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  1. 10g Circumnavigation

    I will use the mod that allows cruise control and will autopilot around huge obstacles (buildings, etc)
  2. I will use separations to break the rocket apart, negating the needs for pesky decouplers.
  3. 10g Circumnavigation

    I have an idea. It won't win the best time, but it will make it. A rover. That's all, just a rover.
  4. I'm on it. I think I have a plan. And none of this spaceplane nonsense, this will be a rocket!
  5. - Craft & Mission Sharing

    Sorry, I didn't word that very well. I want a button that will automatically include any craft as stock so long as they do not use mod parts (KerbalPaint, FAR, RO, etc), this way I can just see all the craft that will load in stock KSP. In case it helps, my reason for wanting this is that I am trying to find as many replicas of real missions as I can. The problem is that I then have to look through the mods and see which do not have parts. And then there are mods such as TweakScale, which doesn't technically add new parts, but won't load its craft in stock. Thanks, IMLL1
  6. - Craft & Mission Sharing

    I have been using KerbalX for a while, and there is only one problem. When I am searching for stock craft, if won't show me craft that use FAR or any other non-part mods. If you could add something that automatically puts anything under "Stock" as long as it doesn't use mod parts, that would be great!