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  1. Origami Steel Fleet

    So this an extension of my Origami Steel idea. So you follow that thread's instructions and just build and post HERE. Must fit in a mark 3 cargo bay and be airbreathing. Extra points for SSTOs!
  2. The Truth Can Now Be Told - who's Kracy

    I hate those conspiratorial truth-ignorers.
  3. Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    Go, Detroit Origami Steel!
  4. I know about that mod but @CobaltWolf is such a good modder and Zubrin's Nuclear Salt Water doesn't have a mod yet.
  5. Origami Steel.

  6. Origami Steel.

    Well you can fit more on deck with this method And can I have a link so I can see it? Hopefully they catch on real quick on the forum til we get a plethora of convertible planes.... Or like @Avera9eJoe's Cessna on his YouTube account.
  7. Origami Steel.

    You always must push the frontier with KSP or else it gets boring fast.
  8. Origami Steel.

    It's less of a 'is it cheap, viable, easily used?' and more of a 'does it work. Yay it does!' @selfish_meme. In short not a discussion on viability, simply a challenge to get it to work. But you do make a fine point there. I am beyond words. Well, almost...
  9. Origami Steel.

    So, lets build a plane. Stock. That fits in a mk3 cargo bay. A jet, naturally. So the wings MUST fold. Say they tilt forward 90 degrees and then move back flat against the fuselage. Then it moves on powered wheels. I know. It's absurd. But it's a challenge. Get building!!! Any suggestions, @Azimech and @selfish_meme? Because you two are good at building hinges stock. Is it even possible with ksp physics?
  10. @CobaltWolf Can we have Project Orion and Zubrins NSW?
  11. [WIP] OMICRON - Space Car, Parts Creation.

    Love it, @Climberfx! +1 Rep.
  12. Smallest SSTO Challenge

    What about an SSTO with only 3km/s dV on launch?
  13. The Truth Can Now Be Told - who's Kracy

    @purpleivan Moar now!