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  1. It worked! Installing SVE instead of 1.2.5 and using my eclipse cfg's has made the eclipses appear on all planets! Some things are changed though, sunflares are more or less gone and Tekto is a bit darker, but hey, that's fine. The fact that Hale and Ovok were light while Sarnus covered the entire sky in front of the sun just bothered me so much. Thanks for helping, Galileo. EDIT: I've done more testing to see what else is different. Lens flares can be added back by adding Galileo's Sunflares, but the flare covering the sun was not fixed. While Tekto is generally slightly darker map view and the Tracking station, the clouds are a solid layer the same color as the highest clouds while playing in orbit. Everything is normal again once in the atmosphere and everything is normal at the other planets, also. I guess I'll just wait for the next update of OPMVO and everything will be perfect.
  2., with med res textures
  3. Ok, now I tried to make another file with the same format as the EVE_Eclipse file in SVE configs, and that hasn't worked either. Adding it to the original also doesn't work. I also saw that Scatterer_EVEShadows overrides EVE_Eclipse, so I copied this in there too. Sarnus is still not casting shadows, but I have now seen shadows on Sarnus, Plock, and Karen. If anyone has gotten eclipses to work on all bodies please let me know how. Thanks
  4. Hey Pood, I'd really just like to thank you for making this mod. I have played with EVE and SVE since I started playing KSP and I have always been hesitant about planet mods, but seeing your screenshots convinced me that it would be worth it. It has worked perfectly since I first downloaded it a week ago, except for the eclipses. The only body I have seen eclipses on is Sarnus, though I haven't looked at the Urlum and Neidon systems. There is a cfg file where the eclipses are written for atmosphered bodies, and i have tried to extend it to all planets to no avail. If you could write a working file and post it, that would be great. Thanks
  5. First, I would like to say thanks for this update, I noticed many bug fixes in just the first few hours of playing the game. Second, I would like to report a very slight new issue. After completing my Mun station in career mode, it said "You have finished construction of a new orbital station on its own orbit around the sun" (#autoLOC_7001073). It should say "You have finished construction of a new orbital station around <<1>>" (#autoLOC_7001074) with "the Mun" being 1. I don't think this has been reported anywhere else, so I just put it here so it will hopefully be fixed. Thanks.
  6. [1.2.2] Time Control [2.5]

    Is there a way to change the values for the physics time warp? I want to be able to do my Ion burns in 2 minutes instead of 30.
  7. This may have a simple answer, but what is the default speed if it isn't stated in the config?