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  1. Try downloading the master branch from here: And the 1.8 branch from here: If you don't know how to install mods directly from GitHub then please refer to that page:
  2. @Rhavoreth The entire wiki is full of useful information.
  3. That depends on the KSP version. 1.7.3 needs to install the SmokeScreen-RO from CKAN; 1.8+ requires the regular SmokeScreen entry.
  4. Maybe that will give you a hint:
  5. Just throw them together as they are related to the same area of code.
  6. You should probably log an issue on GH about it though. I'm not sure when I would actually have the time to take a look at the code and fix the issues.
  7. Because RP-1 depends on a ton of other mods being updated to 1.8. One of them is Kopernicus which only got 1.8.1 update ~3 weeks ago.
  8. @HawkEngineer @linuxgurugamer This should fix the issue with Research Bodies mod mod.
  9. Huh, never knew that there are mods that actually create new KSC facilities.
  10. Procedural Fairings v1.8.1 for KSP 1.8.x and 1.9.x Recompile for KSP 1.8.x and 1.9.x Fix texture paths for a couple of parts
  11. 1.2.x saves should be mostly compatible. However some of the early game contracts were changed so it's possible that those could cause issues. It might be a good idea to do a separate copy of your install for the 1.3 version. This way it would be possible to test your existing save and if there's issues, then you could just continuing playing on the old install. Oh, and make sure that KCT is updated to the latest version. The X-1 cockpit part that you unlock in the first supersonic flight node is limited to 30km. However the second supersonic flight node contains a PartUpgrade that costs 5000 funds and allows the cockpit to go up to 75km. Going over that limit means that the crew will slowly asphyxiate, pass out, and eventually die.
  12. RP-1 Realistic Progression One v1.3 for KSP 1.6.1 and 1.7.3 Changelog from Previous Version KCT Add airlaunch configs for KCT Set initial build rate to 0 but 2 KCT upgrade points are available at game start (1 for VAB and another for SPH) KSCs without any upgrades allocated won't get maintenance fees Launchpad cost overhaul; cannot be upgraded any longer Runway facility level and cost overhaul Reduce the 3rd AC upgrade cost Contracts X-Plane contract overhaul Add soft cooldown to XPSS contract Slightly increase the reward difference between low and high speeds for XPSS contract Increase the reward for Crewed Records, Crewed Karman & Crewed Suborbitals Unlock First EVA contract with any EVA-enabling tech Make the Lunar Impactor contract more reliable First Space Station Contract - change the required crew from 4 to 3 so it can be completed with Salyut 1, the actual first space station. Improve displayed titles for contract requirements Avionics Add Science Core avionics type Add a readout of the avionics Controllable Mass in the PAW Kerbalism integration for avionics, including background resource handling Allow configuring stock resource handlers or Kerbalism for a loaded vessel's avionics during Flight Prevent other mods from toggling non-toggleable (non hibernating) avionics Procedural Avionics best effort length rescaling for target utilization Crew Improve ModuleUnpressurizedCockpit and allow altitude threshold configuration ModuleUnpressurizedCockpit now incapacitates the crew before killing them Reworked cockpit service ceilings (WW2 cockpits are limited to 16km, X-1 to 30km or 75km based on upgrade) Add Crew Training for Spaceplane cockpits Mission trainings can be retaken before the previous one expires Crew retirement & inactivity calculation fixes All 4 starting crewmembers are now pilots Don't show retirement message for killed nauts Parts Add ROEngine Agenas Add new XLR11 configs to the tech tree Add spaceplane cockpit ECMs Add support for ROSolar & Ring Decoupler from ROTanks Add Support for ROE RD-0210 and RD-0212 Add the ORM-65, RD-1-150, RL10-C and XLR43 support for ROEngines Add support for ROEngines RD211/215, RD-211, RD-215, RD109/119 Fix the cost of the RL10B-2 Remove experiment ECMs from 20in probe Add the SNAP-19 RTG to identicalParts Move the 1.25m Crew Carrier to the next node M-1, F-1B price fixes Add EngineLiquidTurbo tag to Nuclear Engines Add new NuclearRTG tag to fix too high of a Nuclear penalty Add support for the new ROTanks Procedural Probe Cores Sample Return Capsule fixes Increase the mass of some probes by 0.9kg to account for Barometer part being 0.1kg instead of 1kg Update ECMs and costs for unconfigured or improperly configured engines. Other Fix exceptions from RP-1 UI Fix NRE from MaintenanceHandler when not in career mode Update Loading Screen Tips to reflect recent changes and provide more emphasis on things like TestLite, Kerbalism, RealAntennas, and the RO mods Preparations for TexturesUnlimited Support in ProcParts Add DragCube debug info to PAW, enabled via Aero debug in console CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to everyone who contributed for this release! @lpgagnon @MikeOnTea @DRVeyl @pap1723 @siimav @Capkirk123 @Brummi1234 @norcalplanner @RCrockford