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  1. Hello! I believe the problem here is that to make nodes movable, they must be defined in the model, rather than in the cfg file. So if you update your model to use that system, maybe it will work! I tried to create a part like this now, but I was unable to get it fully running. Funny thing tho - the stock mk2DockingPort.cfg has a docking module that uses this system already. Actually when I loaded it in the VAB, I didn't see any docking node point... Seems I have some mod issues to solve with 1.9 first... maybe one of mine, or another one.
  2. Tested in 1.7.3 and most stuff looks okey. Some previously existing issues continue to do so... * the extra visual meshes that appear automatically when connecting some parts together, and are correctly visible in the VAB, continue to end up in the wrong place in flight. * the cameras don't record all layers of meshes, so for example Kerbin will not be shown from orbit - only the the stars * sometimes the cameras will make part of the world darker until you have taken a photo, like the renderer has been messed up a bit
  3. I believe everything is working, and yes, I should get around to test and update it. Hopeful for some more time and energy =) Actually, with the exception of some visual parts that have had problems since 1.4.x somewhere. Wish I could find a good workaround to continue focusing on further development of parts!
  4. Maybe using fluid instead of a fixed counter weight? Like, just fill up the tube with water, then it goes all geyser, then it flows back through multiple channels with generators which are closed when ready to fire again.
  5. v2.1.4: * Added support for launch clamps https://github.com/KSPKatten/AnimatedAttachment/releases/tag/v2.1.4 Was very nice with the foldable lights, as they automatically folded back when staging, for some reason =)
  6. Considering the nice hinges and similar now available in Breaking Grounds, I might as well remove the robotic parts from this mod. Or does anyone see a reason not to? =)
  7. With Breaking Ground, KSP now has built in support for robotics, including surface attachments! VERY NICE! However, this mod still functions the same as earlier, adding support for surface attachments and simple robotics based on generic animations (cargo bays etc), as well as control surfaces, nozzles, and any third party mod that somehow animates meshes.
  8. Only one way to find out =) This mod is very experimental and untested...
  9. Of course! I didn't have time to test it yet, but at least compiled and updated version info. v1.0.2 * Compiled for 1.7.0 Here is an example of what this can do:
  10. Happy to oblige! =) Add the following to the stock file OrbitalScanner.cfg: MODULE { name = AnimatedAttachment } Also, in the same file, change attachRules = 1,1,0,0,0 to attachRules = 1,1,0,1,0
  11. Hi! There are no parts in this mod, but it should be easy to create a part like this for another mod =)
  12. Thanks! Sure, that could be an optional part variant! =)
  13. Thanks Raccoon and linuxgurugamer for the bug reports! Hopefully I will get a chance to look at this soon! (very busy work period at the moment) For the cargo bays I would suspect that the model structure contains something that isn't handled well by AA, maybe some negative scaling or anything else that I wouldn't have foreseen when writing the code.