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    Apolgy for bakward spanish Where were u wen Jeb Kerman crashed? I was in tracking station timewarping when popup say (T+05:05:31) jeb kerman is KIA no
  2. Given that a single Starship has more volume than the ISS, and the landing crew is at most 4 people, couldn't they just live in a preposisitoned starship for a year or more? Heck, why even bother with SLS at all for this? Use it for an outer planets prove. Given its launch cost of 1-2 billion dollars, you could send literally hundreds of people to the moon on Starship in 2024 for the same price as sending 4 via SLS. Also, if they still aren't finished ONE SLS after a decade, how can they be expected to have a launch cadence capable of supporting lunar habitation? SpaceX has started building multiple rockets of similar size, and these will be ready with just a year or two. SLS is built for a one time heavy payload, like maybe a Pluto orbiter or Mars-Earth transfer habitat, not for supporting a space station.
  3. The Lunar X prize originally started in 2007, had dozens of teams, and a deadline of 2014. Now, 6 years later, and 13 years after the competition started, no team has landed on the moon and only a couple are even left. Should google have done something differently, were teams just unlucky, or were there common engineering problems they encountered?
  4. no one knows if it EVER worked to begin with
  5. Did anyone else have the forums return an error for the last few hours? What happened?
  6. When you realize you can build mechas with the Breaking Ground DLC: Image by @Rivvik from an defunct mod
  7. Kerbals when the rescue mission for the rescue mission also crashes:
  8. I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this already, because this is interesting to say the least. 2 weeks ago this paper was published (https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20190029294.pdf) that proposes a helical particle accelerator that would use mass changes to accelerate a craft without propellant1. The engine would bounce ions back and forth, but accelerate them to relativistic speeds at one end of the device, increasing their mass and creating an inequality that results in a net movement of the entire device. This does not seem to violate conservation of energy, as it requires hundreds of megawatts of power. However, it appears that only one person has worked on this paper, and no experimental evidence exists. 1 It technically uses 1.776E-11 kg of ions per year, plus the nuclear fuel needed to power the ship. Some basic calculations: If this ship had a mass of 2,000 tons, after 1 year it would have a velocity of 17 meters per second. So, the usefulness of this is very questionable. It would take 16,000 years to reach even alpha centauri. [snip]
  9. The rules: 1. There are 4 teams, i, -i, 1, and -1. 2. You can post +i, -i, +1, and -1, and must then end your post with the new number. 3. You cannot post twice in a row. 4. You win by reaching 100i, -100i, 100, or -100. You must reach the exact point on the complex plane: 100+i is not a win. 5. If there is a mistake the game resets to that mistake. I'll start: +i i
  10. When Take2 says it will put microtransactions in every game but not KSP 2: