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  1. Could you make a bullet proof vest with a layer of titanium and a layer of sorbothane? How thick would the layers have to be?
  2. DAL59


    Its not considered necroposting if its still relevant
  3. Tethered spacewalks are safer, so there was no point.
  4. DAL59

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Given that many colleges have cubesat building, its not that inconceivable. The cost to launch an Electron rocket is "only" 6 million. Good luck getting approval for that
  5. DAL59

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You could with an ion engine, but how would you power it so far from the sun? Most RTGs don't produce enough to run an ion engine.
  6. DAL59

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Could FH send an orbiter to Pluto?
  7. DAL59


    I play Noctis! Its a multiplayer game, but as far as I can tell, nobody else is there. Its a deserted galaxy.
  8. Attack Vector: Tactical? Its a very complex and realistic 3-d space combat board game.
  9. DAL59

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Kerbal Alignment: Kerbals tend toward Chaotic, for obvious reasons. Size: Small Ability score improvement: Your intelligence score increases by 2 Photosynthesis: While you are in sunlight you do not need to eat. Permanent spacesuit: While you have at least one hp, you cannot suffocate, and you have resistance to radiant and cold damage. Your suit shines bright light forward for 15 feet, and dim light for another 15 feet. Agent of chaos: You have 3 chaos points you regain after a long rest. You spend one point to force any creature you can see to reroll, to perform a wild magic surge, or to roll on the table of 10,000 random magical effects. Bouncy head: You can make a DC10 dexetrity saving throw to attempt to land on your head when you fall. On a success, you take no damage. Subraces Pilot: You gain +2 to Charisma and -1 to Wisdom You have proficiency in vehicle use. You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened. Scientist: You gain +2 to wisdom. You have disadvantage on saving throws against being frightened. You can determine the composition of any substance you touch, but not its magical properties. Engineer: You gain +2 to dexterity. You have disadvantage on saving throws against being frightened. You have proficiency(or double proficiency if you already have proficiency) in checks used to analyze or repair machines.
  10. DAL59

    Accelating a Planet

    You could move a planet in only a century using dynamic compression tethers and solar sails.
  11. DAL59

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    If you fall 5,000 feet in a metal suit, you die.
  12. DAL59

    Dissolving the fermi paradoxon

    Shouldn't the numbers be the other way around? If the probability of their being aliens in the Milky Way was 39%, there would be a 99.99999% of aliens in the observable universe of billions of galaxies.