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  1. Well it’s not a mod (at least not yet), it’s simply a proposal for one. As for how to fix your HOTAS, I believe there is a preexisting mod that allows HOTASs to interface with KSP better, but I can’t remember what the mod is called.
  2. Thanks. Someone else said that Real Fuels is also at fault, so update them both I guess.
  3. I am having trouble where as I spend more time in the VAB with a rocket, my game gets slower and slower. I traced the problem to the procedural SRB spamming the logs with: ModelMultiShurikenPersistFX.LateUpdate () [EXC T:I:M.E] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object It isn't just a ProcParts problem, because it only happens when I have the RO suite installed. It may be due to RealFuels or SmokeScreen or RealPlume, but RO is the only consistent thing I've found. any advice? Before you ask, I installed via CKAN. (Logs incoming, be prepared).
  4. I’m confused. If it just adds new colors, why does it need SSTU. I’m not trying to pester you, I’m just confused.
  5. Thanks. Out of curiosity, why does it need SSTU but not textures unlimited? I’m trying to understand what the mod interacts with.
  6. What does the change to GeneralConfiguration.cfg do? The mod's job is just adding new default colors right? Shouldn't it work without SSTU installed so long as I have TU and TURD, and just replace the ColorPresets.cfg?
  7. On your third point, I tried to use wind tunnel once, but I just can't make myself like it. For instance, it has a hard time actually predicting max speed. I made an aircraft with a max speed of over 2100 m/s, but it said the max speed should be about 1900 m/s. Also, stall characteristics in KSP are almost nonexistent. The only time an aircraft really stalls is when it's nose up to the heavens.
  8. Ok, but what if you also have thrust vectoring? They’ll cancel each other out, and you won’t move.
  9. My suggestion in a fly-by wire avionics system, and I'm not referring to SAS. It could be implemented into stock or made into a mod. This way an aircraft with, say, a broken elevator or missing canard, could fly. Heck, if the system were properly implemented, you could fly an aircraft that is facing backward without the control surfaces going the wrong way, or even fly an inherently unstable aircraft! Some background info (especially for those who don't know what an actual fly-by wire system is): From Wikipedia TL;DR: Instead of the aircraft responding to the st
  10. How does this differ from just having stock KSP show the comm network that you have? Stock KSP shows every connection between every vessel (that are in range from each other).
  11. To what degree? How do you want KerbalX to interact with Steam?
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