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  1. There really is no competiton is why people are still coming to ksp. Though aged, its still fun. Consoles play a large part in this as well. Which leads to my next argument. If you cant afford pc gaming, which is notoriously expensive, buy a console. I really dont want to argue about it because i understand u guys point of view. Im just giving you mine. We are simply on opposite sides of the fence as my pc is ready for next gen gaming. Call it me being selfish if you wish. I paid alot of $$$ for my system. I expect games made in 2020 to use it. Also, for those who cant buy new hardware, KSP1 is still in active development. If you want to play the newest games you're going to have to upgrade. It stinks, but it is reality.
  2. @Incarnation of Chaos im not particually worried about take 2 monetizing ksp2 so long as its worth it. Ever other game i play allready has, and it keeps development going for games that would have long been abandoned. I mostly was just highlighting the fact that there is a vast difference in business culture between the two organizations. But, if you want ksp2 to succeed like ksp1- who is still growing in popularity after a deccade, the graphics cant look twenty years old. Which they will in a decade if they are on par or just slightly better than ksp. Ksp is a very old video game that can run with an intergrated graphics card. No modern game can do that. Totally agree. But ksp2 will die out within 3-5 years if its graphics look 15 years old, imo.
  3. I get that. I guess I haven't played enough on my new system to hit that "slideshow" yet. I certainly did on my laptop. I see some people on youtube and it takes them something like 5 real seconds to one game second..... And I'm like. "How can you play like that?" With that said, I feel like many people aren't giving squad the credit they deserve. A decade later and we are still getting free content. Once take 2 takes full control those comets gonna be $5.99. Music pack $2.99...... They all say its not gonna happen.... Then it does.
  4. Well of course, but thats any video game. I dont think most people build 800+ parts ships. I downloaded that just to test my system. I feel your guys pain though. My laptop slows to a crawl playing ksp, and it shouldn't. With that said, no amount of optimization is going to make a vast difference if your pc stinks.
  5. That isnt true. Above i've posted a picture of a 800+ part ship running with the clock green. I will not play a game if it lags. My hardware is all new, but not top of the line.
  6. I can understand that. Performance drove me crazy before I switched from a gaming laptop to a liquid cooled desktop. Hence, I think heat was the primary bottle neck because my laptop will still play all the modern titles. This ship is over 800 parts..... no lag.... Since performance is not an issue for me. I couldn't justify $60 for interstellar travel and bases. I can get that with mods. Im working on a gigantic base in my current game. And im very happy with the modded textures. That's just my personal input. Ksp seems to have a large # of players using aged hardware, so perhaps that may be the target audience. Though, the amount of development still being put into KSP1 makes me question that logic.
  7. Ksp is almost a decade old. And the graphics show it.... No way im paying $60 if ksp2 doesnt look better than my modded ksp1. Which looks like this. I have a mid range system that run me about $1300 and that space station does not slow my game down.
  8. Mostly finished up stage 1 of the mun base. I plan on making this one a monstrosity. Time to start drilling for rocket parts. Loving the new inflatables from pathfinder.
  9. Good article if you make it past the first paragraph. The author kinda creeped me out fantasizing about "kerbal orgies".
  10. Alot! Began building my Mun base today. Crane dropped a small rover onto the surface and found a nice flat spot. Got lucky too, one of the new terrain anomalies is in walking distance. The AUNR II (All U Need Rover) in transit to lunar orbit. Mun Landing. Landing all the inflatables for the base. Gently dropping the second stages down as they still have around 1/4 tank of fuel that will come in handy. The fuel tank knocked my storage over in this pic. Luckily I quick saved. Im weary of the landing legs jumping on load. Built a new 10 passenger SSTO capable of non atmospheric landings. Took me awhile to get it right. I take off from Kerbin with about half a tank and rendezvous with an an enormous space station I 100% cheated into orbit (Mainly to see how well it would run on mysystem. It ran amazing!). Dropped Bob off for a little stay, refueled and then set off for the mun with all my engineers to begin building. Before setting out on the three month mission. Jeb took a moment to enjoy the view from the stations zero G capula. I began building the base....... And..... It blew up, killing bill. Better luck tomorrow.
  11. Im under the influence that spherical/dome shapes are the most effecient. A very important factor when attempting to colonize a planet. Of all regular polygons with equal perimeter, the one with the most sides has the greatest area. A circle has a greater area than any regular polygon of the same perimeter. A sphere has a greater volume than solid figures with the same surface area. of all circular segments with the same circumference, the semicircle holds the greatest area. "Pappus wrote that through instinct, living creatures may seek optimal solutions. In particular he was thinking of honey bees, noting that they chose a hexagon for the shape of honeycombs—a wise choice since hexagons will hold more honey for the same amount of material than squares or equilateral triangles."
  12. Good point. Not a big issue for me. Kas 2 with a few mods and i can fix them right up. Assuming the colonies arent in preset locations.
  13. Planets and lighting looks cool. Im not personally digging the colony aesthetics. I was imagining more dome structures than high rises.