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  1. -I'm sure its fine, i mean...it only prevents KSP from killing your craft for no reason -You may have an infinite amount of launches before leaving LKO, afterwards, you must keep that one ship alone, no extra launches (unless refuelling is still allowed) Either way, Good luck LOL, awesome, i wanna see how it turned out...Good luck
  2. Thanks... I estimate around 470 pts excluding Aesthetics if i only visit Lotus
  3. @The Doodling Astronaut About Space Sciences, is it like...get 1 experiment on each tools per distance area regardless the biome ? Or all biomes once within all distance area ? (Distance Area = things like In Space Low/High)
  4. So i made this newer design...just to avoid possible plagiarism issues.
  5. Why it has to end up like this...? I just can't think of a better simple design...the lifter has 3 stages
  6. Nah...i have another idea, a literal Pol with very Eccentric Orbit that extends from around Eeloo level to the eternal midnight zone In other words, you have no electricity income from any panels on that zone (around 4 Trillion) Just asking, will this be a Hardest ? or anywhere below it ?
  7. Guess i'll just wait for him, if not, i'll just get another destination that's on the reach of the budget.
  8. Nah...no way i can get there...because Budget restrains...this is why i said i need to be in a coop mode... The worlds i made are usually way too far or close, and i'm not a small craft specialist.
  9. One thing, can i just disable Comms settings ? (Also, will something with Near Kerbin size and Kerbin gravity 1 Billion Km away count as a Hardest)
  10. Impressive...that's quite a lot of Part clipping though...but you can still ask @JacobJHC (sorry for the ping) whether that's safe for the Jool 5 thread or not. @IncongruousGoat You got a submission. More Detail : 1 Crew (If you ask), can't really tell other things
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