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  1. Some comments have been removed or edited. Please disagree with each other without being insulting about it.
  2. Keep it on topic, please. Some posts have been moved to Grand Discussion.
  3. That is a great big old ship. Have you considered making a re-useable version? That was my favorite project in KSP1.
  4. Because the software changes over time, and a different person is doing them now, and stuff like that.
  5. Quite a few repetitive and off-topic comments have been removed.
  6. Pics or it didn't happen.
  7. Thread moved to support. And if you don't have something helpful to say please just don't reply to technical issues. The person with the issue is not interested in complaints. Those comments have been removed.
  8. Purists don't like it but if you have a bulky payload big old fins at the bottom are what you need to keep the nose pointed the right way.
  9. Water landings are always difficult, regardless of design.
  10. That is an interesting design, @Duke MelTdoWn.
  11. More posts removed. Stick to the topic, please, and keep it polite.
  12. There are several reasons planes wight deviate on the runway but if it's still doing it in flight, make sure your joystick is centered and clear any potential trim settings with alt-X.
  13. 1.4mn years ago the cutting edge of technology was a rock with a cutting edge. A sling would have been several steps too advanced for them because it would include preserving hide and turning it into leather, which involves soaking the hide for quite some time in noxious substances, which you have collected despite their non-obvious utility, then cutting the leather to the right shape, then practicing flinging rocks at stuff until you could consistently hit something, while slings are not known for their accuracy. The suggestion that the rocks might be art seem similarly unlikely, but at least would not be beyond their means.
  14. Some posts not about the update have been moved here.
  15. Nice try, spambot. I'm not giving you my biometrics.
  16. A digression about science and missions has been moved here.
  17. My feeling is that clarity with regard to which game is being discussed is more important than the elegance of the prose.
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