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  1. Development Update for Consoles!

    It's not unplayable, however when it's not worth it to try any mission farther than minmus because of the potential of losing the mission into oblivion after hours of invested time kind puts a damper on a desire to play. I enjoy playing the career mode, and I just can not do what I'd like to without losing my data. I have had one successful mission to Duna, which was my first, a probe to Duna and back to see if I could do it. After that the next four missions I attempted to Duna crashed well into the mission and had the data corrupted. From time to time I will mess around in sandbox just trying to come up with different types of ships, and maybe do a short mission in career, but I can't bring myself to play for any extended period of time in career because of the likely hood of wasting my time from corrupted data.
  2. Development Update for Consoles!

    I appreciate the fact that they actually made a reference to time in this post. I wish they did that quite a while back and more often. Then they made a point to say this version is being built from the ground up.(though we figured that was the case on our own). Which leads me to ask what their initial intentions were when they gave the early part of the year time frame. Shirley they didn't believe that they could hit that target if they were starting from the ground up. So in all likely hood there was a change in plans there somewhere, and they decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I really wish they had come clean with us back then and just told us that and that it was going to take another year. It is just concerning that we are this far into them working on it and we still have no idea when it will even be close to done. They make the weekly update sound positive, but with every passing week the longer it takes the more likely it seems they'll never get it to where they want it. I'm not mad in anyway at this point, just worried it may never get resolved.
  3. Development Update for Consoles!

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Well here's hoping maybe sometime before the end of October, but that's probably being way overly optimistic.
  4. KSP Making History

    Negative, and probably won't be anytime in the near future.
  5. Development Update for Consoles!

    It's not so much what 1.3 adds it's more of if we don't get 1.3 we most likely aren't getting the DLC. Which would be a bummer.
  6. Development Update for Consoles!

    I'm with you, it just seems like they are just kicking the can down the street when it comes to finding and fixing bugs. I mean let's be realistic here, there is no chance that when ever they decide to release that the game will be bug free. Have they had a completely bug free version for the PC since it's very first update until now? I'm going to guess no. So at some point the game is going to have to be in a state that is stable enough to release and continue to fix bugs in an ongoing update practice as is done on PC. The state the new version is in can't be any worse then the version we have now........
  7. Development Update for Consoles!

    Lol, unfortunately it's too late for that. I keep trying to play the game and it constantly reminds me it's going to get better.................soon.
  8. Development Update for Consoles!

    Yeah, I appreciate the updates on the work they are doing, but we are in the dark as to any idea of when we might get it. I do understand the repercussions of not hitting a target date and not knowing what bugs will pop up next. I don't see the harm in an estimate at this point. I mean after blowing past the early 2017 time frame now entering later 2017 they surely have have a much better idea. Don't they?
  9. Development Update for Consoles!

    I'm just hoping we actually get the DLC. There has been no reference to them even bringing it to the consoles as of yet. However if they do bring it to console (most likely they will) it would be a nice gesture to at least give a discount on release for a short time. Not that I expect that or even mind if they didn't it would still be nice and appreciated. Im still glad and very happy they went with a new dev and a rebuild for 1.2, but with the light at the end of the tunnel almost invisible with only the comfort that eventually we will get it is growing stale. I just wish they were more forthcoming with the progress. As it is we are completely in the dark with no end in sight. If it is soon, then how soon? If it's still a way off, how far away. If they owe us anything, it's at least that. I get that Squad doesn't work that way and it's not their norm, but the console situation has been anything but the norm and has special circumstances.
  10. Development Update for Consoles!

    I really hope the update is imminent, Every other session I play ends in corrupted date losing hours of gameplay. I have been playing less and less because it is unbelievably frustrating. I know they are trying to deliver an as bug free game as possible, but this crash and corrupt data issue we have been dealing with for over a year now is beyond ridiculous. They need to update this game ASAP to deal with this literally game braking issue and deal with other issues as they arise in future patches. Everyone says to be patient, well waiting over a year is going above and beyond patient as this point. I have been eagerly awaiting the update not only for the fixes but the extra's that are added as well, but the more I try to play the the more resentful I get. I have shelved the game numerous times, but always try to come back for my love of the game only to end in disappointed and frustration. Sorry if I'm coming off a little whiney but I just need to vent a bit after this last session I attempted to play. I realize a post on a forum isn't going to accomplish anything, but it's nice to get stuff off your chest. Thanks for listening.
  11. Development Update for Consoles!

    I'd settle for a solid date it won't be released by. I mean if they know it won't be ready before November, then let us know. Then when they get closer to November and it still looks a few months off update it and say it won't be out before January and so on. At least then we wouldn't be sitting in limbo waiting on a weekly update.
  12. Development Update for Consoles!

    Isn't Q A usually towards the end?
  13. Development Update for Consoles!

    While I'm certainly not happy that it has been a year without an update to fix a single issue on the PS4 version, the situation seems to be different than most other games. I don't completely blame Squad, they simple just chose very poorly when finding a dev to handle the port. The fact that they recognized that Flying Tiger completely butchered the port. Then they parted ways and chose a new dev to pick up the pieces shows they care. They care enough to have someone redo what another dev completely [ruined]. Its been a painful wait, I just hope that the new build was worth the wait and we get a much better experience when all is said and done. After all it is a great game and I'd love to see continued support for the console versions.
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Was at Universal last week and was able to catch the launch while at the park. Pretty far away, but it was still cool to see it going up.
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    Thanks for the reply's. I don't really mind having to start over if I have to, just if I knew we did I'd put my current caree on hiatus and maybe start planning how I'd want to tackle starting a new one. I may just start a new career either way. Looking forward to the update, and I really hope we eventually get the DLC.