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  1. Is plock ever going to be made to look like Pluto, or will it stay looking like an artists conception from pre-New Horizons?
  2. Is there any chance of getting this glorious mod on CKAN? I feel like it would attract a lot more people to the mod, which in turn would allow more people to enjoy it, and possibly even make this the go-to planet pack for anyone who feels limited by the small size of the stock system.
  3. Oh dear god this is beutiful... your mod outclasses OPM my SO MUCH.
  4. Solar panels are jacked up now, what happens in the new update?
  5. Thanks! It makes me happy to know that the best planet pack and best gameplay mods will work together in the future!
  6. Out of curiosity, is this Comunity Recorce compliant? (I wanna install my old mod pack)I want to be able to get my I-E and MKS crap off your planets.
  7. For me the glitch happened about a week ago, but all was well on doing the work-around.
  8. Will never die unlike a certain ape... Same thing happened to me, but it was en route to minmus and decided to go full reverse. Just do the work-around on the front page and it will be fine/hyperedit back to were you were.
  9. Using MJ to land at the KSC is the best way to land on the italy-shaped peninsula ~200 km from the KSC.
  10. Can I get an example mks/HX ship? I have no clue as to how to build these.
  11. I was just on a mun encounter and all of a sudden it became not an encounter. What give? this is the only mod I have installed.
  12. Pro tip to all who wish to do anything with the outer planets, if you slap a base on Minmus (provided you have EL) you can colonize the outer planets baisicly for free. also, power cell-convert o tron is recommended because minmus gets too far from the sun for anything to function, and I doubt you want to micro a reactor for 80+ years until you are close enough to kerbin for a shipment of fuel.
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