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  1. OP has not been on the forum for some time. We will close this thread to avoid confusion, though he/she can contact us if the project is revived.
  2. Are you asking for more? Complaining we have too many? Or what?
  3. It still has a tendency to be flipped around violently by airflow. I found sepratrons insufficient.
  4. That may be so but it's the fact remains that it's the only shield large enough to protect non-trivial craft builds. The alternative is to jack your part count up by arranging multiple smaller shields in a mosaic.
  5. Congrats on your mission.
  6. One of the toughest design problems I encounter in KSP is getting rid of the inflatable heat shields when they're no longer needed. They have so much drag that they are extremely likely to be blown against the ship and damage parts when being discarded. I would very much like to be able to deflate the things and drop them as a dense lump, like most other ejected parts.
  7. When we start accusing each other of intentionally lying we are departing the realm of productive discussion. Don't get carried away, and keep things polite.
  8. Don't get carried away with the font sizes, please. Some posts have been edited.
  9. As the thread is 7 years old, the mods recommended probably don't exist anymore. However, most of the thread is still relevant. Good luck.
  10. Kidding aside, please don't ping people unnecessarily. Some of the guys have limited time away from their day jobs to help out here and checking to see whether or not it's a real ping wastes that time. Also, please don't submit large joke posts. They can cause page loading problems and I just had to hard-delete one because it gummed things up so badly I couldn't edit the size.