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  1. This project specifically, is a great way for young people to learn about investing, financial assets, compound interest, etc. They will no doubt need these skills more than rocket science even if their chosen profession is rocket scientist. You cannot buy anything without knowledge of the financial system. And they need to learn this quick. Universities now prey on the fact that students have easy access to loans. here is some excellent advice I'd share with every young person. Put $5,000 a year, starting at age 20, into an ira for 10 years, until reaching age 30. In total you invest 50k over 10 years. Let that money sit until retirement. You will be a millionaire. Finance is the bedrock of society. Learn it and you win. Ignore it you lose.
  2. Interest in my kerbcoin is exponentially higher on Twitter than in the ksp community. These people are driven by greed. This scenario is exactly what I want to avoid. Everyone who contacted me had their own idea (that was usually illegal) or wanted to become and early investor. Please watch this 13 min TEDx speech to understand that crypto is about bringing financial services to the masses. Its so much more than a currency. The moment I start doing this for greed will be my downfall. You have to believe, to accomplish.
  3. Waiting on the parts to get my server node up and running. Luckily I have a 1tb hardrive lying around. Really should be an ssd but it should work. I have 4 pc's im going to try and keep 3 of them on the network, plus the dedicated server. I really need some security advice, please. Im rather 'ignorant' in that area. Even some advice on what I should search for would be helpful.
  4. This is hilarious! Its only 3 minutes. Check it out.
  5. I'm atleast glad you let me know. I doubt kerbcoin will be the release name. Changing the name is two commands. The ticker is two lines of code. (One for the test space and one for the real). Its only used for an identifier on the exchange. In any case, if this some sort of accusation that my coin is karbocoin. I will hunt you down for an apology when I release the source files :), as soon as tommorrow. (Maybe, I worked around 18 hours on this yesterday. Only slept 4. Little tired and physically hurting from sitting awkward.) You aren't going to find my coin online atm. Its still in alpha and I do not want anyone getting my executable, mining unreleased coins, and obtaining a majority share. Ideally, I wouldn't allow mining until after the beta. It is very important to me that the coins are distributed in a highly decentralized manner. I will destroy the blockchain before I allow any whales to develop. That goes against everything im working for. I'd love some input on the math end from any of you guys that love numbers. A good ole debate about inflation and deflation is high on the list of priorities. If anyone is interested in inflation, etc.
  6. The reason i love and believe in this community?? Your guys work inspired me. You showed me that I had long been underestimating myself. When I started kerbalized spacex I had owned a computer for about a year and knew only ms word and ms excel. Seeing what you guys created challenged me. I opened up those tutorials and within two days released my first command pod. It wasn't pretty, but it was MINE! I had to learn 3d modeling, texturing, scripting, animations, countless softwares, etc. I was proud of myself. I would have never done that if It weren't for you guys. You helped me believe in myself! My profile picture is that pod! Hopefully u can see how much it means to me. It would T total awesome if it were possible to land on duna and mine some kerbcoin lmao!
  7. lastly, the use case of this coin (why its a currency) is intended to allow modders to monetize themselves. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but if we dont monetize ourselves, someone else will monetize us. In fact they allready have. I imagine a hosting website in the future, that I have by no means finished its business plan. Hence I will not share it at this time. If you have ideas I would love to hear them!
  8. Also. Me offering to give this away is by DEFINITION a gift. Its very rude to criticize a gift even if you don't appreciate it. I dont know of any culture off hand where that's acceptable. Generally it's highly insulting and selfish. Me personally, I'd far rather a gift that comes from someone's heart rather than $10. That $10 isn't buying more than two coffies. Im giving you something that could buy you a ticket on a spacex rocket. There's a catch though. It wont work if you guys dont participate. Its happened before (dogecoin). Those guys were comedians not serious. You guys around here are intelligent, serious & compassionate. We are the winning team! I'd have taken this to Twitter if I felt otherwise. The one post I did leave had 'get rich quick' types with endless illegal ideas filling my inbox. This isn't no get rich quick scheme. It requires work, communication & collaboration. and just and fyi. You are the only people that know about this project. I've kept it secret so you guys get all the first coins. Another argument is by creating this i can give back to so many more creators. Sure I could give 20 guys $10. Wow big deal. Or I can spend a week of my time working my body and mind to utter exhaustion to create something that could make 10000 people millionaire's. FYI, I will destroy you if you try and become a billionaire off my coin. (Joking in a very serious way)
  9. Other than criticize my idea. I'd love to hear how you guys imagine a digital currency should work. I'd be happy to share the algorithms from the code for u check out if anyone's interested. Of course my source code will be available once i have decided on the final name and purchased the web address. If i shared the real name now no doubt someone would go out and buy it before me smh. At the end of the day. For me, it felt really cool working on code written by the legendary satoshi Yakamoto. Whoever the person (or persons) is, is undeniably a genius. @HebaruSanthe entire idea of it being for donation is solely to give it a use case. People are more likely to fall behind the idea (cough--Elon Musk, follow his twitter) if they see its meant to genuinely accomplish a good thing.. The only issue is, Elon will not support a crypto thats too concentrated. He wants it distributed among the people. "The peoples currency" he calls it. The wealthy spend billions marketing to create value. With social media allowing near instant wold wide communication, we dont need to spend billions to engineer value. We only need hope! Who wouldn't want to help a bunch of guys who create free content so others can learn and enjoy their lives?
  10. @HebaruSancrypto to me is a revolution. At what point in history could normal people band together under a common goal and create value? I still look to the doge community. Their joke coin helped send the Jamaican bobsled sled team to the Olympics, built wells in Africa, and handed out free clothes to the homeless. Everyone thinking this is all about money and electricity is wrong. If you joined kerbcoin hebarusan its potential for success would increase a few hundred fold.
  11. Karbo? That is a kerbcoin wallet. The answer to ur question was unique ports is how im sure my coin isn't confused with litecoin. Which its based off. How much waste does fiat money produce? Does it not take paper, cotton, or even plastic? Does it not need to be printed with inks? How often does it need to be reprinted? Does all this not come at the cost of electricity and pollution? Nothing is perfect. The best decision is therefore the one which helps the most people. I would argue a little electricity and gpu power is nothing compared to the waste of fiat money. But.... I know digital currencies seems scary. But the entire world is going digital. People dont go to the movies. They dont shop at the mall. We live in a digital world. But yet..... digital currency is just too radical huh?
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