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  1. I looked, and I saw nothing that mentioned a halt in maintenance.
  2. Why farewell? Are you not going to keep it going?
  3. What mods did you use for the beautiful screenshots?
  4. I have a question: How does this not overwrite the original textures given that the files you say to replace the original ones with are smaller (and therefore can't have all the data in the old textures)?
  5. So it's not still needed?
  6. Why is TR recommended?? It has nothing to do with realism... In fact, it doesn't even add parts. It just allows you to change textures. Just wondering. Thanks!
  7. Thanks man, you're a hero
  8. Can you add a Post-Burn Relative Inclination?
  9. IMLL1

    [1.4.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    Wow! Quick question: can you make a Mac version?
  10. I mean in the Rendezvous section. I'm trying to do formation flying using an autopilot for one of the craft, and using KER for readouts (I still want to know my groundspeed which is why I don't want to use the stock option)
  11. What's the difference between relative speed and relative velocity?
  12. IMLL1

    Spacedock down??

    Aaaaaand... its back down again
  13. IMLL1

    [1.4.1+] Bolt-On Screenshot System (BOSS) Continued

    This is a handy little mod, but it is rather redundant. If you go under your setting.cfg for stock KSP, you can change the screenshot supersize setting and it does the exact same thing as this mod.
  14. IMLL1

    10g Circumnavigation

    I will use the mod that allows cruise control and will autopilot around huge obstacles (buildings, etc)