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  1. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    Hi, are you working on volumetrics clouds ?
  2. Hi, as you can see on this screenshot the limit of the atmosphere isn't very smooth So i'm looking for someone who could tell me how to get it smoother ( maybe with scatterer but i've already tried to configure it as i'd like but i don't find the good setting )
  3. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    GemFX doesn't works for ksp 1.2.2, the game is blocked on loading screen
  4. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    God thx for that little Gemfx's tutorial it works now !!
  5. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    I don't understand how to install GemFX lol and there is no tutorial on youtube
  6. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    I've only Astronomer's Visual Pack and it ran well before i installed ReShade. It is constantly locked on 30fps, it goes down no lower I'll try GemFX
  7. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    ReShade works but my ksp is running at 30fps, i've a gtx 1070ti i think it is enough powerful
  8. Deplaisant

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Hi, thanks for this mod it's very cool but i'd like to change the shaders to make ksp looking like this can you show me how to do it ?
  9. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    Wow it's very cool, is there other shaders ? I want my ksp to look like this but i don't know how he dit it
  10. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    the problem is that the side where it is day will become darker
  11. Deplaisant

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    Hi, as you can the dark side of the earth isnt really dark Is there a way to get it darker ?
  12. How can i download the mod for 1.2.2 ? I can't find previous versions
  13. Deplaisant

    [KSP 1.4.4] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.73 "Warpspeed"]

    It's seems to be ok but the game doesn't start, nothing is happening while loading gauge's full, no crash, no starting game
  14. Deplaisant

    [KSP 1.4.4] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.73 "Warpspeed"]

    why did you deleted the all-in-one file ?
  15. Deplaisant

    [1.3.0] Andromeda Visuals: Daydream [0.3.5]

    Will you had city lights or can i add them manually ? Edit : will you add* i'm french and was tired because it was 6 am