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  1. You just made an error on the word 'translation', instead spelling 'traduction'. I want to know why that was the first thing i noticed.
  2. Restock, maybe even restock plus. Also, a utility that is optional but tells you what mods are on each .craft file so if you want to uninstall one, you know
  3. MAS requires the ASET Avionics pack and the ASET Props pack. Many (but not most) of the props from those two packs have MAS equivalents. If you're asking about the IVAs that alexustas made (the Mk1-2 command pod, the ALCOR lander), no, those are not supported by MAS. Those IVAs were created for RasterPropMonitor. So are you saying that RPM and MAS conflict, or just that MAS doesn't interfere and/or replace RPM modules? I'm just curious about whether I can add MAS to my game independent of RPM or if they'll conflict.
  4. I know I'm building a Vought V-173 with this. I've been to the museum that has it, and wow is it a cool plane.
  5. @Angel-125 is there a reason why you don't use stuff like OPT Space Plane? Also, for some reason, I think that while your exteriors are great, the interiors are fabulous, almost beyond the game you're playing. I'm surprised you haven't made your own interior mod yet though.
  6. Raster Prop Monitor or A.S.E.T. IVA control panel upgrades. Especially stuff like cameras. Please just make it possible to play in IVA only. And also if you could build in VR headset capability you could pilot a premade ship in IVA
  7. I just want stock Raster Prop Monitor, and cockbits like what WBI can offer when ASET is installed. But I doubt we'll get it.
  8. Guys, am I alone in saying I want a version of kerbalx in ksp 2 and look forward to moar details. Also, Danny2462 should be bug tester/finder
  9. @Starwhip, I have a team doing FTC. Would you recommend cream steering?
  10. Then somebody does the nice thing and kills you fast and painlessly so life is less of an issue. I wish Danny2462 bugtests KSP 2