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  1. You can physics warp while in Kerbins atmosphere, but once you are in space and try to do it while executing a burn there is no way to do it. Making those longer burns tedious to wait out.
  2. Try changing the camera orientation mode. I don't remember which works best, but I think it was the "free" mode. I believe hitting R3 cycles through them.
  3. There has been no word on wether the DLC will come to the consoles. I'm sure they are just concerned with getting it to the PC right now as they continue to iron out the kinks in the console edition. They would probably like to get it to consoles, but seeing as we are still a few version behind PC I'm sure if it does come it won't be some time until after it release for PC. As far as revert focus back to vessel if you are using the radial controls scheme you press R3 or right stick on Xbox. For curser controls I haven't seen any body mention what it is.(though plenty have asked)
  4. My bug report

    Ok, I thought I had a similar thing happen, and found a way to delete it, but maybe not. I really can't remember clearly to be honest.
  5. My bug report

    Gotcha, using that screen shot, see the little blue planet marker in top right corner. Try putting the curser on that and hitting the square button. I know you can normally delete those from there, that's how I usually delete them. It's probably a bug that you can't delete it the way you normally do, might you still be able to delete it the way I do. Again, I believe it's the square button, but I'm not %100 on that part, it's one of the buttons though.
  6. My bug report

    If you are talking about the ones on the left, like fuel and contracts complete. When you scroll over those to open the windows if you press X while on it, it will pin the window open and the only way to close it is to scroll the curser over the icon that opens it and press X again to unpin it then scroll off and it should close. Also if the window that pops up in middle of screen for complete contracts, try scrolling over the green check mark and press square button to delete it. (I think it's the square button, but not sure). Not sure if that is what's happening, but give it a shot.
  7. Ps4, all the bugs I can remember.

    If you are using the radial controls, pressing R3 switches the focus back to your ship. I don't know what is on the other controls though. Also, do you manually get rid of the debris from the tracking station after the rescue mission, and then it comes back?
  8. No, the stock vessels are the ones that Squad put in the game that you can load and use. Vessels that are built by the players are custom vessels.
  9. Thanks, but it sounds like you're talking about the PC version. I'm referring to the new console version. In the older console version there was a way to do it, but I haven't found in the new one if it's there.
  10. Is there a way to physics warp while doing a burn? I can't find or figure it out if there is. If there isn't, that's a bit of an oversight. After all you could in the older version, and not having it makes those longer burns quite tedious. I'm using the radial controls.
  11. I play on PS4 and the only bug I came across is some actions revert after doing them, like taking contracts or unlocking tech after leaving their respective buildings. Leaving you to reselect them again before they stick.
  12. Which control scheme are you using? I use the radial and after a little time adjusting and learning the new layout I've come to like them a lot. I haven't tried the curser scheme, but they say it's pretty much the controls from the old version. Maybe give that shot (unless of course that's the controls you're using).
  13. I'm not sure what I'm doing different than you, but I have saved the game while in space in flight, messed up my reentry, loaded my quicksave and was right back where I saved at my ship. I've also done it while flying a plane. Saved it before landing, messed up, reloaded and was right back in my plane where I saved it.
  14. I use the radial controls, but when I have the curser out the zoom changes to the L2 and R2 buttons to zoom in and out. It took me a little while to figure it out, happened on it by accident. Not sure if it's the same for the curser control scheme.
  15. Career Mode - Unplayable

    I'm not suggesting that you don't report it or they don't fix it. You said career mode is unplayable at the moment and I was just providing you with a way to play that you may have been unaware of until that bug is fixed.