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  1. Please don't accuse each other of dishonesty or trolling. It just leads to arguments.
  2. Back after 5 years!

    Things have changed a lot. It will be a big adjustment.
  3. Blowing up (almost) on reentry

    The goo cannister can not close again. The mat bay is the only science part that does. You don't see this?
  4. Interstellar Extended for Dummies

    The place to ask would be the thread for whatever mod that is.
  5. Docking ports are plenty strong enough, as long as you don't get wild with the accelerations. I fly monstrosities like this all the time.
  6. Development Update for Consoles!

    @Finno12307, your question has been merged into the master thread for this discussion.
  7. I think fire department and FAA would be the agencies to check with. If they're not, they could tell you who is.
  8. Blowing up (almost) on reentry

    Do you have a screenshot of what comes up when you r-click the materials bay?
  9. Blowing up (almost) on reentry

    You should get the option when you r-click on it.
  10. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Passing long these reports to our IT...
  11. We have also learned that some of you can read the forum but not reply, start PMs but not reply to them, and weirdnesses like that. We are sorry for the trouble and will try to get it fixed as quickly as we can.
  12. Kerbal Space Yard

    Since this appears defunct, the thread will be closed now. People trying to use 5-year-old craft files are not likely to have a good time.