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  1. Katten

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I'm fiddling around with a plugin that lets you control collisions between parts on your vessel, plus unlocking joints! I think it could be useful in some normal game situations (like stopping parts from going through a cargo bay), and building odd contraptions.
  2. Katten

    [1.4.2] Chrononaut v0.4.1 - part mod tool

    Could be. Yes, there are releases available, of the stuff that goes into the GameData folder (the mod is also available under CKAN). I'll update the release after I've had time to test that the recompiled version still works.
  3. Katten

    [1.4.2] Chrononaut v0.4.1 - part mod tool

    Thanks! Hmm, i didnt commit the dll after removing the (unused) reference from the project file, so that's probably why. Will do when i get to my laptop!
  4. Katten

    [1.4.2] Chrononaut v0.4.1 - part mod tool

    @DuoDex Who do I need to get chocolate icecream in order for my links to be visisble again? =)
  5. Nice one! Looks great. Mine is the collider function standalone, and works a bit differently, so I think I will go on and release it anyway.
  6. @whale_2 Hey there, did you ever do a rewrite of this? I am currently pretty far along with a solution for it.
  7. Katten

    [1.4.2] Chrononaut v0.4.1 - part mod tool

    @Lisias Oopsie. It is now updated. * AssemblyInfo.cs was indeed missing. * ChronoReader.cs was removed earlier from the repo due to being obsolete, but the project file didn't reflect that. Now fixed in the project file.
  8. @Twitchi Thanks, I will try. I also tried to put "disableOnStateChange = false" for ParkingOrbit. Is that correct? It didn't seem to fix it. Can there be a bug in Contract Configurator?
  9. Does anyone know why the green tick for the contract parameter Kerbin orbit is removed when going to the Mun?
  10. Tested ok with KSP v1.4.5 and current versions of KJR and KIS/KAS! CKAN users, remember the notice above.
  11. All looking ok for 1.4.5 =)
  12. Aha, I've always used 3 on each side actually. That's what I prepared the model for since it is easier to do. But the real ones do have 6, yes. In this case, they would have to be smaller. I tried scaling them to 75% and that seems pretty okey for the size, but the issue is mostly that it is difficult to get the position correct. They kind of need to go further out than what the current balloon model allows. Like, they would have to be mountable on the sides. I am not sure how this would look. The best would be to have some references on how it looks in real life, but I can't find any photos of them undeployed... I've tried to make a small rectangular model of the balloon casing, it helps a bit, but is still far away from allowing a 6 balloon configuration to cover the "corners". It seems they need to be placed even further out. Maybe the 6 balloons are really one single entity placed in the middle of the sides? That probably makes more sense and aligns with the fact they seem to have seams between the balloons.
  13. v1.8.2 * Improved surface attach colliders for the rover lander shell * Added a cosmetic casing to the landing ballon It should now be easier to put ballons on the rover, and it'll look a bit better! Feel free to post some pics if you make something of it - and go for a record in bounced distance! NASA claims multiple kilometers is possible... =)
  14. Aha, yes. I think the best solution would be to improve the node colliders. I'll see what I can do... v1.8.1 * Fixed the deployment limits of all the moving parts (again... I didn't test enough last time)