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  1. The release processes on console and PC are quite different, and the console builds are based off of the PC ones. When we want to patch the consoles we merge PC commits and work on the custom code and assets that are needed to make it run on the consoles. The console builds then have to go through certification with the console manufacturer (Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo) before we can make them available. As a result the consoles are likely to run a little bit behind compared to the PC releases, but we will keep updating all platforms as we move forward.
  2. I am closing this thread as this suggestion is on the "What not to suggest list".
  3. Thanks, this is really helpful! Looks like I need to do something useful when that error is thrown - I'm sure I did sort this out but the evidence would suggest that I didn't Good, it will fit in nicely with the rest of Telemachus then The stock Telemachus graphs should work without an internet connection, but I can't say anything about the other interfaces.
  4. We share the same suspicion, as I am pretty sure the socket is only shutdown correctly when a close message is sent. I've been meaning to debug this and put in a timeout of sorts to nuke the connection.
  5. The JSON parser is as disaster (sorry!), so try it with no new lines or spaces.
  6. I can still see the follow button so I doubt that it has been removed.
  7. Thread closed at the request of TheBlackDwarf.
  8. How was the data link stability? KeRD should be much more stable than the stock Telemachus interface.
  9. I was browsing the article entitled "In pictures: Journey through the planets" using the BBC phone app, and saw the following. They totally put Mars before Earth ... They have corrected this for the version on the main site though.
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