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  1. Doing it Soviet Style

    I know that but there was uh, a.. 'small' problem with the ascent. I did what I needed to get Jeb home alive.
  2. Doing it Soviet Style

    Mun landing is done and currently working on the Mun base and Mun station. Aiming for a Mir-like space station in Mun orbit. L8 BAZ-1 BAZ-2 (Going to keep building the station, and ultimately deorbit it.) Points so far: L8 +20 Baz-1 +20
  3. Doing it Soviet Style

    Yeah I'm using Ven's Stock Revamp. But I only use the textures because I don't like the stock ones. I'm not using any other mods besides visual enhancements.
  4. Doing it Soviet Style

    Working on completing the challenge. Aiming to go all the way to the flybys because I've got time. Still working on Mun landing, going to finish tomorrow. Zond LS-1 Zond LS-2 L6 L7 Points so far: LS-1 : +20 LS-2 : +20 L-6 : +20 L-7 : +20 Accurate spacecraft : +10 Efficiency is key : +5 Survivability : +5 Hardcore : +40 I'm having fun so far with this challenge! I'm looking forward to the other parts.
  5. Beechcraft D18

    I'm impressed by the propeller design. Very well made!
  6. First attempt at this challenge. My Shuttle is a bit interesting. More designed off of the Venturestar than anything else. I sped it up by 2x. If the landing disqualifies it I can retry it. It is STS-1a and STS-1b in one mission. No mods used besides visual enhancements.
  7. Сarrier Admiral Kuznetsov

    This looks great! I also have to ask. There was someone building an aircraft carrier on youtube. Is this the product of that labor?
  8. Ace Kerbal Aircraft Depot aircraft and files are created and posted by Senki__ Ace Kerbal is inspired by the crafts in Ace Combat and contains replicas of crafts that are in the Ace Combat series. I plan to update this post and post more crafts over time as I make them. All of the aircraft have stock parts except for the weapons that use BDArmory. MiG-21bis Mitsubishi F-1 F5-E Tiger II J35J Draken (Saab 35 Draken) Eurofighter Typhoon Thank you for checking my crafts! I will be making more of these in time. Senki__