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  1. KerBlitz Kerman

    Really Really Really Tall Building

  2. Can you make this use the stock texture switcher implemented recently? Or is firespitter superior?
  3. [Get's on knees and begs] Please 1.5 . Please! P.S. I apologize if i'm annoying you.
  4. Will be taking pics of the Apollo 7 cm tomorrow at our local museum and videos with of Skylab button sounds tomorrow plus sr71 training simulator pics and p40 trainer when at our local flight museum tomorrow. Any photo requests of a specific component of those?
  5. KerBlitz Kerman

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    You ask for change. Now you only Zimbabwean Dollar Change... Give me 100000 dollars for a new pc....
  6. KerBlitz Kerman

    My Simpit Project

    @Krewmember I have a cousin who is selling on ebay a David Clark intercom- I believe this it Anyhow he is a actual pilot, and if you could find a way to integrate that intercom into your system, I could see if i could get you a discount on it. That way you can run the speakers at full strength and still be able to talk!
  7. KerBlitz Kerman

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    We foster Shar-Peis. We work with NASPR to help dogs find a home. However, sometimes we won't put him/her up on the website, we'll just adopt them, which happened to him. That poor guy was dropped in someone's truck at the age of six months in Walmart. We've had that sweetie for eight years now....
  8. KerBlitz Kerman

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    So this last 7 days has ************************ sucked. So let's recap. I strained my wrist a week ago. Two days later I got stabbed by dozens of sharp things for a allergy test. Today my 8yr old Shar-Pei died. Also today my great great uncle died. AND WE JUST GOT INTO SUMMER TOO!!!!!!!! Hey, you forgot me
  9. Just realized what autocorrect did to my previous comment. WOW GOOGLE. Even Microsloth is better. Anyhow @richfiles, I remember you asking about the Sony Sobax render on Linus's build with Dennis. It's from Unigine Superposition. At just after 25 seconds.
  10. KerBlitz Kerman

    My Simpit Project

    @Krewmember If I were to run this RPM emulator, would a RasPi 3b have enough computational power? And does it work by sending data to an IP, then accessed by a second computer, or over a USB link with the data precompiled by KSP to a display controller? I appreciate your work greatly! EDIT: Why don't you sell panel mountable units with buttons to either a.) a manufacturer or b.) at a premium? Just for hardware noobs....
  11. You might need RSS just because you have those keys!
  12. On Donald Trump. Somebody would get fired tho
  13. KerBlitz Kerman

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    Waiter, there is a fence by [just got] Trump [ed]
  14. KerBlitz Kerman

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 3075: You are pushed off a cliff into 3076
  15. KerBlitz Kerman

    [WIP] The REAL Nav Ball Project Thread (2017 Edition)

    I wish you the best of luck, @NeoMorph.