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  1. Yeah, at the moment @prgmTroubleholds the record but I might make a go for it with my Cheetah. Its got 14 junos, a fancy active aero system, and a top speed of 275 mph. I'll get started on the tutorial soon .
  2. I created the track and it was @He_162's idea to create a challenge for it. Thanks for the credit.
  3. I can take care of this. I've been building jet powered cars for over a year now. As the guy who created this circuit, I can tell you that you did amazing!
  4. I like what you've got so far. I think to keep things better organized we should register competitors first. True, I'll be sure to come up with a few as well. How many tracks do we have now? How about, Kazuka? I prefer lf since it's easier to make a car fast without sacrificing aesthetics. We should probably keep things stock.
  5. It would be nice to see someone else lap one of my cars faster than me. As the designer I think you're actually somewhat limited when it comes to setting a fast lap. You envision the car, plan the car, build it, test it through countless trial and error, and finally find satisfaction in it. You sort of build a relationship with it as you develop it's personality, but in those last few hours of fine tuning your ready for it to be over and done already. After finishing my cars, while I am proud of them I rarely drive them afterwards. I think a good driver who hasn't had to go through the frustration of perfecting a car would certainly be faster at setting a lap.
  6. Hopefully more come along, I'd like to see this competition grow. Also, since you'd like to set up and F-1 challenge would you like it if I made a low part count F-1 car for everyone to use?
  7. Now I've got it. It sounds like if the Nürburgring took steroids. While they do take time to deploy, once they have the benefits can be enormous. Over time my cars have gotten heavier and faster, so airbrakes are really the only way to slow them down quickly. I like to use the Big-S elevon since when it's fully deployed it generates plenty of drag. I always use the TR-2L wheels. I'm not very familiar with the M1 wheels.
  8. You realize I'm going to spend the next ten minutes of my life trying to pronounce this, right?
  9. I agree with banning SAS, however, I'm quite partial to active aero. Perhaps it could be allowed solely for assisting with braking. Thanks, It took me a while to make a final decision on the path of the track. For the invisible boundaries it's best to just make your spring and damper settings softer. Wow, they really are similar, and my track's over eight months old.
  10. I hope more car creators will start to participate in this as well. Everyone has their own unique way of building craft and it's always interesting to see.
  11. I like the Idea of two categories. It provides more options for creators without making the challenge unfair. Thanks for the compliment, there really is sort of an art to building detailed cars.
  12. Yeah, @He_162 and I were competing with each other for a bit and ended up spawning the Kurburgring lap challenge. Yes I do. The L.A.B. Test Track 3.0
  13. Now this is right up my alley. I've made plenty of cars and have come up with a few race tracks as well. As far as restrictions go I'd allow only juno engines to be used since for a car it's just the most practical solution. Boost flaps should be a requirement as well. I wouldn't put any restrictions on weight since in some cases extra weight may be necessary to prevent a car from flipping over. You could put a restriction on top speed. that would force builders to not use too many engines and have a good bit of downforce. Here's an older track I don't use anymore. It consist mostly of high speed corners and isn't really difficult to get the hang of. This is the largest track I've created, I call the Kurburgring. It's kind of tricky to get used to and demands lots grip and a good turn-in at low speeds for a fast lap. This is the track I currently use to test my cars. It's got a good balance of low and high speed corners. It's also not too hard to drive fast on it.
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