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  1. Vanamonde

    Thanks for great moderators

    We try. Thanks.
  2. And yes, there is something strange about the site right now. They're working to pinpoint and fix the cause.
  3. The game site is having some trouble in the last few days. Squad has been informed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Vanamonde

    Messing up my manoeuvres

    I haven't updated my guide for quite a while, but it might still be helpful. Also, a perfectly circular orbit has few advantages other than aesthetic tidiness. Real spacecraft seldom bother to match periapsis and apoapsis precisely.
  5. Vanamonde

    Matching Ap/Pe of a target orbit

    There are complex ways to do move the apo and peri, but it might be better to simply circularize your orbit and then burn when you're aligned with them.
  6. Vanamonde

    Don't Click This

    Or before. Or during.
  7. Some posts have been removed. Don't be rude to mod makers, people. They are volunteers who work as much as they want to as quickly as they want to, and owe you nothing more than that. And if you see someone being rude to a mod maker, please just report the post rather than get into an argument with that person.
  8. Some posts have been removed from this thread. Personal attacks are not welcome on this forum whether they are directed at fellow forum members or Squad staff. You're all welcome to your opinions, but please express them without attacking individuals or using insulting terms.
  9. Vanamonde

    Opportunity Easter Egg on Duna, please

    You guys know there already sort-of is one, right? (Not my pic.) At any rate, this suggestion for the game's development has been moved to Suggestions & Development.
  10. Vanamonde

    Rcs Thrusters not working :(

    No need to delete. Others may have the same problem. But since you asked, I've locked the thread for you.
  11. Vanamonde

    Some news about my dog

    The health care industry is not the subject of this thread, folks. That part of the discussion has been removed. Hope things turn out well with your dog, @The_Cat_In_Space.
  12. Vanamonde

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    It's a fun place to visit with lots of nice people.
  13. Vanamonde

    Quickest way to get to the Mun ?

    My guide has not been updated for a while, but might still be helpful.
  14. Vanamonde

    How to make combinable antennas work?

    Thread moved to Gameplay Questions, since it is seeking help rather than offering it.