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  1. I tinker with Mission Builder from time-to-time... Maybe best to post a question or two in the Mission Builder forum. Although, I acknowledge not many seem to follow or post in that forum on a regular basis. If I could just figure out some way to have a catch-all node fire, complete it's little string, then return to the main storyline thread, I think I'd be pretty happy with Mission Builder.
  2. At some point during the beginning of this video, I say that I will attempt to keep it within the 30 minute mission parameter and not turn it into another hour-long dissertation on helicopter design. I then proceed to do another hour-long dissertation on the various design elements of this new rescue helo. My apologies for the length... They say the first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem. Hello I'm XLjedi, I talk a lot in my videos. ...or at least I talk a lot since I figured out how the mic works.
  3. yes, it's a PDF doc... but if anyone would like to translate it to another language feel free to reach out. I can provide an editable format for translation.
  4. honored to be included, thank you!
  5. oh thank you! my PC died and havent been able to check in daily... so just now seeing this, thanks so much! I hope folks find the guide useful.
  6. How to add my own mods to the game... I know what I want to add, I've just been so lazy about tinkering with Unity. I blame the new parts that have me sidetracked once again on storybook missions.
  7. @Bartybum I would love to be able to describe my own mission parameters. On a relatively simple check-the-box scale... something like just set the base you want to goto with whatever rocket/cargo. Once you demonstrate that a mission can be done, the result can then be automated to just rerun the same mission cost/benefit when a valid launch window is available. Maybe a dropdown list of your own resupply missions with red/green indicators. ...and I'd be fine with allowing those to just be auto-completed with a % complete bar to properly account for the time it would take to complete the mission given the current window. On the one hand, I don't want resupply to be tedious at all... but on the other, I really want to be able to demonstrate that at my current tech-level I could successfully run the mission to provide whatever supplies are needed. I'd like to setup orbital refueling stations with a system like this. Then as my tech improves maybe I can redo the supply mission to improve on the cost-per-ton of delivery and delete the older less efficient missions. I'd like to be able to manage my own system of supply-line missions at the strategic level, but establish each mission as viable at the tactical level. I acknowledge that I do kinda group together life support supply requirements with all types of supplies in general... and see the overall logistical challenge as less of an individual ship thing, and more of a proximity to a supplied base thing.
  8. I have a few... some are complete train sets too. ...and a dragon, there's big green dragon.
  9. Yeah... I think I possibly have every single SW Lego set that was released in 1999. ...along with the instructions and box. The 7140 X-Wing (the first SW set that they ever released) and a few others are completely unopened. So I guess those are all officially antiques now. Didn't seem like it was all that long ago.
  10. Excellent... noted. I think we can safely move on now to what features folks might like to see in an implementation of a supply-line or LS system.
  11. OK, so... provided it's not "too ambitious given the time and budget" then you're OK with LS being implemented?
  12. OK then, to further clarify... I'm perfectly OK assuming the opposite of your quoted statement. Particularly as it relates to semi-hypothetical wishlist discussions.
  13. @Brikoleur LOL, OK... I don't presuppose what may or may not be too difficult for developers to implement. They seem to be pretty sharp folks! For the sake of "wishlist-type" discussions, I'm pretty OK assuming they're clever enough to tackle the challenge. ...then they can tell us later that they saw people wanted it, but it was just too hard or time constrained, or whatever and they just didn't have the time to implement it. I think they could implement supply-lines and piggy-back off the comnet structure.
  14. M'kay... same level of challenge/complexity could be implemented to work with connected supply lines. Worse that could happen is kerbals get put in hibernation pods until supply lines restored.