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  1. The Ctrl+V thread!

    http://www.imports.org/ Not about imports We want you to help write this chapter. You can click on the man above and e-mail us your chapter for Hackers Canyon.It will be posted in "Alternative Stories" with your name posted with it. The Movie will give you credit for your work if we use it as "alternative endings".Your chapter to Hackers Canyon must include the words:"He lived and died here"Remember, the book is already written. You are writing alternative chapters. If we publish your work you will not be paid money for what you write. You will however get great exposure for your writing.You must state in your e-mail that you do not expect pay for what you send us.Good luck and start writing.Give it your best shot and send it in. Don't wait for the perfect words.Just write.Dirkster
  2. How Do I Change my 'Rank' In KSP Forums?

    @Hans Kerman, read my rank for instructions.
  3. @Vanamonde Is it fixed now?
  4. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    @A @B GAMES @C_A @d @E Gadd @F_22_hu @G Addict @h industries @I am @J Harmon @K Kap @l_d_johnson @m @N_las @O @p g @Q-T @r 4 @S A M @T @ü-ei @V. @W_YI @X Sonic Pro X @Y_M @Z
  5. Name the Series!

  6. http://www.mathniac.com/

    Interestingly, I discovered one site that linked to it- It is apparently one of those "maze" websites with hundreds of linked images that go to random pages. http://www.dirkster.com/TheTreasure.htm For example, random beaches with gifs of cheetahs, each of which leads to more random drawings. http://www.importer.org/Smuggler.html
  7. Umm... @Vanamonde @Deddryk, how do I avoid this.
  8. http://www.mathniac.com/

    http://www.mathniac.com/ This website is completely blank, and only contains an equation. Oh I figured out what it is. When I click on the image of the equation, it gives a pseudoscience video about hidden golden spirals. That was quick.
  9. And launch clamps landed on the Mun.
  10. Duna Base (Stock)

    Welcome to the forums, @Apple. The OP has not visited the forums in 4 years, so don't expect a reply.
  11. Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    Yuri Milner(the breakthrough starshot guy) just got telescope time on the green bank radio observatory. They will look at Oumuamua to scan for radio signals. Its not aliens, but, it might be aliens! https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/12/yuri-milner-oumuamua-interstellar-asteroid/547985/
  12. Zubrin has calculated that the same launcher could easily send a slightly smaller rover and a return vehicle capable of going all the way back to Earth.
  13. Aldebaran reusable nuclear space plane: [snip]
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    After all, they stopped painting the external tank due to paint weight.