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  1. Vanamonde

    Your nostalgic rockets!

    This is how we used to land on Mun, before you young punks came along. And then we'd turn right around and come home again, because Kerbals couldn't get out of the ships yet.
  2. Vanamonde

    Double Docking

    Mind the language, please.
  3. Vanamonde

    Offset meaning. I'm new to ksp.

    Um, I haven't played that tutorial in ages, but it means to account for something, yes.
  4. Vanamonde

    [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    A post or two have been trimmed from this thread. Mind the language, and please have something to say when posting rather than just excited noises.
  5. What's going on? The person/people who post the challenge get to make the rules, as long as they don't break forum rules. Please don't be angry with each other about it.
  6. Vanamonde

    Offset meaning. I'm new to ksp.

    Counter-act. Balance out.
  7. Vanamonde

    Hello and Welcome!

    We're nicer.
  8. Vanamonde

    KSP Weekly: The Eagle Has Landed

    There was a time when I could walk out into my backyard, look up at the moon and think, "There are people there right now, walking around."
  9. Vanamonde

    Contracts give double funds. Is this a bug?

    Sure it was the actual money and not notifications?
  10. Is this really something worth getting mad at each other about, guys?
  11. Vanamonde

    Hello there!

  12. Vanamonde

    New Shepard Mod?

    I do not, but I have moved your thread to the modding subforum, where someone might.
  13. Vanamonde

    Hello there!

    Well, that was anticlimactic.