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  1. game plataform badge

    What I'm saying, guys, is that no matter how useful this might be, I do not know of a way to do it. I haven't given up on the idea, but in the meantime, having people label their own questions as being about console versions is better than nothing.
  2. Creepy McCarface

    Wow. The formatting on this thread is bizarrely messed up. I haven't seen anything like this before. @Azimech, I'm sorry for the trouble but please re-submit the first post as a new thread. I'm going to close this one to prevent it from causing additional trouble.
  3. A number of posts have been removed from this thread because they were off-topic. Please do not make the forum less pleasant for everyone by feuding and accusing each other of trolling.
  4. Cant slow down in Kerbel rentry

    No law says you have to eject the engines before entering atmo. How about simply retaining the last stage long enough to do a braking burn?
  5. game plataform badge

    Sal_vager's thingy is actually a custom forum rank, like "bottle rocket" for new members and such. It would replace any regular forum rank the person had and would not advance as post count/rep increased. So that wouldn't work. I can't think of another way to indicate this at the moment, anyway, and it would seem to be best if the question askers themselves specified which platform they were using in their posts. I will think this over, though.
  6. 10,000 posts.

  7. Pacific Rim...?

    Back to the topic, please.
  8. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Well, it's not. It's a pic CraterCracker made for me.
  9. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    We have three choices. We can hard delete it, but we only ever do that with spam posts or buggy things which can't be saved, such as huge error log files which are causing forum glitches. We don't like to do that, though, because it doesn't leave a record of what has happened. Most often we "hide" posts, which leaves them where they are and visible to moderators, but normal forum members do not see them. For the really nasty stuff, we have a subforum, not accessible by normal forum members, where we can move things for storage and possible later reference.
  10. Blowing Stuff Up

    Some off-topic posts have been removed from this thread. If you feel the content of a thread is not helpful, simply skip to the next thread. There's no call for being harsh to the person attempting to offer help to fellow KSP players.
  11. Laythe lander , need help

    Craft sharing thread moved to the craft sharing subforum.
  12. What Ho!

    I am drinking tea right now.
  13. @ItsSeanBroleson and @MaxwellsDemon , your threads have been merged into the master thread for this sort of discussion.
  14. That's a stinky ugly banana on your profile.

    You drew that?!?

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    2. dundun92


      Yeah, looks moldy alright. 

    3. The Dunatian

      The Dunatian

      Slightly over-ripe...

    4. Vanamonde


      Not moldy or over-ripe. Artistic. 

  15. Console version question moved to the console version subforum. Good luck with your issue.