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  1. Overlapping threads have been merged.
  2. Thread moved to Kerbal Network, since it's not about the game itself.
  3. If you're talking about real spacecraft rather than those in the game, this thread belongs in Science & Spaceflight. And so, moved. Welcome to our forum.
  4. I also like to fly large/low-G tractor ships hauling payloads, though mine tend to have 15-20 minute projected burn times. I simply launch from a higher orbit, knowing I will lose some efficiency due to sacrificing an Oberth boost. A long burn will take place over changing altitudes anyway, so I don't think the loss ends up being significant. Multiple burns on successive orbits is entirely practical as an alternative, but I find it not to be helpful since you have to worry about the moons of Kerbin interfering with your path as you cross their orbits during multiple passes.
  5. Please don't mock a fellow forum member's enthusiasm. Either discuss the topic or skip to the next thread.
  6. Overlapping threads have been merged.
  7. Was the experiment a success?
  8. Unless people are drinking rocket exhaust, this has gotten rather off-topic.
  9. Any of us will do, but Tex generally puts the threads together these days.
  10. No harm done.
  11. Please post in English when outside of the International subforum. And welcome to our forum.
  12. I haven't looked at the KSC ground closely lately, so I don't know if this is a bug or merely the terrain. Either way, the thread does not belong in craft exchange. And so, moved.
  13. This question about how to play the game has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
  14. Modding support question moved to the modded support subforum.
  15. No need to get tetchy with each other, please.