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  1. @JacobJHC Sorry, but do you mind reviewing this thing ? Thanks
  2. I'm not dead, i'm just pretty bothered with some things... @Kane Kerman
  3. Yes...Hi @The_Cat_In_Space
  4. Did someone say "I'm ded" ? @Rover 6428
  5. I hope you have quicksaves...and i'll let that "refusing to let go" issue slip as i don't think its a bug exploitation, but wait for his statement...
  6. The Collector Launching. Getting rid of first stage. Commencing escape burn. Deploying Ion Drive. Bye Kerbin. Dike. Joolar assist. Got a G Class Comet. Aiming for the other one... Caught Lagertrey...the second G Class... Jool assist to reach Tartarus, H Class Comet. Gargantuan indeed... Cya ! Dike...again...i have no idea why i did this... Extremus 1, a Mejik Boulder. Some small Asteroids. With around 50 m/s Delta V, The Collector goes to its grave...Jool. Fiery demise to prevent Kerbolar contamination.
  7. score should've been 390 on total space rocks...+70 for Flagship and +30 for Joolar dip Bonus...
  8. Will that count as a Flagship ? If not, i'll redo it with a more improved version
  9. I ran out of fuel, visited 4 Comets, No Dresteroids (ugh), and 4 Asteroids, also burnt on Jool because i don't have enough fuel to get 1 Dresteroid