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  1. I'm having the same issue and got this in the debug log when opening the Waterfall plugin window. It seems like a Waterfall plugin issue. I'm not sure which mod caused this problem (because there's too many), but I would suspect it's between Kopernicus, Sigma Dimensions and RealisticAtomosphere. [EXC 20:47:28.521] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Waterfall.AtmosphereDensityController.Get () (at <c5eba498661f4da59db6540c617ee9c7>:0) Waterfall.UI.WaterfallUI.DrawController (Waterfall.WaterfallController ctrl) (at <c5eba498661f4da59db6540c617ee9c7>:0) Waterfall.UI.WaterfallUI.DrawControllers () (at <c5eba498661f4da59db6540c617ee9c7>:0) Waterfall.UI.WaterfallUI.DrawWindow (System.Int32 windowId) (at <c5eba498661f4da59db6540c617ee9c7>:0) UnityEngine.GUILayout+LayoutedWindow.DoWindow (System.Int32 windowID) (at <fa6f9762ac624af092525d37c9d516c4>:0) UnityEngine.GUI.CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.GUI+WindowFunction func, System.Int32 id, System.Int32 instanceID, UnityEngine.GUISkin _skin, System.Int32 forceRect, System.Single width, System.Single height, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style) (at <fa6f9762ac624af092525d37c9d516c4>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) --- Update: Stripped the game to just Waterfall + some part mod that supports Waterfall (Restock or CryogenicEngines) and it still doesn't work. Running on KSP 1.11.1, will retry on 1.11.2. --- Update: Solved. Reinstalling the latest version of Waterfall fixes this issue.
  2. Do you mean that "B9 PWings Modified" mod posted by me 3 years ago? It's long archived now, and most related features should already been merged into the new B9PW repositry. You're free to use any of the ideas to modify the current version if you like. Archive repository: https://github.com/01010101lzy/B9-PWings-Fork-old
  3. Is the direction of the sail's atmospheric drag reversed in the latest version for 1.5.1? I watched the Apoapsis increasing quickly when opening this sail up in low orbit (see pic), and even seeing my probe accelerating like hell when hitting this atmosphere. KSP configuration: KSP 1.5.1 with DLC 3.2x Kerbin FAR installed KSPIE not installed the rest should be irrelevant ------ update ------ Went to see the source code. I suppose there's a missing -1 on line 1058 in https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/blob/master/PhotonSail/ModulePhotonSail.cs? (Not very sure) // starting at line 1015 private void ApplyDrag(double universalTime, double vesselMassInKg) { atmosphericGasKgPerSquareMeter = AtmosphericFloatCurves.GetAtmosphericGasDensityKgPerCubicMeter(vessel); var specularRatio = Math.Max(0, Math.Min(1, part.skinTemperature / part.skinMaxTemp)); var diffuseRatio = 1 - specularRatio; var maximumDragCoefficient = 4 * specularRatio + 3.3 * diffuseRatio; var normalizedOrbitalVelocity = part.vessel.obt_velocity.normalized; var cosOrbitRaw = Vector3d.Dot(this.part.transform.up, normalizedOrbitalVelocity); var cosObitalDrag = Math.Abs(cosOrbitRaw); var squaredCosOrbitalDrag = cosObitalDrag * cosObitalDrag; var siderealSpeed = 2 * vessel.mainBody.Radius * Math.PI / vessel.mainBody.rotationPeriod; var effectiveSurfaceArea = cosObitalDrag * currentSurfaceArea * (IsEnabled ? 1 : 0); var highAltitudeDistance = Math.Min(1, vessel.altitude / vessel.mainBody.atmosphereDepth); var highAtmosphereModifier = highAltitudeDistance * highAltitudeDistance * highAltitudeDistance; var lowOrbitModifier = Math.Min(1, vessel.mainBody.atmosphereDepth / vessel.altitude); var highOrbitModifier = Math.Sqrt(1 - lowOrbitModifier); var effectiveSpeedForDrag = Math.Max(0, vessel.obt_speed - siderealSpeed * lowOrbitModifier); var dragForcePerSquareMeter = atmosphericGasKgPerSquareMeter * 0.5 * effectiveSpeedForDrag * effectiveSpeedForDrag; maximumDragPerSquareMeter = (float)(dragForcePerSquareMeter * maximumDragCoefficient); // calculate specular Drag Vector3d partNormal = this.part.transform.up; if (cosOrbitRaw < 0) partNormal = -partNormal; var