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  1. Hello @linuxgurugamer I am hesitant to write this but I think others may also be having this issue. I had a problem getting TACfuelbalancer to work while using CKAN. I have been having trouble with this mod (Click Through Blocker) since starting a new game with the latest expansion. @Tonka Crash figured out what my issue is. @Craig D I think I found your problem. What versions of KSP do you have set as compatible versions in CKAN? The latest version of ClickThroughBlocker is restricted to 1.5.1-1.7.2, but the older version you have is listed for 1.5.1 and later with no upper limit. You need set CKAN to see mods released for older releases of KSP as compatible or you run into problems like what you are seeing. I have 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 all set. If you haven't set these CKAN will only install mods explicitly listed as compatible with only 1.7.3. Please don't make me go through spiel about how most mods for 1.4 or later work fine in later versions of KSP. There was at least one other person in that thread where CKAN was only using 1.5.1. The only way I could get your mods to work was to manually install the latest version of Click Through Blocker. I hope this is helpful, I am not trying to add to the noise. Thanks, -Craig
  2. Hello Tonka Crash, You are a rock star! That fixed it. Honestly I don't know how long I would have gone before figuring something like that out. I did not have any of them clicked. Once I clicked on 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 I then saw the correct Click Through Blocker in CKAN. Thank you very much for the help! -Craig
  3. Hello Tonka Crash, I really hate to ask this next question. For adding the file to DropBox it will only let me invite someone through email. I know DropBox change a bit last year but I have not used it for a while. Am I supposed to know an email address to invite? With that said, I am wondering if this is a CKAN issue. Here are my versions. KSP 1.7.3 CKAN 1.26.2 (says that is the latest version) Click Through Blocker - It says it is the latest version. It also says Max KSP using mod version - interesting Toolbar Controller Toolbar TacFuelBalancer 2.21.4 Today I am only getting a message about updating Click Through Blocker when launching the program. Thanks again for the help, -Craig
  4. I launched CKAN and it told me I should update the TAC fuel Balancer so I thought maybe this has been fixed. I removed both the balancer and the (manually deleted) Click Through Blocker. I should have left it alone. I don't need this mod where I am at currently. I will do what I did above tomorrow to fix this. I then launched CKAN and loaded Click Through Block and TAC fuel Balancer (trying to avoid having manually installed mods). Now when launching the game it told me both TAC fuel balancer and Click Through Blocker are out of date and suggested I update those mods. Which I would only be able to do manually so I will skip it for now. I don't know where the CKAN forums are, maybe I should move my discussion to where that thread is. I know they have an old and new forum but did not spend enough time after that looking for the correct one. Maybe I will figure it out tomorrow at work. So just a heads up, thanks, -Craig
  5. Hello Tonka, TLDR - the Toolbar Controller fixed it once I manually downloaded Click Through Blocker and put it in the game folder. I have been reading these forums for a couple of years and have been fearing the day I needed to find my "log" for something like this. It took me a while and it was in the last place suggested %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\output_log.txt. So you are using CKAN. Does it load the correct version of Click Through Blocker? Mine always loads the old version and during booting it ask if I want to download a newer version. When using the old file, I see a lot of errors in KSP.log showing a Click Through Blocker error. Here is my fix: Manually install latest version of Click Through Blocker. Then launch CKAN and load Toolbar Controller and Tac Fuel Balancer. Now the mod works as I remember it. Do you still want to see my log? I have now found it but I don't think it will be helpful now. Thanks for the help, -Craig
  6. OK now that I read this thread I am starting to understand why I am having an issue. I am back playing KSP after taking about a year off. I was glad to see this mod pop up as compatible in CKAN recently. I have downloaded this through CKAN and it does not require click through as a dependency. Knowing this is a linuxgurugamer maintained mod I had CKAN add ClickThrough and the toolbar. Every time I added ClickThrough with CKAN it always told me the ClickThrough was old and it would ask to update. End of the day, this is what I have tried: 1. Download Tac Fuel Balancer on its own through CKAN. This does not work 2. Using CKAN install the Blizy Toolbar, ClickThrough, and Tac Fuel Balancer. This does not work 3. Download ClickThrough manually and then using CKAN install the Toolbar and Tac Fuel Balancer. This also does not work. I have been trying this for a bit now. No big deal. Does anyone have the trick to getting this to work? I have not tried manually downloading Tac Fuel Balancer on its own yet.
