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  1. I told him about that. I thought he fixed it.
  2. Hi. Old member here. Nice being met.
  3. Welcome to the forum, @EnderLikesKerbals.
  4. There has not been a new demo version for a very long time. You might be able to still find it somewhere on the internet, but it would be out of date. If cost is an issue the game is on sale for $9.99 on Steam, and it occasionally goes on sale from other sources as well.
  5. This discussion of add-ons has been moved to Add-on Discussions.
  6. Nothing is jumping to mind, @problemecium. Go ahead and post yours. We can always merge it later if an older one turns up.
  7. The challenge is to get things done with the parts you have, then gather science to invent better parts. Run science experiments on your flights, then spend the points they yield on new parts in the R&D building.
  8. High-efficiency, low-thrust LV-N ships. It's the way to move large cargos without prohibitive fuel consumption.
  9. Hello @pedrolucas787 and welcome to our forum. We have removed the text of your log file because very large posts can cause page loading errors. Please submit the log to a file sharing site and copy the link they provide into your post here. And good luck with your issue.
  10. Hi @pranavsuri. KSP accurately models Oberth effects (given that the game's planets are disproportionally massive), which means all the real world math applies. I have therefore moved your question to the real science subforum, where it is more likely to be seen by the kind of people who might help. Good luck with your project.
  11. Hi @CalmLlama. This is such a common kind of question that we have a master thread for them, and yours has been merged into it.