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  1. Surprise! Progress! I took the station Noobton put in Mun orbit like 100 years ago and added a module which includes an engine, fuel storage, a remote operating core, and science instruments we did not have access to when the station was placed. It is now chewing on science to add to the sum of Kerbal knowledge. And since I can't nag these wet blankets into participating, I might do more.
  2. Hey, this guy sounds familiar.
  3. Every planet is going to be beautiful to the beings that evolve on it. Your senses find differences in things so you can tell them apart, know which are dangerous and which are helpful, and the like. So whatever your environment has, your senses are going to evolve to perceive variations and differences in it. For example, it's believed that primates have color vision so we can tell ripe fruit from unripe, and the like, so we have that to thank for the fact that we can see rainbows. When every race looks at its native planet, therefore, they're going to see a variety of colors and smells
  4. Please don't make the discussions personal, guys.
  5. Why would we want to remember bad people? And this is the greatest forum user.
  6. Thread moved to Spaceflight since it does not include a KSP challenge.
  7. Download? Did you mean to include a craft in this?
  8. I'd like the early campaign to spend some time on sounding rockets and the like, working out the principles before putting living crew in a ship. But I can see how that isn't necessary the spirit of Kerbals, who just want to fly regardless of the risks.
  9. Done. And the reason is that a) so people don't annoy each other and then change names to avoid repercussions and b) it doesn't take a lot of staff time but someone does have to log into the admin functions and perform the change each time, which would add up if we were doing it over and over again.
  10. Howdy. Glad you decided to join us.
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