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  1. Love AVD! best graphics mod out there

    1. proto85


      I left around .25 when astronomers pack was the main visual upgrade and just recently came back. Any recommendations for better graphics mods I am always looking for them. 

    2. Vanamonde


      Some aggressive personal remarks and their replies have been removed. Please don't attack each other. 

    3. Matchlight


      @Vanamonde I appreciate dude, I'd hate to see this well-behaved forum go.

  2. did you ever find anything? I was looking to try and create a visual pack as well.
  3. Hi, Is there a tutorial for making graphics mods for ksp using eve? For example astronomers pack. Thanks
  4. small suggestion could you add that bright flash of light that is present irl during nuclear tests?
  5. @harpwnerdoes bdarmory work with ksp 1.3? because that's the only bd armory I can find that is before the newest revision.
  6. Comprehensive KSP Skybox Creation Tutorial

    @Nucleartaxi Nice job!! I did have to flip the GalaxyTex_NegativeY to positive Y and vice versa, when I exported my skybox. But that only seemed to happen once so idk, ksp is a bit weird.
  7. Yeah removed the link because it wasn't published. Little too excited and jumped the gun.'s Firey Nebula
  8. @Nucleartaxi Finally got them to line up properly after I re exported. Slightly different then before
  9. Ill give the re export a try. That skybox is 4k. I have been messing around with space engine for a little less than a year now and I am still often surprised with the things I see.
  10. @Nucleartaxi any suggestions on how to get rid of the skybox seams?
  11. Thanks man! Do you rotate the images or change any of the names at all before importing into ksp? I have had some problems with that as well. Edit: When I say change the names I mean change positives to negatives or X to Y. Not just changing them so texture replace will recognize them.
  12. where did you get the skyboxes from? I have made a couple within SpaceEngine but I have had issues with them washing out the stars
  13. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    are there any tutorials (for making planets) that still work with the current version of Kopernicus?