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  1. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Strange. What other mods are you using, things that would effect electricity: like kopernicus, dynamic battery storage? I just checked an un-modded game an electricity is functioning properly. My mod doesn't utilize anything but the stock module for electricity so I don't think my mod is causing this. I'm running further test on a heavy modded game then ill update. Using a lot of mods I am experiencing an issue but I'm not sure what mod is causing it. I'm going to need some pictures or something before I believe my pods are the only ones being affected.
  2. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Yes sir! Ill get right on that...........
  3. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    @RaiderMan Thanks! good to be back. Sure did, since I'm a modder I even got the collectors edition. It includes a top node for a decoupling tin foil hat!
  4. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    If you have plenty of fuel to return than you should try seeing if you have enough delta v for 200 or even 250 tons. On a technical basis, have you taken into account that the bfr uses methalox fuel which has an entire different density than rp1? I haven’t really looked into the density of methane but I believe it’s less dense than RP-1 meaning you need more tank space to carry the same amount of fuel. i suppose what it comes down to is I KNOW the BFR is currently far to overpowered. But you are telling me it should be more powerful? I just don’t get it man. I understand that according to the size of the tank there should more fuel but if add more fuel I only make the problem worse. So in mind any suggestion to change the fuel has to included changes in thrust, isp, & dry mass as well. I mean, I designed the thing from a cylinder. I drew it’s textures. I tested and wrote it’s configs. I balanced it. Nobody knows this bfr better than I do. In all honesty I don’t get much time to actually play the game but last time I flew the bfr the only thing I could think of was I need to figure out a way to nerf the power on this thing. if anyone thinks the bfr should be more powerful put in a word for eskimo22. If you agree with me and think the bfr could stand to loose some power just don’t say anything and let me be in peace please do click like if you are as tired of this same old conversation as I am. I find myself repeating myself over and over saying the same thing but somehow I keep expecting an different outcome....????? Thanks man! At the moment I don't have a heat shield for the 2.5m dragon sorry about that. I will keep that in mind in the future. I'm a little fuzzy on the direction this mod is currently headed so I cant give any specific details but I will do something to address that.
  5. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    I know how to stack a stock tank to estimate fuel levels. Is that what you are doing? I told you the fuel in the bfr is unrelated to its size. But related to delta v. You are giving me fuel numbers and not twr and delta v. Can the bfr launch with 150 tons payload and that much fuel in the current configuration??? How far will it go with that amount of fuel? You must not have enough fuel to land and launch from the mun without refueling in orbit. You must only have enough fuel to land on duna when leaving kerbin orbit with full tanks. If I put that amount of fuel in the bfr it won’t pass a single one of those checks. Answer these questions while you determine what the fuel should be. The only way I can do what you want is to downscale the bfr until it’s fuel amounts match it’s size. That’s not the direction I chose to go with mod. Im pretty sure this is the fourth time I have tried to discuss this with you but you keep coming back with the same thing? You won’t have to worry about the fuel numbers in the real scale stuff. The tanks will hold more fuel than a stock tank (call it fuel density).
  6. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    I will check those numbers out soon. Sorry I looked over that.
  7. Didn't his rocket then blow up on the launch pad killing almost everyone involved?
  8. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Yes CKAN will do this. That sounds cool! Not sure what fuel numbers your talking about though as I haven't received anything from you that I know of. When and how did you send it? I will certainly check them out- I wont be able to work on the mod again till this weekend though. I hope I have time then, Its a very busy semester at school.
  9. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Re-structured files- must do a fresh install of mod, Retractable falcon heavy radial decoupler, falcon heavy interstage decoupler(2 versions), falcon fairing & fairing base, Side boosters for FH(2 versions), FH nosecone. Ill post some new picks from the new update shortly on the first page. The download sites already have them.
  10. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    Yea spacedock has been down since I came to life today. Ill put the links back up on the first page and you can download from curse if you are installing manually. If you are installing CKAN you will have to wait until spacedock comes back online. I closed the thread because I was working on my own website. It got held back due to funding issues and now do to sheer laziness. I opened this forum back up because thanks to the new falcon heavy launch on Feb 6 the number of users to this mod has vastly increased, so I figured it only fair.
  11. Ksp need to fix the performance

    @Starman4308 very good explanation. I meant to say something about the uniqueness of ksp. I understand that this isn’t something that has exactly been done before, the only thing that comes even close I can think of is flight simulator. Ksp is without a doubt a tremendous accomplishment, that goes without saying. I guess a good way to express my thoughts is move the studio Into a fully industrialized country and give development of ksp over to someone like Elon Musk and let’s watch what happens to it. Word I heard is squad pays 2400 a year. You sir seem like a highly gifted and educated individual. Would you go work that? The conclusion I came to was there was a lack of talent at squad. Because I’m just an amateur modeler and I couldn’t work for that lol.
  12. Ksp need to fix the performance

    I thought I would leave it up to the professionals as I have always thought something was going wrong in the coding in KSP. This is for the console version which I feel is even more relevant as generally console games are ported to run efficiently on systems unlike computers where hardware varies so widely a single optimization cant be made. "The framerate is also wildly inconsistent, especially when performing manoeuvres in space – even in the zoomed-out map screen the framerate slows down noticeably upon turning on the throttle, and with particularly complex ships the game struggles even on the launchpad. Sure, the physics engine must use up a lot of the PS4’s power, but these constant slowdowns are surprising considering that its graphics are very basic: the surface of most planets look very low-res even from far away, and the admittedly-cute Kerbals are in need of some anti-aliasing with all of their jagged edges." http://www.pushsquare.com/reviews/ps4/kerbal_space_program_enhanced_edition Lets just be honest. KSP was made by a small studio who obviously didn't have the most experienced coders in the world.
  13. Hi there, 
    I'm currently using your mod and really enjoy it, but I seem to be bad at building a good Falcon Heavy since the rocket sideboosters seem to go into the main core in the VAB.
    Is there a possiblity that you could send a ship file for the VAB of the Falcon Heavy?

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      Well I don't have them as a ship.file for the VAB

      oh and to the landing with the Boosters, I want to do it more synchronised, I saw many YT- Videos where the fly and land simultaneously


    3. harrisjosh2711


      I said .ship I meant .craft. what you mean right? I mean I tested that the craft files were working before the update and they are. Not much I can really do for you since you installed via CKAN if you would like to do a manual install I would be happy to walk you through that. Its simple, to install paste my gamedata folder into the same folder as your KSP gamedata folder and wala. To delete open up your gamedata and delete the JNH folder. 

      Before that make sure that you have "include stock vehicles" checked in the settings.

      As to returning both boosters simultaneously you will need to learn programming. Those people are likely using KOS.



      I see, well thank you for the help 

  14. Newest release of kerbalized spaceX now available.

  15. I like it! I like it a lot! That's an awful big fairing up there. Should the stock falcon heavy have a real scale fairing?:D