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  1. It would certainly help to not have an RP-1 version that is outdated for 7 months now. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-1/pull/2237/files
  2. @Ooglak Kerman you can add to AcceptContract to prevent it from failing a contract that is already accepted. Unfortunately it's one of those new attributes that aren't documented in the wiki.
  3. Your install is brokem. Please follow this guide for installing RP-1: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-1/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Express-Installation-for-1.12.3
  4. @mnbvcxzWhat you actually should do is update RO to the latest version. It has a fix for the issue you encountered. @gilflo That's how it's supposed to work https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/blob/83f59f14add1d98d27e50e5d327c293e5a83d799/GameData/RealismOverhaul/Engine_Configs/LE5_Config.cfg#L199
  5. @linuxgurugamer I created a revised version of default shape configuration here: https://github.com/B9-Procedural-Wings/B9-PWings-Modified/pull/24 As you suggested - it's now global instead of per-part.
  6. No plans. That would be a horrendous amount of work.
  7. @texashopkins Issue is fixed in the latest ContractConfigurator release.
  8. v2.9.0.0 What's Changed Fix incorrect cc.req.CompleteContract.cooldown in localization by @IO5 in #33 Fix Rendezvous Parameter check not honoring disableOnStateChange=false by @IO5 in #34 Fix ArgumentNullException when using Expression and OrbitGenerator Behaviour together by @IO5 in #35 Make usage of expressions in Contract Requirement possible by @IO5 in #36 Fix vessel not getting dissassociated on contract completion by @IO5 in #37 Fix HasCrew crewOnly attribute throwing harmless warnings by @siimav Full Changelog: v2.8.0.0...v2.9.0.0
  9. @linuxgurugamer Sent a couple of PRs your way: * https://github.com/B9-Procedural-Wings/B9-PWings-Modified/pull/22 * https://github.com/B9-Procedural-Wings/B9-PWings-Modified/pull/23
  10. v2.8.0.0 What's Changed Add more math and orbit related functions by @IO5 in #32 Full Changelog: v2.7.0.0...v2.8.0.0
  11. v2.7.0.0 What's Changed Fix fake failed parameters breaking on tracked VPG vessels. by @siimav in #30 Fix Duration getting reset when wrapped inside Orbit by @siimav in #29 Add update frequency attribute to parameters that rely on polling by @siimav Don't clobber loading screen tips when RP-1's installed by @NathanKell Update build actions to strip excess dlls by @NathanKell Full Changelog: v2.6.6.0...v2.7.0.0
  12. @Toaster355https://github.com/KSP-RO/RSSTimeFormatter
  13. Bad install most likely. What the error is saying is that you're missing a part with the name 'BioCapsule'.
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