  7. Hello Nereid, Thanks for the update. It works great. Also, sorry about that, I wasn't trying to add pressure. I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks again! -Craig
  8. Hello, Last week I did a fresh install and updated to 1.3.1. I got everything working except FF. I got mostly everything from CKAN but had to manually load a few of these. FF being one of them. I thought it was not working but from reading these post it sounds like it is working for others with 1.3.1. I did notice I had a couple of mods not show their window in the game and I did find them it in the toolbar mod. OK, so far this one is not working for me. I think I tried both ways but now willing to ask. Where am I supposed to put the FinalFrontier.dat file? Do I put it in C:\Games\kerbal space program\GameData\Nereid\FinalFrontier folder or do I put it in the C:\Games\kerbal space program\GameData folder? I am trying to keep my ribbons from the 1.3 game I had before. It appears it was in the GameData folder from the old one. Any other suggestions to try next? Thank you, -Craig
  9. Hello Aerospike, Not a problem. It has been over 15 years since I have done any coding but yeah, I agree with you. One thing I did notice was I did a couple of hundred saves with your mod and had no problem. I only recently added a mod called TooManyOrbits. I removed that mod because it also removed the orbit I needed for Sat missions. When I was looking into that one I noticed it also uses the F8 key to perform its function. I think I only started having issues after this mod but honestly I can't be for sure. I don't know if both mods use the same F* key, if that will cause issues. Just an observation I had. I really like your mod and appreciate everyone who spends their free time to try to enhance a great game! Thank you, -Craig
  10. Hello, I really like this mod but for about the 4th out of the past 6 game sessions I have played I set a good save point then a good save point 2 then I forget to save for an hour and mess up. When I go back to load my good save 2 I get an error and it says the saved game file does not exist. I then go back to my known good start and find that file also does not exist. I had to go back to a save a few times now which was saved through using the "ESC" key. I am not sure if it is this mod or not. For saving mods, I am using the Dated Quick Saves mod and this mod. Updated through CKAN. I like the mod but I have lost hours of play time. If I can see the games saved I am not sure why the game can't see the saved game. Edit, I looked to see if I could answer your questions from the last person: What version of KISS are you using? - Answer V 2.2.0 What version of KSP are you using? - Answer I think the latest version. V1.3.0 What operating system do you use? - Answer Win 10 64bit Does the KISS dialog show your savegame? - Answer Yes Does the KSP load game dialog show your savegame? - Answer Yes Does the file exist physically on your harddrive? - Answer Yes Can you open the file with a text editor? - Yes, I opened it with Notepad ++ Just an fyi. Thank you, - Craig
  11. Hello HebaruSan, Thank you for the welcome to the forums and the game. I must say, I am impressed with both the game and the active community. There are a lot of great forums and contributors to this game. I am very impressed. And thank you for responding to my post so quickly, I really appreciate it. I read this just before I went to a meeting and this was all I could think about, which later cracked me up. I thought maybe this is why I have to do final tweaks so much for my final approach and orbiting. But after some more playing around I realized when I say I would just go, I was meaning using the MecJeb tool, I would hit the button to go and it would automate the travel. After some closer looking, I see the next maneuver was always the same timing as the window you have. So I did not have the ah ha moment I thought I was having. So I am still learning. I am not sure but I believe it is probably user error why some approaches are so clean and others take so much more Delta V to get a good orbit. I now have the updated Kerbal Alarm Clock and I see now what you mean. Yeah it would be just duplicating someone else's work if you did what I was suggesting. Thank you for the input. Keep up the good work, as a new person to this I appreciate your efforts! Thank you, -Craig
  12. Hello HebaruSan, I recently started this game and this is exactly what I was looking for. By reading through this thread I also found I want to check out TWP mod (and maybe Precise Maneuver also) but this is really what I was looking for. I have contracts and things on my "to do" list but I really had no time frame to plan some things so I was looking for a simple window planner to keep an idea of when I need to have things ready. Now that you have helped me with my time frame map per say, there are a couple of other things I am trying to keep up with. Sorry if this is a stupid question or request, what I am looking for may be in a different mod or thread. OK, I have set up a gas station at Minmus and I have a stockpile of gas ready. So I am starting to park some ships there for when their window opens up. I sent out 2 satellites around the orbit of the Sun for a couple of contracts and their next maneuver is about 170 days away. My next window for Duna is about a year away so now I have to keep track of 3 events. What about adding a way to include events windows that are editable? Like under Duna, launch "ship name". Or keep track of my two satellites 170 days out. I kept trying to get the Kerbal Alarm Clock to work but I just can't get that to work or I don't know what I am doing which is possible. The other question, yesterday I waited about 20 minutes (warped a few seconds) for the window to open to Minmus. The next time I went to Minmus I did not wait and realized it only saved me about 0.25 delta V. Would there be any bonus for having a button you can push to see what the delta V would be to do it right now? So if it 412 delta V to get to Duna at the correct window if I wait 180 days, what would the delta V be if I tried right now? If I have the delta V it might be worth just doing it now. If these are not good suggestions or questions just ignore them. I have to say, I love your mod though. It is helping me see the big picture. Thank you, -Craig