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  1. Future Projects and Ideas

    Just uploaded a higher performance version of the B-32. You can download it here.
  2. Future Projects and Ideas

    Recently uploaded my latest supercar, it has a detailed engine and interior. You can download it here.
  3. Future Projects and Ideas

    just uploaded my very first muscle car! you can download it here.
  4. Future Projects and Ideas

    Just uploaded the 2018 Apex. You can download it here.
  5. Future Projects and Ideas

    I was wondering when someone would notice that, I did take heavy inspiration from the Testarossa for the cars design. For the SUV, the design was primarily inspired by the Lamborghini Urus. Its name even means ruler in Italian. The 2018 Apex will be arriving on the 1/29/18.
  6. Future Projects and Ideas

    Just made an 80s style Supercar. You can download it here
  7. Future Projects and Ideas

    I'm currently working on quite a few projects but one of them happens to be my next number one performance car. It's mission will be to set a new record on my test track which will mean dethroning the Destiny.
  8. Future Projects and Ideas

    The 2018 Hyper is here! Download it here
  9. Problem solved

    The game keeps crashing right before it finishes loading. I haven't installed any mods or changed anything within the files, just yesterday it was working fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: I somehow fixed the problem and everything is fine now.
  10. Future Projects and Ideas

    2018 Synergy has arrived! You can download it here.
  11. Future Projects and Ideas

    B-27 is finally here alongside my first SUV. You can download the above craft here. You can download the above craft here.
  12. Future Projects and Ideas

    The cars in KSP thread is here, feel free to show off your craft.
  13. Cars in KSP

    This is a thread for those who appreciate the creation, enjoyment, or inspiration of cars in KSP. If you enjoy making cars feel free to share and post pictures of your creations here. You can also share your knowledge of creating cars and various methods you may use to help others improve. For those who are interested in getting started with making cars then why not begin now, this is a side of the game with plenty of room to grow.
  14. Future Projects and Ideas

    I feel I'm entering the final stages of development on the new Synergy. All that's left currently is fine tuning the wheels to perfect the car's cornering. Unfortunately it seems taking the Kurburgring lap record is a bit out of its reach, however, second place should be attainable.
  15. Future Projects and Ideas

    the B-27 will likely be uploaded this weekend, all I have left to do is gather its performance data and take some more screenshots.