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  1. Welcome to the forum. Please post in English when outside the other language subforums.
  2. Hi guy. Welcome to the game, and to the forum. I have moved your question to the gameplay help subforum. Could you tell us more about the specifics of your trouble? How close are you getting now? Kilometers? Meters?
  3. This reminds me. I haven't assembled a station in a long time. I like adding parts in zero-G.
  4. This question about how to play the game has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
  5. @TheAzurit123, we have a thread for this kind of question and your post has been added to it. And you should be fine, since that's a better system than I've been using to run KSP.
  6. As he/she appears to have departed, this thread is no longer serving a purpose and has gone somewhat off-topic anyway.
  7. Although religion is at the heart of this question, we still have to stay away from religion itself because of the arguments and hard feelings which arise whenever the subject comes up on this forum. Some posts have been edited or removed.
  8. Pleased to meet you. Also, your thread has been moved to the greeting sub.
  9. They don't contra-rotate. They're just set at a non-90-degree angle to avoid radar reflections and reduce its radar cross-section. But that's a quibble. It's an impressive replica.
  10. I believe your probe should get hot but survive. I don't know whether that modded antenna will be able maintain contact, though.
  11. What he means to say, @Stephen Locksley, is that it was kind to offer a fellow KSP player your feedback. Thank you for being a helpful forum member. That being said, KSP's aerodynamics have changed quite a bit since this thread was created, so the content of this thread is no longer relevant.