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  1. modular girder segements that work like strut connector(drag and attach from poit a to b) and with radial attachment options MK2 body with more fuel, its now just a mk1 with lifting surface, there is room for more IMO(i change the .cfg for now, but still) wings that have a top and bottom(small amount fof lift without being at an angle) rotate docking port after docking. missions and career mode integration (missions as contracts for starters), new repair contracts are step in the good direction More kerbal pilot skills: hold horizon, hold altitude, hold speed(i u
  2. this is suggestion is really good in my opinion. i personal don't play sandbox mode, only career. as otherwise i have no idea what to do in the game. for me i play career, gather science and do contracts, but what then? after i gathered enough funds and science. I end up in a sand box anyway. the game does not really encourage me to do much more. thats why i also like you idea with the "achievement tree" is gives you some form of "Boss fights" where you have the satisfaction of beating the final boss.
  3. Community Tech Tree is "just" a tech tree mod which expands the normal one and moves a lot of parts around, apart from that is has a boat load of empty nodes for mod makers to fill in. if you only use CTT without any other mods you will hardly notice any difference other that all the empty nodes in the tech tree
  4. haven't played with the sock TT for a while now, but i did not really give much thought to the specifics, but more like Proof of concept and if you use CTT the "most problems" with the tech tree are solved for me so. but from a learning process... if i had to learn how to play KSP with CTT. i probably had a far less pleasant experience, the stock tech tree does rush a bit but from a new player point of view that is OK to me.
  5. really depends on the mods you use tho, mods that only add parts usually don't break anything. but mods that change game-play or any other mechanics, well just hope for the best i guess
  6. I'm not really good with that, like I always set the rule for my self to not use the debug menu. but every time my craft run out of ec because they removed the alternator from the engines. batteries used to recharge while the engine was running. not anymore.
  7. As an experienced KSP player, rushing trough the tech tree by harvesting minmus for science feels like cheating to me, now you can say: just don't do it then... or decrease science value but wait wat if there was an extra difficulty option in the tech tree: Kerbal Road blocks we know that the game keeps track of all you achievements, like if you have landed on the run or not. what if we put this activity tracker to good use, instead of just offering different contacts. the road blocks will automatically unlock when you preform the specific task. and then you will be able to spend y
  8. I think minmus is "hard" enough as it is. but I get it, once you learned the trick it is not hard at all. IMO it is like this: 1- Kerbin, you learn to orbit 2- Mun, you learn to aim for moons with the right inclination 3- minmus, you learn how to get the right inclination 4 duna, learn to aim for other planet with the same inclination. and so on, each body becomes more difficult the further you go away. and from a game standpoint it is really well done.
  9. yes, we need this, although you can do this with mods, I use this one: https://spacedock.info/mod/1019/Kramax Autopilot Continued is has a boatload of other features, but I mainly use it for stetting pitch and roll to a set number.
  10. use the scan sat mod, it will allow you to make biome maps of the planet, it is very good integrated with the tech tree. it will make you actually work for the benefits of a biome map. I like it it even offer contracts and science. it is a must have mod in all my career play troughs edit: typo
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