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  1. Are you asking for you name to be changed to this?
  2. I think you've been very busy. Welcome to the forum.
  3. @PyjackMeat, please keep in mind that mod makers are volunteers who share their unpaid-for work to help others enjoy the game. They're under no obligation to meet anyone's expectations.
  4. Both rockets and spaceplanes reach a point in their ascent at which they're travelling close to to horizontally while building up to orbital speed. The difference is that rockets go mostly up to get there and then tilt over while planes gradually climb over a distance, then start to lose lift and thrust due to thinner air, and have to switch to rocket propulsion and try to achieve orbital speed starting from lower in the atmosphere. That's why planes are so much harder. They need enough wing to get lift early in the flight and thrust isn't terribly important, and then later in the flight wings just add drag and weight and you need to power through with thrust. Flight profiles for rockets are all pretty much the same, while those of planes will vary according to the plane's relative values of lift, mass, drag, and thrust. I don't think there is one right method for planes, but the rule is to get as high and as fast as you can on jets and wings, and when those start to become ineffective, switch to rockets before you lose speed. My design process was to build a rocket which could reach orbit starting from around 30,000m and then add enough wing to get it up there.
  5. This suggestion for the game's development has been moved to Development & Suggestions.
  6. You might find a use for it later.
  7. "I can not connect to a computer" Please post in English when not using the International subforums.
  8. Thread moved to Gameplay Questions, since it's seeking help rather than offering. Good luck.
  9. I made a trainer that launches as one and then can undock two smaller ships so that people can practice just the last phase of docking without having to fly a rendezvous first. May be useful?
  10. The discussion is wandering. Please stick to the topic of features which would prevent you from buying KSP2.
  11. Upload your screenshots to a sharing site and copy the link they provide into your posts here.
  12. Nobody remembers the actual kraken? In the early game, ships moving at very high speeds might be distorted or even have parts destroyed by tiny math errors magnified by the speed of travel. It was fixed years ago. (In version 0.17, according to the wiki.) Properly speaking, that's the only true kraken, but players have expanded the nickname to include all sorts of other bugs. Later, an easter egg in the form of a kraken-like creature was placed on one of the moons. I won't spoil the details, though it's easy enough to find if you want to poke around on the internet a bit.
  13. Please keep the discussion on-topic, guys. Science fiction jokes don't belong here, and please avoid speculating about who might be fighting whom and who the "bad guys" will be in the next war. Some of our forum friends are from the countries in question, and we don't need to make enemies of each other just because our governments might clash.