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  1. The SPACE-BAR of death ...

    There is a keyboard shortcut to lock staging i think it is control L
  2. if i remember correctly when the devs updated unity for 1.1.3 there was a performance boost. since ksp is being brought ot the new version of unity will a similar thing happen?
  3. sorry sve but i think i leaving you for another graphics mod
  4. Deflate-O-shields

    Thank you!
  5. am I the only one who wants the inflato shields to be able to deflate and re inflate in flight? It would make it easier to detach them so that they don’t fling around and destroy your ship. Is there a way to change this in the configs or a mod? That does so?
  6. KSP Weekly: The Cosmic Snake!

    Will it be possible to download missions from the web? (Probably since you could put them in the mission folder) and if so will part failures be visible when looking at the mission. Or will they be a suprise? Will there be a way to add a random failure to the misssion that you only learn what it is when it happens?
  7. Once you see it you can never not see it

    I’ve been seeing it for ages
  8. Under used parts

    Which (stock) parts do you never use or don’t see other people use as much? for me it’s probably the structural hardpoint. I’ve never used it for a craft.
  9. I was building (but mostly stealing) dropships for my conquest of duna but I realized I would need to see the com/cot with the payload added and with different fuel levels. Is there a mod that in flight I can view these?
  10. An asteroid belt. Mabye have multiple gilly like bodies and lots of e class asteroids around dres orbit. If not then I’m hopping on the satrun train because I love sarnus
  11. Jool needs rings.

    Stock visual enhancements+dependencies+kopercornius
  12. Where the hell are Jool's inner moons?

    If you’ve ever tried to land on Hale in opm I think you’ll know how much of a pain it is to land on asteroid moons. seroiusly, you just bounce off the surface and you have to decelerate to sometimes 4m/s to orbit them.
  13. KSP: Making History Grand Discussion Thread

  14. routine flight repeater

    I love how you almost guessed the name of the mod you were wishing for