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  1. Zettai Ryouiki VTOL hovercar Hybrid [STOCK]

    Those are some amazing craft! I can tell from how you described the small but impressive world that is KSP cars that you truly understand the passion that goes into these creations.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    I completed a fighter jet armed with a stock missile. You can find it here.
  3. The Best Player's Car Challenge

    This should be a great competitor! I figured the best way to keep straight line results consistent and fair was to start the engines the moment the car pulls away. If one car has built up more thrust than another when it releases its brakes and boost flaps, it would have a slight advantage. However, I am open for any suggestions that would allow for cars to use their full power from the start. Also sorry for responding so late, its been a while since I checked on this. Looks good, Also jets and rockets will be allowed. Also for the Challenge I will be entering my Destiny.
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    I finished making what seems to be just about the ultimate supercar. I've actually been developing the methods that would lead to this for several weeks but now that its finally complete I'm very happy with it. You can find it here.
  5. The Kurburgring Lap

    That's a good idea, thank you!
  6. The Best Player's Car Challenge

    Those are very nice cars, I like the bike! For pictures I usually post them on Imgur, copy the url, go to KerbalX and begin to upload a craft, paste the url in the upload page and let it fix the url to get an image, and finally copy the fixed url and paste it on the forum. Its tedious but it gets the job done.
  7. The Best Player's Car Challenge

    That's awesome, I'm still not sure whether or not I'll allow multiple entries so I'd probably just go with the best one.
  8. The Kurburgring Lap

    I tried notepad and that didn't work either, the craft seems as good as dead now. I'm glad I wasn't working on something really important to me at the time though, thanks for the help anyways.
  9. The Kurburgring Lap

    Unfortunately no, but I was able to screenshot it.
  10. The Kurburgring Lap

    Does anyone know how to fix a broken craft file? I was working on a car just now and my computer shut off, now the game says its incompatible with my version of KSP and the file is full of nothing but these weird squares. I would greatly appreciate some help.
  11. The Kurburgring Lap

    Just posted the best player's car challenge, you can find it here.
  12. Rules 1. Entries must use only stock parts, textures will not matter. 2. RCS and reaction wheels will not be allowed. 3. Entries will be judged on performance by lap times and speed while fun, flexibility, and looks will be judged trough polls. Categories Fun The idea of this category is pretty much what it sounds like, how much fun is car to drive around the KSC or across the terrain of Kerbin. Flexibility This category will test how flexible a cars applications are. For instance, if a car is designed for the track only and will easily be damaged or destroyed on rough terrain, it is not very flexible. Performance This will test how the cars perform around a track and in a straight line. For the track I will be using the Kurburgring. Straight line performance will test how quickly a car can pass the SPH on the runway without the engines being allowed to spool up. Looks This basically judges craft on whether or not they look good. Stages Since this challenge will have multiple aspects I've decided to split things up into three main categories. Entry Submissions During this stage entries will be submitted for the competition. Judging In this stage the cars will be tested to evaluate their performance and judged through polls in the other categories. For lap times I will require a video or a screenshot on every other corner. For straight line speed I will need a screenshot of the car at the point of the runway I have marked with a red line. Results In this stage an overall winner will be chosen and I will type up a story about the competition staring Jeb and Val. While this is a competition where the winner will be the most well rounded car I don't necessarily want to see an entry trying to achieve that at a cost. What I would love to see are entries that show how you make cars in KSP, that use every bit of knowledge you know to make a car excel in certain areas, that are created the way you want. I don't want anyone to surrender their strong suits and preferred methods just to have a better chance at winning, If you like making cars that are a joy to drive but aren't that fast, then make your entry as fun to play with as possible. Current Entries @Dark Lion Essar Bean @Azimech Citroen CX @LABenterprises Destiny EsnianMetalWorks E.M.W Storm X-1
  13. The Kurburgring Lap

    Thank you that helps a lot!
  14. The Kurburgring Lap

    Does anyone happen to know to how to convert a craft file from one version of KSP to another?
  15. The Kurburgring Lap

    Here's the lap.