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  1. Can someone direct me to old KSP versions?

    If you have it on steam you can go to betas and some of the previous versions are there 1.05 to 1.3 are there I think
  2. Cheating; A meditation on it's definition in modded KSP

    Cheating for me is what I decide is too unrealistic. Such as lost crew respawning of turning on infinite electricity to open the solar panels when you can just Eva a kerbal and extend it manualy
  3. Can I legally have two installs

    So basically back up game files?
  4. Can I legally have two installs

    I've been playing ksp and I'm wondering if legally I can have two installs one with mods and one stock? Is this legal and if so how could I do this? The reason for this is my mods make my game crash and Having two installs would be a lot easier than manually installing and removing mods when I need to
  5. Kerbal Space Factory

    Could be achieved with usi+MKS+extraplanatary launchpads?
  6. Deleting Kerbals

    Mabye give them a retirement home in space? like an old folks home on the mun they can live the rest of thier days on the mun playing rocket bingo (then you delete the craft from the tracking station)
  7. [Mod Idea] Rick and Morty Mod

    This is probably not possible with ksp, but what if you could switch a planet pack and/or skybox on/off while in game (perhaps toggled by a certain part) to "change dimensions"
  8. A concept planet pack

    This might help if you've not seen it already There are other videos on stars and gas giants
  9. [Mod Idea] Rick and Morty Mod

    What about a neutrino bomb for BDA?
  10. I may have found a new easter egg!

    That's KIS/KAS
  11. Is giving my gamedata folder legal ?

    You could make an instructional video on how to install mods and have bad royalty free music playing in the background. It's probably easier than going trough all this legal stuff.
  12. Naming your ships

    I name them after communists
  13. Loading Screen?

    I used a high tech software that uses the powers of communisim to place a black box over it
  14. Loading Screen?

  15. What do you think the Mystery goo really is ?

    Who's idea was it to bring back this thread