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  1. Speaking of parachutes, I think I'm going to try and make one for the v2. In the mean time, ill make a collider(for the next update) that will fit better with the pod. That issue you were talking about with them sinking in slightly is because I have twelve sided collider and forty two sided command pod. As I'm sure you can imagine, those faces don't line up exactly even.
  2. I finally got the IVA to spawn! I have no clue what the issue was. I relented and started up a new unity project. As long as the first project will just keep putting out the V2 I'm good. I by no means have any interest in resetting all those transforms. It has twenty two just for the engines and RCS. I think its possible to do in blender, need to learn how to do that. Ill start doing some IVA stuff tomorrow.
  3. Did some work to fix some of the shading issues that arose with the new windows on the V2. It will be in the next update. They are at-least as good as they were before the window swap now. There are still a few minor shading issues caused by the RCS ports, but it honestly doesn't bother me enough to fix it.
  4. Every time I try and spawn my IVA I get this error. I know the model exist because it works in the game. Anyone know some type of fix for this? Thanks! I can spawn other thing IVA's and props. I have spawned this IVA before, although, it was a different version of the IVA.
  5. I've tried all sorts of things. I have put it off for the moment I have a hundred things to accomplish besides sitting here accomplishing nothing. Its bothering the crap out of me though. Perhaps, ill try again 2 morrow. I'm going to work on the ITS system and maybe start a re-texture of the V2 IVA tonight.
  6. Its a set of tools you need to create new parts in KSP.
  7. I also have the IVA ready to be set up but I cant get my part tools to reset so I cant spawn it in unity and add props.
  8. I'm trying to reset my part tools so I can spawn my IVA but I cant seem to figure out how. Could anyone please help? Even when I load up an old scene where I have an IVA spawned the part tools table is still empty? I meant to put this is modeling and texturing discussion.
  9. I also made it capable of being flow unmanned, because the real dragon can for 1, and because of the docking port you cant put any type of probe core.
  10. @ChickenBot448 Its compatible with the stock clamp-o-tron.
  11. Considering SpaceX launched a falcon 9 up to the ISS today. I felt compelled to release some kind of update.
  12. You can now download the new V2 at the link of your choice.
  13. Oh, I cheated a little, but the RCS will be working great in "I,K" directions next update. Ill release an early up-load for it on my GitHub at some point.
  14. @Jasseji sorry, its going to be part of the pod. It has a nice little animation to it though. The heat shield is no longer part of the pod. It will now come with the a re-scaled version of the one in KRE.
  15. Almost finished re-vamping the windows on the dragon v2. Still a few little things to do. This fixes the ugly window issue. Obviously, the docking port is almost finished as well.