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  1. I don't understand how to install GemFX lol and there is no tutorial on youtube
  2. I've only Astronomer's Visual Pack and it ran well before i installed ReShade. It is constantly locked on 30fps, it goes down no lower I'll try GemFX
  3. ReShade works but my ksp is running at 30fps, i've a gtx 1070ti i think it is enough powerful
  4. [1.3.X] KS3P

    Hi, thanks for this mod it's very cool but i'd like to change the shaders to make ksp looking like this can you show me how to do it ?
  5. Wow it's very cool, is there other shaders ? I want my ksp to look like this but i don't know how he dit it
  6. the problem is that the side where it is day will become darker
  7. Hi, as you can the dark side of the earth isnt really dark Is there a way to get it darker ?
  8. How can i download the mod for 1.2.2 ? I can't find previous versions
  9. [KSP 1.3.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.63 "Godspeed"]

    It's seems to be ok but the game doesn't start, nothing is happening while loading gauge's full, no crash, no starting game
  10. [KSP 1.3.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.63 "Godspeed"]

    why did you deleted the all-in-one file ?
  11. [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    Will you had city lights or can i add them manually ? Edit : will you add* i'm french and was tired because it was 6 am
  12. More Wallpapers

    If only KSP looks like this... Mine : Mods : RSS/RO, RVE, Space Shuttle System My laptop isn't powerful enough and i'd like to try with E.T.O. This Christmas i'll buy a new computer
  13. [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    Wow very nice mod ! I'll try it now What will be the next features ?