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  1. harrisjosh2711

    Let pilots be able to land a ship.

    I would like it if auto landing were only enabled within a certain distance of a player landed vessel, especially in career mode. I think a stock trajectories should be added. While it's possible to land near your vessels once you get the hang on non-atmospheric planets, it's darn near impossible, even for a veteran, to try and land something on target in atmosphere without a mod. One positive aspect I see in Auto pilot is that it would lead to a better understanding of how its done in the real world. For example, I've never been able to bring a ship accurately down on duna in a ballistic trajectory from interstellar space. Which is how every mars landing has taken place, correct? I need to bring extra fuel along, circularize, line up inclinations, then use the, god sent, trajectories mod. Best not get your hopes up. We just now got a DV calculator. How in the world can anyone do anything without knowing their delta V?
  2. harrisjosh2711

    Making a jet engine

    You just need your hierarchy set right in "unity". You'll need a sort of pivot point, could be an object or empty transform. Then place the part of the engine you want to gimbal as a child of the pivot point and insert name of that pivot point into module gimbal. You don't need any animations or what not, gimbal is coded into KSP.
  3. harrisjosh2711

    8 seat mk3 cockpit pod - how to

    U need to pull the IVA up in unity and add transforms for the kerbals. To my knowledge I cannot be done with just a cfg. edit.
  4. harrisjosh2711

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Been playing around with BDA for the past few days and got the itch to fly one of these bad boys. Almost got her ready for unity. Now if I can just stop myself from making anymore parts and actually play with it.....
  5. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    If anyone wants to take this mod up PM me. I have no plans on updating it further. I'd like to say thankyou to everyone that followed, assisted, and inspired me during the development of Kerbalized SpaceX. Without you this mod wouldn't exist!
  6. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    Everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been able to follow through with promise to have the mod updated yet. I will get it done. I decided to take summer classes this semester, so I walk away with two degrees instead of one. I've had to study eight chapters of managerial accounting since 5/11, while also studying for my GMAT & CFA level 1. The accounting exam is Monday morning, but that's only the first portion and, I have several other classes starting at different times throughout the summer. I wish there was enough time in the day to throw KSP into the mix- I'm neglecting enough as it is. Video games, in general, isn't aligned with my current goals. I will still get this updated- but its Saturday: I have two chapters of accounting to study, a date, and not enough time as it is. I'm going to start trying to put at least an hour a day into this until I get it updated.
  7. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    I'm going to delete the TAC stuff and do module manager patches for the life support.
  8. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    I didn't make any major texture overhauls to the BFR or anything. I think all I said I was doing was making the fin smoother? Which I did, but lost the files when I accidently deleted my dev install. I think I saved the Unity files- I looked briefly; but man, I have something like 32,000 files associated with this project. I will try to look for the export again before I update the mod. But, my main concern is to get everything up to date. If I would have kept my GitHub up to date- this wouldn't have happened. But hey, we live and we learn.
  9. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    Thanks! I do not presently have plans on any block five overhauls. Ill keep it in mind if I do add any content in the future.
  10. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    When my textures got converted to .dds it hammered the quality. I'm going to convert the textures you see the most back to .mbm for now.
  11. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    Sounds like a collider issue. I will get it fixed today if there is a problem.
  12. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    All the docking ports are compatible with the stock clamp-o-tron, besides the big ITS pod with the circular windows- Its compatible with the jr..
  13. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    I'll start working on updating tomorrow after I get a good nights rest. I don't have that config but ill try to get It included.
  14. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    Thanks a lot! Exams are going good this far.
  15. harrisjosh2711

    Kerbalized SpaceX

    @eskimo22 have you seen @Alcentar's BFR? Its stupid awesome!