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  1. @Nachocuban I have solved the problem! First off, I am using a Mac, so this may only be the cause on MacOS. I have found that whenever I Command+Tab (same as alt+tab on a PC) out of KSP after having hit the launch button, but before it has completely loaded, that when I switch back into KSP, I am back at the space center with another KPPedia, missions, and contracts icon. MechJeb provides a small popup window in the editor. I have discovered that when I hit launch, and get a black loading screen, I must wait until that popup goes away, and only then is it safe to tab out of KSP. Hope this helps!
  2. IMLL1

    Electrocutor's Thread

    Ok. Thanks very much!
  3. IMLL1

    Electrocutor's Thread

    Does the recolor pack allow for regular colors but still shininess?
  4. IMLL1

    Electrocutor's Thread

    What's the difference between the Original Stock TU Patch and the Stock Prokjet TU Configuration File? Also, why do IVA and internal overlay not work with these patches?
  5. IMLL1

    Hello and Welcome!

    I have a big question: How do I sort posts by when they were actually last updated (by whoever made the post). I am constantly going to the Add-Ons page and trying to see which mods were last updated based off of changes to the forum post, but sorting by last updated just shows the last comment.
  6. Hey this is an amazing mod! I have noticed that when it is used with Camera Tools the camera goes apeexcrements sometimes.
  7. I have been attempting to make Kerbin a waterworld, but it doesn't seem to be working. Could anyone give me some help with writing a patch to do this? (I also want to then make the map/tracking station show it as a water world. Ideally, everything on kerbin will be at sea level (save for the patch of land around KSC and other launch sites). Thanks in advance!
  8. IMLL1

    air speed record

    Wait where are your intakes? And is that in 1.4? Cause I had next to no drag and couldn't exceed 2,060 m/s. I could probable shave off some more drag to get it to 2100, but 3 km/s is a ton of speed!
  9. IMLL1

    air speed record

    Are you using only air breathing engines? WOW!
  10. IMLL1

    [1.4.1+] Automated Screenshots

    Ok thanks. I am making gifs for my craft on KerbalX, and the KSP directory I use for craft screenshots is already pretty performance-intensive. I could manage to fly with less frames. So long as it 'pauses' the game while it takes a screenshot (which KSP automatically does), I can handle it. Anyway, thanks for making this outstanding mod!
  11. IMLL1

    [1.4.1+] Automated Screenshots

    If I go into the AS_Settings.cfg file and tweak the screenshotInterval, can I get a value lower than 0.1 or will it bump the value up as soon as I open KSP?
  12. nvm, didn't fix it. Providing log files in separate comment.
  13. I think I found the problem. I don't remember which, but it turns out it was a mod. I will let everyone know (so people with the same problem can fix it) as soon as I remember.
  14. I'm getting this same thing! I have done a clean install, and removed each mod individually, but it still persists! It seems that this still hasn't been solved.
  15. IMLL1

    [1.4.x] Scott Manley Head Pack Continued!

    Wow. Four eyes *AND* two mouths! Must be amazing at throwing Kerb-berries into the air and catching them in their mouths. Also, I love your sense of humor. Even in the description, you are hilarious. I applaud your modding. Six (out of five) stars, +2 likes.