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  1. Actually, I got that bug on certain crafts randomly too,especially VTOLs. And once the bug made one of my fish-shaped test aircraft literally act like a fish paddling its tail,except for staying and paddling at about 40 meters above sea level instead of below it.
  2. Hello Davinci! Nice work and weapons,love these and their related expansions,I basically live with these by now! I do have a small questions tho,I once saw a people with a radar that has a range of like one hundred kilometers or so, I wonder what he did to make the max range go beyond 20km?
  3. I think it's a shame that Tieba does not support creation of sub-forums, if only that was so, we could just have a subforum dedicated for newcomers' questions, but that couldn't be done.. (cry) That being said, every moderator there has to make a choice between high-quality frontpage(with like tutorials, challenges and such) and a frontpage with a mix of questions, (some)high quality posts and some daily posts(a kind of post that appear everyday,with similar content like craft showing, personal milestone). Between these options, our moderator chose the previous one, he was nicknamed "Dictator" for his strict way of management.However, that means to disallow a lot of questions from newcomers.The community (kind of) mended this problem with official tutorials, large index post (for mods). But now we have 1.3, and the official Chinese support,a lot more new blood is definitely going to come in, a change in management method is going to happen because a lot of newer members think that the moderator is too harsh(sometimes it actually is because the newcomer is too arrogant), and there recently has been like, well, let's just say some real unfriendly and unreasonable things toward the moderator, and that chronic pressure kind of let the moderators make up their mind to pass the torch on for a change. And here we are, the strict moderators have recently retired, a new group of management personnel is being selected, we will see which way we will be going, either left or right, I hope the Tieba could get better. From a stubborn player that liked the strict management_(:з」∠)_
  4. Unfortunately I am still using 1.2.2 due to mod incompatibilities... but we sure are excited about it being translated into Chinese! (primarily Ferram Aerospace Research) I might still stick to English version after update tho, it is odd when you see Chinese for one part's description and English for another, and certain translation inaccuracies might hamper my understanding of flight status
  5. I would say there is a surge to some extent. The moderation system there in the past few years has been, quite frankly, elitism(which I support, but it is not very friendly to newcomers), yet as the release gets published, new players started to come in faster, and the elitism became a little obsolete.Therefore the community is recently facing a likely reform, and the now previous moderators (they're quite strict, sometimes a little too strict to newcomers) there has retired from their all-year-long-thankless job.We might see a community that has more newcomers' questions in the front page and a more libertarian atmosphere after the new moderator has been selected in a few month. (the mods probably retired in order to make way for the coming tide of fresh member)
  6. Welcome! Are you from Tieba? Or are you new to KSP? 你是从贴吧过来的吗?还是说你是个纯纯的新人?: D (Just asking)
  7. Greetings to all of my peer kerbalnaunts! I am from a Chinese Forum called the Baidu Tieba, my name/ID there is ALTER102, if anyone is interested.I suppose you have seem quite a few of the moderators and users from that place(Like Acea,Icerecovery,TerranMMG), and I am one of the latest addition to the forum dwellers from the Tieba.Anyway, This thread is meant to say an official hello, and I hope I can get friends in here too.
  8. Does this mod's fuselages' tank support RealFuel? It took me a hell of a while to write a RF patch... I probably did repetitive labor? I'm also not sure about the balancing for the fuel tank volume in that homemade .cfg patch of mine, so it would be great to hear that I spent an hour for something that already exists. Great work btw, I love these large and chubby pods and cargo bay
  9. It had existed,but it was removed when current Falken Mk2 was introduced,it basically looked like this https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3XLTgQMPg_0QUZQSXR4bUEwVzg It's a picture of TerranMMG's JAST Nextgen,but that is not the point. Maybe a little remaster of the part?It'll be great for people using AJE, and lt looked(in my mind) slimmer
  10. Would it be possible to resurrect the old Falken cockpit? the one that didn't have an intake? The current Falken Mk2 does not have support for AJE intakes... nor does any other cockpit's intake, but I dominantly use the drone cockpit, and the intake on there is a little bit of deadweight drag......(ironic when you have to add extra intakes when you have one on there already, but doesn't work if I don't)(sigh)and no one would want their fighter to look like a spaceplane(yes I am making do with the reentry-ready head) Anyway, good job, cheers.
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