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  1. Who needs KSP 2 when you got KSP 1.... No, that doesn't represent my own views. When KSP 2 comes out I will buy it. This is just to head off the inevitable disagreement.
  2. Granted. After the universe dies. I want to sleep at night
  3. Granted you drift under a bus wheel. I want a CNC mill
  4. Granted- but they're only better for certain people. Thus they're the opposite of what you need. Oh, and they're darkened so much they're unusable. And unremovable. I want to get some sleep before I go to school.
  5. Granted. Instead a herd? of humans runs over you in their stampede to get to IKEA for the newest chair. I wish for a less pessimistic realistic view of humanity.
  6. Banned for banning someone on basis of word choice
  7. Granted- but when you try and buy ammo you're sent to jail. I want KSP to have more realistic economics regarding part costs.
  8. It doesn't. The next day you are sent on a long trip... Via a railroad. You survive, but the train doesn't. I wish Raster Prop Monitor wasn't abandoned
  9. I can, so you lose! You said the letter nsla not the letters nsla. And the same for the letter Duc part I want this thread to stop harassing my grammar police instincts.
  10. You just made an error on the word 'translation', instead spelling 'traduction'. I want to know why that was the first thing i noticed.
  11. Restock, maybe even restock plus. Also, a utility that is optional but tells you what mods are on each .craft file so if you want to uninstall one, you know