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  1. I would need to know the operating cost of the elevator to make any kind of real financial analysis. It isn't just a one time cost. Thousands of technicians, mechanics, & engineers would need to be employed and trained. Constant maintenance would be required, daily inspections, etc. I imagine a scenario where the elevator is shut down months at a time for repair, closed more often than open. The ultimate money vacuum if you will.
  2. I think it would be useful in ksp1. Ksp2 will have self sufficient colonies and space stations, from my understanding, where you can build, etc. Since we can build anywhere im not sure what a space elevator adds, other than the cool factor. Perhaps it could be a gate way technology but it would become mostly useless the moment a space station becomes self sufficienct. Also, while the idea may seem cool. Who really wants to spend 10 minutes mindlessly watching something ascend into space on an elevator? Maybe once.... And if it practically just loads you in space than we allready have an elev
  3. Speak for yourself. I've spent days in the deserts and mountains of gta v doing nothing but bicycle stunts, base jumps, motorcycle jumps, plane stunts, etc. I like cyberpunk 2077... but the only thing there is to do is- drive from point A to B and kill said enemies. It was fun for two days..... if I hadn't played gta v so much already I'd crank it up and give a real game a go.
  4. I like the idea and am a bit sad to see how dismissive alot. I do find it funny.... alot of the people i see talking "magic" are the same who argue kerbals dont need food and water to survive..... sounds like magic to me.. On a real note, there is actual historical implication supporting this. For 800 years after the fall of rome the art of making concrete was lost. Concrete is technology. Its discovery and re-engineering was a pinnecal achievment that assisted in propelling humanity foward into the modern age. I could literally go on an on. For hundreds of years, still even to this day,
  5. Go into the main menu options and check what resolution you're playing at.
  6. So, about energy production.... i know those solar panels arent the only thing running the place.
  7. Built the booster for my new lander. Flew around kerbin and did some carrier landings. Also built my first helicopter drone. Working on resizing the parts so i can build a true mini drone. Tested the new lander on a mission for minimus and mun landings with a kerbin return without refueling. Does this count? Lol this thing could still fly.
  8. Made a jet inspired by the Grumman X-29 and played around awhile. I spent forever barking up the wrong tree trying to get my crane arm on my Duna lander working perfect. I'm pretty inexperienced with the robotic parts so it was worth the time. Oh!!!! And I found out you can take a screen shot while paused!!!! WHAT!!!
  9. It is kas. I built the rover and crane a few weeks ago and just got around to finishing it. I cant recall if there was an issue with connecting in the editor.
  10. Picture time line of my first trip to Duna playing astronomers visual overhaul. My Comm satt around kerbin.
  11. I was genuinely interested in the research from a marketing standpoint. (Im working on starting my own business).If its statistically proven id enjoy reading it. Forgive me for being skeptical. I've just heard the opposite. I do believe the general consensous is people dont enjoy spoilers. For the most part because it strips a person of their right to decide for themselves. What i do believe is that there exist an optimal balance where customer engagement is greatest. How long does the general customer even engage with a game they are advertised? Not long, if at all. You have about 30 seconds
  12. Hummm... Could you link such a study. Im under the influence its quite the opposite. Here is a quote from a study... "This research suggests one explanation for why spoilers suck: They remind us that a story is just a story." This relates to how our brains blurr the lines between fiction and reality. Moreover, TV shows and movies go to great lengths to protect from spoilers. One of the Fast n furious shot in my town surrounded its self in storage containers stacked over 100 ft high. GOT shot multiple fake scenes and endings to avoid spoilers. last, KSP2, on the steam store, has ZE
  13. This comes down to personal preference and common deciency. I personally have only seen a few planets in ksp1. So from my perspective, as someone who swings towards realism and discovery, revealing all the planets destroys a large portion of the discovery aspect of the game. As for the engines i couldnt care less.... like you said, this is a sandbox game.... you can choose how you want to play it.... just dont ruin it for someone else based on ur playstyle.
  14. The last time i seen it discussed by @Nate Simpson was before the delay, so that certainly could be a possibility. I dont know enough about game design to answer that question confidently. Perhaps someone else will chime in.
  15. @mcwaffles2003 I suppose it doesnt. I think they planned on finishing ksp a year BEFORE the next gen launch.... which we all know didnt happen. @The Aziz Perhaps they will make it optional. Though, i wouldnt consider it a necessary launch feature. A version for next gen gaming would be amazing! I for one am a bit perplexed they chose last gen specs. But... Im guessing it makes perfect financial sense from take2's perspective.
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