  2. @Kerbolitto love the atypical design! ...good mission, well done!
  3. @Mark Kerbin Ya know it happened again! However, this time, I finally figured out the problem. ...and of course, it was utterly stupid. I use a Saitek X52 Flight Control System, and have the joystick and throttle settings all configured. Unity, the underlying game engine, is notoriously bad for not playing well (at all) with the Saitek FCS drivers. For whatever reason, the joystick lags on the control input by almost a full second making it extremely annoying to use. The throttle however, the lag is not as noticeable. So I continue to use the throttle and programmable buttons but basically have the joystick off to the side (ignored) and I use the keyboard to fly. Well what happens is... for whatever reason... the game or joystick gets out of sync and loses it's definition of "center" for pitch, roll, or yaw. Most frequently it's roll and it tends to roll right, but lately it's been yawing right really bad. The solution (without having to reinstall anything) is to grab the dormant joystick and run it thru its full range of motion for pitch/roll and then same for the twisty-stick yaw and then the game/joystick remembers what the proper center is and problem solved in about 5 seconds. Curious that reinstalling anything actually fixed this previously, but now glad I solved the mystery.
  4. Yeah, good point, that'll be the first one I copy over the next time it happens.
  5. XLjedi

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    @Andetch ...an admirable design indeed!
  6. @Mark Kerbin upon further examination... and a little testing... the settings.cfg file located here: ProgramFiles(x86)>Steam>SteamApps>Common>Kerbal Space Program>Settings Did in fact (exactly as you stated) contain the Throttle and Joystick settings and it worked fine when copied across. So I'm good now. I must've been copying across a version of it without my settings saved previously. So will have to chalk this one up to user error. The next time the physics go whack, I am gonna try to isolate which file in the root directory *specifically* is causing it.
  7. XLjedi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    Don't worry... if the end result is half as annoying as that banner, people won't stand for it for too long.
  8. XLjedi

    why do you play this?

    I'm a fan of aerospace, airplanes, RC, and legos... I like to build, fly, and share stuff that I think is cool. Perhaps surprisingly; I'm really not much into rockets.
  9. @Mark Kerbin I'll post back here when I figure it out... just stay subscribed to the thread.
  10. @Mark Kerbin Nah... I'm kinda beyond troubleshooting it... Really prefer to stay on point, and just try to figure out which specific file(s) hold the config settings. Particularly, if there is a settings file I can copy between two clean installs of the same version that will carry across the joystick/throttle settings. I can just answer this myself by trial and error, if I need to. Just figured maybe someone knew (there were a couple files?) and could save me a bit of time.
  11. I rename the Steam KSP folder (of which I have several)... Steam then loses it's connection to the game. I uninstall on Steam (which does nothing to the renamed folder) and then re-install a completely new and clean unmodded KSP version. The only thing I typically move between installs would be my craft files and mods to the gamedata folder. When this physics issue crops up, I typically just move one craft and test, then copy over rest of craft and mods, and test again. At this point it all seems fine and I'd then have to go in and redo all my config settings again. BTW, the older installs that I have saved... are uncorrupted versions.
  12. @Mark Kerbin If I can isolate the file that corrupts the game physics... Which I'm starting to narrow down. I'll post back, or maybe add it to the bug tracker. I know it's related to one of the files in the KSP root folder. So far, every time it's happened (maybe 5-7 times?) a clean install just fixes it. In which case, every time I had to start with a fresh config file and redo all the settings. Also wondering if it might be getting hosed by Steam updates somehow? Doesn't necessarily coincide with official updates managed by Steam.
  13. Already tried that one, and the joystick/throttle settings (for instance) are not contained in that config file... or at least, they didn't change from default when copied over. I don't really consider it "playing with fire" but I would like to know which file(s) holds the joystick (and other) settings. One thing I have learned is that copying over all the files in the root KSP folder (the exe files) seems to fix the physics bug issue. So I can repair it pretty quickly, I just trash my config settings. I s'pose it's possible that it's actually the config file itself that causes the issue.
  14. Well... if the intent was to use stock... nowhere in your rules do you actually say that. So I actually viewed the challenge as way too easy since there is no stated rule that the craft needs to be stock. So maybe a few additional rules/guidelines in the challenge would be helpful.
  15. First, and what most turned me off of the challenge; your badge is a bit racy for a Kerbal achievement... not to mention it doesn't seem to scale well and suffers form pixilation when scaled down to a signature. The rules do not seem to disallow modded or edited craft files; so I could probably edit the buoyancy of any craft file and fly it underwater to dock without much effort. Whether or not you devise some sort of scoring doesn't typically matter to me. If anything, scoring tends to prevent folks from even trying once they think someone else has posted the high score and "won".