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  1. Thread moved to Science subforum due to actual spaceflight content.
  2. You use square bracket to shift to his capsule and don't get the EVA button on portrait at lower right?
  3. I'm not aware of any problems, but I've informed IT.
  4. It came with the software. We have no plans to use it at this time.
  5. Please don't make the arguments personal, folks, and avoid accusing others and public figures of misconduct without substantiation.
  6. Well, that looks rather bug-ish. And so, thread moved to modded support. Good luck with it.
  7. One: Roleplaying used to be allowed, but led to fights and feuds and arguments spilling over into other subforums, to the point that they ended up having to issue multiple warns and even ban a couple of people. Two: Sorry, no.
  8. If you want to practice the final steps of docking without flying a rendezvous first, I made a ship for that. Launches as one ship, then you can separate the two little ships and dock them with the mother ship or each other.
  9. Technical question moved to the Technical subforum.
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    Thank you for your presence.