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  1. Looks to be 3 axis AI (Attitude Indicator) for under a hundred USD!
  2. Apoapsis, periapsis, speed (rotary switch for rel. Target, Orb, Sur,), radio/sea level altitude (dual mode).
  3. Does anyone know what to use for 6 to 170 volts if I want to drive a nixie in12 of a 74HC595?
  4. It doesn't really need to add that. maybe lock this one and create a one.
  5. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Then his you would have wasted a corruption.... I wish I had money to burn (lots)
  6. Kerbal Control Panel - Mk II

    Now all you need is a Razer sticker for your controller... For the necessary MX switches on the controller... or
  7. Make Richfiles the new operator (if he is fine with it) as he is here most often.
  8. This DSKY is incredible...
  9. Guys, if you want a Nixie tube clock, hurry ends on Tuesday the 27th!
  10. Can @Krewmember's project for a RPM style simpit monitor be done using your library and @zitronen's two way Arduino communication plug-in? Just curious since it would simplify and accelerate his project which would be incredibly useful for simpit builders.
  11. What do I want with it? A retro keyboard of course! On a more serious note can I get some MX switches for it and then adapt the keystems or are they plain incompatible? Could you do a job with epoxy and a modern keystem plus the older one? Could I take a 4 way joystick, cut off the handle, then put a 3d printed DPad on top and 4 tactile buttons with a nice heavy feel, wire it to a cheap keyboard controller as arrow keys for camera angle relatively easily?
  12. Could I adapt the socket to a USB or maybe if I can find an adapter PS2 or is the way the keyboard 'speaks' a completely separate language?
  13. Would the mac be suitable for stripping or just use in a build? Also, is the keyboard a windows compatible one with some molding?