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  1. does anyone know how to chance the cost typ in the tech tree from 'science' to funds or specific science experiments? like: crew report from launchpad will unlock basic rocketry node or: 1k funds instead of 5 science will unlock the node thank you!
  2. Dear kerbonauts recently i heard something about putting relays on 'rail' by editing the safe file and not touching them again. to make sure they don't drift. and your com net stays nice and divided in orbit. so i went to my safe file and changed something. where i thought this would make the orbit circular and at the specific hight, it did... nothing. maybe one of you can help me this is one of the crafts i am talking about. i want to make a system with 3 relays. because i am going to duna soon and it wil have some high warp speed i was hoping i can put the relays all in exactly the same orbit so they don't drift over a long period of time. so in sort which values do i need to change? what do they mean? (in not rocket scientist language) thank you
  3. this is probably just for me, but maybe someone can help me with this RAT is what real planes use when they have total power failure. its a small windmill that generates ec for the most vital systems maybe some good code writer can help me write a code that turns a small air intake into a generator?
  4. I have been using this for a while and it is a heart mod for carer mode! but i have just an suggestion: add add a branch with missions that require some more skill like landing on the launchpad after, flight, suborbital flight and orbit. you can start this in early career mode with missions like: land close to KSC and use the stock recovery system as an paramater(more that 80% return up to more that 95% return) just an idea do with it what you want
  5. Noud

    [1.2.1] RLA_Continued 14.0

    it works just fine on 1.3 with me if you want to get rif of the annoying message when launching make you make your .version look like this "VERSION": { "MAJOR": 14, "MINOR": 0, "PATCH": 1, "BUILD": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 3, "PATCH": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION_MIN": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 0 }, "KSP_VERSION_MAX": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 3, "PATCH": 8 just a few numbers but is does the job
  6. i agree some form of life support should be stock.. but i think it more for balancing reasons. the life support mod i used are great but the only thing is that they can become extremely messy in combination with other mods. if there was 1 stock life support system it would make it a lot more manageable in my opinion. But i think squats focus should be more on a complete career overhaul as the core game is great but the career mode is seriously lacking
  7. i would like to see a upkeep coast mechanic.. i imagined it like this: - every craft has a daily operations rate based on part-count or something, - kerbals have salary based on their lv, double when on mission(danger money is a real thing) - upkeep coast for KSC based on lv now i hear you thinking you never make that kind of funds with contracts but see here a solution: - Space tourists! build space station -> put tourists in there -> get daily funds - sell unwanted space craft to competitor for instant funds - satellite network supplier, get fund for suppling 100% network coverage on x planet - build mining operations (their is a mod for this but) mind gold on not kerbin, fly back get funds. (this would be awesome if it could work in the back ground)
  8. i think it is some kind of bug... all my planes rovers or anything moving over ground turns slightly to the right.. tried everything but nothing worked i could not even get the most simple rover to drive in a strait line on a lv3 runway, or grass near ksc
  9. Noud

    Mod bunbles

    well i'm not updating to 1.3 anytime soon... [edit] let the mod hunt begin
  10. Noud

    Mod bunbles

    hi all, i just have a question if Mod bundles exist? and if so where to find them? with mod bundle i mean one click mod pack that contains everything that fits together and don't require you to download a lot of mod individually? i like to upgrade my KSP to 1.3 and i like to start a whole new career with mods that make it feel like a new game. but i don't like going trough all the mods again and mix and match until i'm happy. sometimes it feels like i spend more time looking for mods than actually playing the game.
  11. well the adapter is not the fuel tank, the problem you have is with the fuel tank. it is made like that so is does not look like it is hovering under the part it is attached to... very good example of the same effect is the mystery goo. those feet are clipping into everything you attach it to. so it actually looks attached.
  12. try to use that engine on the fuel tank you did before.. pretty sure it has the same 'problem'
  13. so you mean the tank and the engine are clipping together? because that is done on purpose to make it look smooth