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  1. Granted, but there is no room for anything aboard and nothing can be added to the outside. I wish that Titanfall|3 was created in lieu of Apex Legends
  2. Granted, but now u can never sleep. I want the rtx 3080 design to change
  3. I am in agreement with you. Everybody at my school HATED it. Granted, but then you accidentally warp 10000 years into the future because somebody added more time warp setting... On the leftmost side of the time warp panel! I wish that someone else would follow this thread so the number changes....
  4. Holy crap is that sci-fi? Just one thought, maybe be a bit more explicit about it being a neural interface. It feels like the content of an Asimov book, but a different writing style (which is good because while Asimov wrote some very amazing books I feel like it's an exercise in futility to understand them). Please keep the friendly bickering (or rivalry). Seems good! EDIT: by ocular muscles do you mean ocular nerve?
  5. Very much precision but I prefer me old technique- start 'a talkin' first an' think 'bout watcha said afterwards. Intelligence is overrated.
  6. I hope, to spare @KSK's sanity, he doesn't try to write one for KSP 2. Mind you, if its half as good as this one I'll still shower him with rep, but seven years must have taken a toll. So thank you for finishing this story, even while it was 7 years in the making.
  7. An unburdened African or European 'kilogrammer'? I wish for sleep.
  8. Yes. I resent this!!!! (You succeeded in your deviousness @adsii1970) Python is a terrible language, I prefer Lua
  9. Very good points, but I think that they'll (the staff) be most concerned about radiation (that is, if they add life support). This could be minimized with shadow shields. although it'd make docking an.... experience. *EDIT: By 'experience' I mean a royal pain in a spot that is very well known....
  10. I think I've read some of your books....

  11. Ramjets would be nice, but probably similar to the j58 with a attachable axial compressor. I'd love ta have a scramjet in stock, but its not necessary like a ramjet
  12. granted, but then they all kill you i wish for From the Depths to be released eschool to end
  13. granted. then it bricks your machine. i wish for edgenuity to begone forever (its a bad eshool platform)
  14. I once asked for something for ultra-advanced KSP players: something to add in rules of economics. Too many missions completed? - market for missions falls and you have lower level missions for a while. Using too many of the same part? - That part rises in price, and has a higher chance to fail, lower g-load resistance and such. This would be due to sloppier production to meet increased usage. These are but a few examples of what this would entail, however it would clearly be for more advanced players than myself. Edit: I feel we both are asking for different parts of the same thing: more economic realism.
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