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  1. Can we get the folders for all the STOCK engines/RCS. Some people are known to damage KSP? (I Mean me)
  2. I want a procedural tanks thing for each size and as you get higher tech level you can increase size and cross section max size.
  3. I still support this.
  4. @Casualnaut The idea is to make you be *forced* to do that and then they keep their manufacturing infrastructure which let's you buy from them in the future. Say there are destructible factorys all over and when you blow one up (aka krash into it) you have to pay for it. If you refuse bye-bye company. You can also donate to companies for rep and to keep them alive. But you could go for the rockomax probe cores instead of probodyne. Say, FLOOYD Dynamics I'd think of as important due to the fuel lines and fairings. But also Found By The Side Of The Road has no manufacturing and is unlocked normally. What about buying out other space centers!!! And you can then launch from 'em??!! Something that makes administration let us do that would make people actually enter it.
  5. Me too! I'll just canabalize my rocket aaaaaannnd.... An Power rig, drill, pod, and ISRU. Infinite LS, missiles annnnnnnd... Goody, Goody! I found Zombie killing Microbes... launching... [Zombie apocalypse over]
  6. Houston we have a pr----em What is a Prem? T-- -O2 fi--er h-s fai--d What is Faid? 10 Minutes later The Krew of Kerpollo 31 have mysteriously disappeared, analysis of conversation has kaused NASA to skream: WWWHHHHHHHY!!!!!
  7. @Mikki Moar now!!! Don't be another @TheEpicSquared
  8. Victory and anything else would be bad for your ego.... has anybody built Val her KARMAS??!! KillerAutomatonReapingMannedAero-Stuff. It's a thing she can deploy mid flight capable of serving as an escape pod or an tethered support or even can be dropped in mass to annihilate enemy tanks. Cues @drew m's hostile AI idea for KARMAS
  9. This mod looks incredible! I'm almost sad I am almost 6002.85312 Km from home or roughly 3730 miles (even though I am American, metric is way better) off on Maui.
  10. YAY! Thank you @Rodger!!!
  11. I mean by a large triangle on the end of the stripe ending the Mk2 Stripe
  12. No streamlined stripe end?
  13. Adapters going to the Mk2 should have the stripe end not continue on to Size1/Size2 fuselage. Here are examples: Squad already did this one: Engines to, especially panther/whiplash. Also white fairings/black fairings too please, if you will... Thank you so much for this mod!!!
  14. Need a way to toss my trashcans 'High Tech Vehicles' off an asteroid. I tend to take my rovers to Pol (via HyperEdit) for testing and if they can handle that... Rove! [We need more forum emoticons in the form of satellites, rockets, planes rovers], otherwise back to the Drawing Board. Fun Fact: 10.98% of my rovers survive and only .009876% (of total) of my rovers survive and graduate their 'test drive'... Yeah my rovers have a very short lifespan. All my rover are filled with 40+ RTGs and pollute Pol. Thank goodness there isn't a radiation mechanic...
  15. Aircraft carriers. Docks. VAB Helipad. Polar Launch Facility. Under Water Launch Facility. Rover Test Facility.