specularDragCoefficient = squaredCosOrbitalDrag + 3 * squaredCosOrbitalDrag * highOrbitModifier; var specularDragPerSquareMeter = specularDragCoefficient * dragForcePerSquareMeter * specularRatio; var specularDragInNewton = specularDragPerSquareMeter * effectiveSurfaceArea; specularSailDragInNewton = (float)specularDragInNewton; var specularDragForce = specularDragInNewton * partNormal; // calculate Diffuse Drag var diffuseDragCoefficient = 1 + highOrbitModifier + squaredCosOrbitalDrag * 1.3 * highOrbitModifier; var diffuseDragPerSquareMeter = diffuseDragCoefficient * dragForcePerSquareMeter * diffuseRatio; var diffuseDragInNewton = diffuseDragPerSquareMeter * effectiveSurfaceArea; diffuseSailDragInNewton = (float)diffuseDragInNewton; var diffuseDragForce = diffuseDragInNewton * normalizedOrbitalVelocity; var combinedDragDeceleration = (specularDragForce + diffuseDragForce) / vesselMassInKg; // apply drag to vessel // ↓ Should this drag value be multiplied by -1? ###### ChangeVesselVelocity(this.vessel, universalTime, highAtmosphereModifier * combinedDragDeceleration * (double)(decimal)TimeWarp.fixedDeltaTime); weightedDragCoefficient = specularDragCoefficient * specularRatio + diffuseDragCoefficient * diffuseRatio; // increase temperature skin dragHeatInMegajoule = highAtmosphereModifier * dragForcePerSquareMeter * effectiveSurfaceArea * heatMultiplier * (0.1 + cosObitalDrag) * 1e-3; dragHeatInJoule = dragHeatInMegajoule * 1e+6; } Further testing need to be done
  4. It's been a long time since I was last active in this forum. A lot of things has happened - including that I hadn't been playing KSP for quite a while. This mod has been abandoned since I dived into Gaokao preparation and hasn't been updated for about two years. I'm in university now, studying Software Engineering, and considering picking up KSP again. University is busy indeed, but I might start making new mods! Just don't expect anything soon. Anyway, onto this mod: @Me1_base has made a 1.5.1-compatible continuation of this mod (see here), and is being merged (some features has already been merged) into the currently active fork by @Jebman82. Please go to that thread for more information and downloads of the latest B9PW version. I will not update the mod under this thread any further. Thank you all for supporting! 01010101lzy (Rynco Li)
  5. ****Bad Pun Warning**** This is a (fake) console version of Kerbal Space Program. I got this idea of a "console" version for KSP just by accident. (x --- Background picture is こがらし by Kooan. Will change if it infringes you. This pic is released under CC-BY-NC 4.0
  6. Saw the fan art in the first page and thought that I could make one too. Then I've got this... p.s. thx for making such a nice mod --- * some ideas in this pic come from the game Monument Valley.
  7. Download Visual Studio and replace the dlls used in this project with newer ones (from [KSP Dir]\KSP_Data\Managed] and fix all errors mentioned in the editor, then compile the whole project. If it still doesn't work, try looking on commits Crzyrndm did in his Github Repository when upgrading to 1.2.2 and redo them in this project. --That's all I could help. You could leave a link of your 1.2.2-compatible version in my thread if you want.
  8. You may download the source code and recompile a version compatible with 1.2. (I do not have enough time to work on this)
  9. 建议Blanket不要直译成“毯子”,翻译成“毯状”或者“薄层”可能会好一点 --- 制造商可以翻译成“坎星电热毯制造商协会”
  10. 照这架势估计中文区会冷清的要死(
  11. I'm his partner who translated most of the rest of KSPedia. Although I'm a little against the localization, I hope the localization can attract more people onto astronautics and KSP. Good luck SQUAD, the QA team and the hardworking translators working behind the scene!
  12. The SC-GEN-PDC Part in the latest release cannot go above 1.25m... May be a typo in the code? -update- Okay, all procedural parts can't resize above 1.25m now. Decouplers can't go above and fuel tanks can't even resize... Is it my KSP out of date or the new release broken? Problem solved!
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