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  1. Who's idea was it to bring back this thread
  2. It's a long trip from Russia....
  3. I made Marx kerman
  4. We could stage a revolution
  5. Is this compatible with ksp 1.3? and can we have a hammer and a sickle?
  6. Hello commerade
  7. Shure i can do it but my mic makes me sound like a kerbal chugging milk while spinning. EDIT this is a joke I can't voice act
  8. For me it is when I arrive at a new planet. When I visited gilly for the first time my lander was attacked by a capitalist tank! and I accidentally encountered a huge capitalist fleet at duna once! They captured the kerbals!
  9. I use communist software. You don't pay for it and it works like a charm it is way faster than your capitalist budget restricted software.
  10. Best to leave it in orbit capatilists crash into it due to their budget restrained technology while we communists have much superior technology
  11. What plan? Which plan do you talk about? There is no plan, no plan! where do you get these ideas?
  12. I perfected a spaceship capable of building a fleet in orbit with extraplaneatary launch pads to destroy the capatilists
  14. Hello comerade how do you do?