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  1. DAL59

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    If your in a hohmann transfer, a small change makes a large trajectory change, but if Eros is already moving towards the Earth at high speeds, and the acceleration changes rapidly in direction, then it would still be possible to predict the trajectory.
  2. DAL59

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    On an unrelated note:
  3. If there was a cave made of potatoes, what enzyme could I spray that would dissolve the potatoes and a) Not cause a fire b) Allow me to dig a tunnel wide enough to go through at a hundred feet a day c) Be easy to store
  4. How hard and expensive would it be to fill a football stadium with water and have a ship battle?
  5. DAL59

    KSP memes Megathread

    When you pull off a mission without any kraken attacks, RUD, negligent decisions, or explosions:
  6. In the novel Rocheworld, the binary is on an elliptical orbit that is in a 1:3 resonance with the system's gas giant. So, on regular intervals it gets extremely close to the giant, fixing the drag. Also, remember that as the planets are tidally locked, and they have enormous inertia, there is not much drag.
  7. DAL59

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    This was an actual, published article:
  8. DAL59

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Fairings are $5 million dollars, so if the boat + operating costs is too much, its not worth it.
  9. DAL59

    Best Quotes Ever

    "It doesn't matter what else you do with your life, as soon as you put hampsters underwater, you become the underwater hampster guy."
  10. DAL59

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I just just checked in on starship news after several days, how did a mere 50 mph wind blow it over? Isn't this supposed to withstand max-q?
  11. Roman Empire would have a slightly larger air force and navy
  12. All other countries are neutral, militaries in modern locations.
  13. How, logistically, would they get 5000 miles to Roman territory from China without being bombed and landmined?