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  1. @DarthGav ScanSat is causing that crash for you. It's probably best if you uninstalled that mod for now because v20+ is known to have issues. Btw, do you happen to be using the 16k texture pack for RSS?
  2. Those file paths are very wrong. I would suggest starting from scratch with a fresh copy of KSP and preferably using CKAN to install RSS.
  3. @linuxgurugamer I've fixed that particular issue in RP0KCT here. The code is so heavily refactored by now that you can't just cherry pick that commit and thus need to find the correct spot in legacy code manually.
  4. Try redownloading CBK. The latest version had an issue at first but it was fixed a few hours later. If that still doesn't work then please try reverting to the previous release.
  5. No, the release version of RP-1 still uses the KCT that is maintained by @linuxgurugamer. This is subject to change in the near future though. The issue above is most likely caused by a bad RP-1 install. The most likely culprit for @ALIO11 is missing CustomBarnKit.
  6. Well, the changelog does say the following: Redistribute part of the huge First Scientific Satellite advance between other contracts. Because planes can take a long time to build and it gets especially bad if you manage to destroy the first one. The contract also has a rather substantial penalty for failure.
  7. RP-1 Realistic Progression One v1.6 for KSP 1.8.1 Note: Postpone updating to this release if you have an ongoing career where you haven't accepted the First Scientific Orbit contract yet. Doing so could possibly leave you with a lower than intended sum of rewards from contracts. Changelog from Previous Version Contracts Improve contract completion requirement info Slightly reduce the amount of contract completions needed to reach higher tier sat contracts Make 'Experimental rocketplanes' contract conflict with the other X-plane High contract as well Increase the 'Break the Sound Barrier (Crewed)' contract deadline to 3 years Add additional hints to sounding rocket contract descriptions (#1296) Split the 'Commercial ComSat' contract into 3 separate contracts based on orbit type Rebalance the rewards for most satellite contracts Remove randomness from a lot of the satellite contracts Redistribute part of the huge First Scientific Satellite advance between other contracts. This brings the advance down from 425k to 250k. Add new 'Advanced Biological Suborbital Experiment' contract Parts Add compatibility with new SCANsat release Move the TD-339 from Early docking to Early landing Move F-1B to NF Orbital Rocketry A lot of engine price fixes (see #1290 and #1309 for full details) Move KIS mountable container to same node as its mount (#1306) Add support for the new ROCapsules Mercury (#1294) Add support for the new ROCapsules Gemini(#1302) Add support for the new ROEngines XLR99 (#1312) Remove all "generic" tanks (#1293) Move Procedural Battery to Orphan node to prevent it from being used (#1293) Rename 'Separate Structure' tanks to 'Stringer' tanks to avoid confusion among new players (#1293) Removed tech requirements for being able to put water in a tank (#1293) Fix Scud engine configs (#1311) Other Remove the CareerLog FundsChanged() logging that got spammy in certain cases Rename the 'Interplanetary Probes' tech node to 'Early Interplanetary Avionics and Probes' to better align with others Add tooling preview button for KCT Reduce VAB/SPH upgrade costs from 1M to 650k Fix kOS upgrades adding mass (#1301) Overhaul the Procedural Avionics UX Improve first load crew retirement dates dialog Update the loading screen tips (#1313) CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed for this release! @Capkirk123 @siimav @RCrockford @HebaruSan @norcalplanner @lpgagnon
  8. Make sure you have all the ROEngines dependencies installed. Specifically take a look at B9PartSwitch.
  9. @sqreNicolai Yes, that sounds correct. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- RP-1 Realistic Progression One v1.5 for KSP 1.8.1 Changelog from Previous Version Contracts Fix floating point issues in payload contracts by requiring 0.01 less than stated Add soft cooldown to 'X-Planes Low' and 'X-Planes High' Increase the FO advance to 75k Round FO and FSO reward amounts Change uncrewed Lunar landing deadline to 2 years Add explanation to FSO contract that it does not properly complete in Kerbalism Geostationary sat contract pay more than Tundra Improve completion count info in contract descriptions Greatly lower contract reputation penalties Split the Orbital Recovery contract into 3 separate contracts with increasing difficulty Add repeatable orbit contracts for all planets Fix 2.4 times lower than intended rewards for some planetary orbit contracts Fly-by contracts that were gated by Mars are now gated by either Venus or Mars Parts Lower ORM-65 entry cost to 1 Add SM tank upgrade information to the tech tree Fix tech tree positions for Balloon tank upgrades Move all the Separate ROTanks parts to the starting node Add part configs for ROEngines Extended mod Add ECMs to Science Cores Fix Balloon tanks ECMs so that unlock cost is shared Add training for ROC Gemini Add tooling support for ROTanks procedural probe cores Move Cavea-B to the same node as bipropellant RCS Fix tooling for ROTanks SM Move ETS Apollo Solar Panels to the correct node Make unbalanced parts non-RP-0 Tech tree adjustments for Kerbalism parts Add support for ROCapsules CST-100 Add support for a lot of new ROEngines parts Better unlock cost for ROC gemini RCS pack Fix RD-253-Mk3 config Docking port unlock cost tweaks RSB + KK SpaceX pack avionics support Add more Agena Configs Fix Rutherford configs Fix RS2100 configs Other Various improvements to career log Improve the on-screen messages in ModuleUnpressurizedCockpit Fix untooled vessels losing progress with KCT edit Fix procedural Science Core MaxControllableMass being calculated as Infinity, not 0. Add training course name to ModuleShowInfo in part picker dialog Add GeneralAviation training category for all the subsonic cockpits Fix Spaceplane training configs Short training times show hours in RP-1 UI Add workaround for KRASH not reverting game state correctly. This should mostly fix crew trainings not completing after a very long KRASH sim. Ensure that maintenance funds are deducted at least daily Add maintenance cost to all crew training courses Double the death chance when a crewmember has passed out from going over the cockpit service altitude Improve part tag texts Rework how retirement dates are calculated (read more at #1271) Rework R&R calculations (read more at #1271) Add retirement No-Later-Than value to GUI Update loading screen tips CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed for this release! @lpgagnon @siimav @leudaimon @glilienthal @Capkirk123 @lukecologne @Haukifile @DRVeyl @Standecco @norcalplanner @smartdummies
  10. It's a Scatterer bug:
  11. Also I would suggest installing KSPWheel if you haven't done that already
  12. This does work in 1.8 with RO: Unfortunately it doesn't have RP-1 tech tree configs yet.
  13. @mcwaffles2003 My guess is that either you didn't install RP-1 or you installed the version that is meant for KSP 1.8+. Nevertheless we aren't actively supporting KSP1.7.3 any longer and thus you should follow the 1.8.1 install guide instead.