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  1. That's some sort of socially isolating behaviour right there! I'll get my coat
  2. Oh, and for those missions have the auto save use intelligent nomenclature: "pre-flight", "in orbit", "on trajectory to the Mun", "On approach to target object", "Proximal to target" etc. to make replaying sections easy (and even recommended, E.g."would you like to try that last manoeuvre?")
  3. What could bring inexperienced players into this game? "A commercial flight option": in a career game let the player build a "cubesat"-type payload, a craft constrained heavily by both weight and dimensions, and then they pay for it to be put into a specific type of orbit, for a price. The pricing mechanism could deliberately be near-parity to building your own at first, but deviate significantly over time to encourage a player not to rely on it. The computer then uses a stock ship for the payload weight, and runs on (an optional) auto pilot to demonstrate putting the payload into space, up to and including inter planetary manoeuvres/docking with existing infrastructure etc., but the player can take/relinquish control at any time.
  4. Cross-posting from the other challenge: 5 seconds to land, intact, on the VAB from the launchpad:
  5. I am pleased to present my non glitch-based submission @ 5 seconds:
  6. I think the second bounce was probably more of an impact then the first since it was less of a glancing blow, but unfortunately beyond seeing that the g meter maxed out, I can't answer your question. I'll make sure I F3 next time...
  7. I've done something like this before... Now I "just" need to add an ability to take off again...
  8. @Petabyte If the core techniques (KAL glitch, k-drive) of that challenge are still valid for this challenge then I'm pretty sure I could actually land a less "explode-y" vessel within a few seconds of my previous best but somewhat "explode-y" time.
  9. Ummm... Sorry about that
  10. I believe in setting the bar high: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIFEEM5JecE Technique: a combination of thrust glitch to enhance the cannon thrust, air brakes (though as you may note they don't actually finish deploying before the craft has reached the VAB), and the "secret sauce" which is a kraken drive deceleration. The craft was controlled via action sets. I think this counts as 3 seconds, though it is actually quite hard to tell...
  11. In the light of the (hopefully unlikely, but this is only partially written in jest) potential for many of us to have an increased amount of time on our hands in an isolated environment, this is a proposed series of "git gud" challenges across a range of disciplines to stretch even experienced players in areas you might not typically use, and additional challenges are invited and welcomed. Build and fly an SSTO to the Mun and back Undertake an air launched Jool 5 mission (whereby the first "non reusable" stage when released from a carrier aircraft must have Kerbin TWR <1) Perfect a "proper" helicopter (with side facing tail rotor stabilisation) and take a Kerbal on a tourism trip around the mountains near the KSC Create a Duna exploring drone to investigate two separate biomes and return the data to a manned return vessel Undertake a physics exploiting, but non cheating) mission to Eve and back (e.g. k-drive, negative engine refill, drain valve exploit, ladder drive etc.) Individually I believe all these challenges have been proven viable already on this forum, but I will submit an example asap. In the meantime I hope that everyone and their friends and family remain safe and well.
  12. I would be very impressed by a single digit part solution to Laythe and back... but it may indeed be possible.
  13. Glad to have you on board, and thanks for your entry! I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that the first entry is an SSTO, but it undoubtedly qualifies, and is a very good looking effort too! If any other SSTO come in, then I'd be happy to separate out the scoreboards for those. Excellent work! I look forward to seeing how you can complete, or if there are any iterative improvements you can make: 8+8 for both mission and rescue ship is within the rules, and 16 parts in total is a very credible first entry once your mission is complete!
  14. Due to an ongoing strike in the "hammers and welders guild" over conditions in the SPH/VAB (something about trucks constantly driving in a reckless manner through the workshop, apparently), the KSC has called for mission proposals which requires the fewest number of parts to be joined together. Two missions are planned: to Minmus, and Laythe. Both must be manned by at least one Kerbal, and both require surface samples (or in the case of Laythe a proven ocean sample may be substituted if desired) to be returned to the lab for testing. You are invited to submit your simulated mission results for one/both targets. Rules: Stock (+DLC) only parts please No physics abuse (including ladder/Kraken/drain valve drives) or excessive part clipping Mission must deliver a Kerbal from Kerbin to the target surface and back to Kerbin Number of parts is as defined in the VAB There will be a leaderboard for each mission, ranked by number of parts used. In case of ties, the lowest (launch) mass solution will take precedence. Per the official requirements for submitting, here is where a minimum of 42 parts has already been proven...
  15. Also: 2011: "Fly to another planet?!? How is that even possible?!?" ... 2020: "Getting to Duna is super easy, barely an inconvenience"