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  1. space shuttle competition

    Sounds like a challenge. And so, moved to Challenges.

    Thread title edited for clarity.
  3. Whoa, hold on. No harm was done. This doesn't have to be a big issue.
  4. Humans in KSP

    Gravity is mostly determined simply by the amount of matter there is pulling on something, but if the object is made smaller, the gravity it exerts at the surface gets stronger because the other object is closer to the center. Note that it gets strong at the surface, but it's not actually exerting more total force. And the planets in KSP are artificially smaller than real planets of the same mass, with Kerbin's surface gravity adjusted to match earth's.
  5. Humans in KSP

    Absolutely not. I'm saying the planet in the game has been adjusted to have earth-normal gravity despite being much smaller than earth. All the KSP planets are much denser than real planets.
  6. Humans in KSP

    Although the implied math makes the planets bizarrely small and dense, the conditions have been set so that Kerbin's surface gravity is the same as earth's. That means the height a person could jump on Kerbin would be the same as that person could jump on earth.
  7. Missions and MH

    Thread moved to mission builder support.
  8. Working for SQUAD? :-)

    The interesting thing about your typo is that it also makes sense for QA testing.
  9. Humans in KSP

    It's always been stated that Kerbals are 1 meter tall, so if there were humans in this universe, they'd be around twice as tall as Kerbals and unable to fit into most craft.
  10. No need to apologize. And the "merge" I did means your posts are already part of this thread, but thanks for offering to remove them.
  11. It's wombats!!

    Yeah, but science doesn't stop at the wingnut hypothesis, as this thread does. Thread moved to the Lounge.
  12. I have forgotten how to edit my signature.

    Click on your name at upper right of the forum page, choose account settings from the menu there, and then choose signature from the menu on the left of the following page.
  13. DLC info in the wiki

    Because nobody's done it.
  14. I have not seen this happen, and you don't need an account to use Imgur.
  15. Kerbal Inventory System

    Modding question moved to the modding subforum.