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  1. Hmm, maybe you are using another more developed antenna, in the description of higher tier antennas there is something like "advanced pathfinding algorithms". It worked fine when I clicked "Require complete"?? on my only extended antenna and stopped doing science. Like one percent-wise. KSP always amazes me. The physics and gameplay are developed so deeply and functional but the" workflows" sometimes seem a bit off. Like doing science > general control. And when doing science drains all your electricity you cannot stop it except going EVA. But I guess I just have to learn much more
  2. Ah, got it now. There were 2 problems. My Lab on Minmus was flown there by a pilot which I later rescued with an unmanned Probe (Flew there with 1 Scientist and pilot in command pod --> Switched the pilot to unmanned vessel and 2nd scientist to lab on my 2nd tour to Minmus) It seems you have no connection to Kerbin when there are no probes / pilots controlling the station. So every time I want to transmit science a scientist has to go up to the command pod and boom I have connection. My Mun station had the Problem that scientific research takes a lot of energy which ate through my batteries at the dark side of the Mun. So my station comes out to the sun again but the research immediately burns the generated power. --> leaves no energy for my antennas for a connection. But the funny thing is I couldn't stop the research because there was no connection. But as soon as I EVA'd with my Scientists it worked
  3. Would have been a great idea to tell what antennas I use... On every relay there are 1 or 2 HG-5 antennas (the first antenna you can research in tech tree). While on my Mun / Minmus stations 5 HG-5 antennas should be enough to connect to my relays and transmit science (I guess I wanted to be safe when I build that Lab) What's BUG?ging me is that sometimes the connection between relays and stations seems to work and sometimes there is no green line between them. Plus how could I fly to Minmus with an uncontrolled probe? My tracking station is fully upgraded if that helps.
  4. Hello Guys, can anybody tell me why my Science-Lab-Base on Mun can't get a connection to my Mun-Relays? I have 3 Relays with an AP/PE of 3.5M km in inclinations of 90° so they form a kind of "sphere". But as you can see in the picture, the relays connect to each other, other relays in Orbit of Kerbin and Kerbin itself. Just not with my Lab on Mun. I am pretty sure the problem doesn't result from missing elektronic charge because even when the sun shines on my base and panels generate charge + full batteries I cant transmit my science. Because of that I am not able to transmit science from a lab on Minmus too. I could fly an unmanned probe there, transmitting data even worked once! but suddenly there is no more connection. Now my scientist stacked up 600+ science at the lab. Transmitting that amount would eat through my batteries at half way so is there a way to transmit the science part by part? Maybe I just don't understand the logic behind relays though, KSP mechanics can be confusing sometimes... Here a screenshot of the situation https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33155557/DSC_0006.jpg.html