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  1. The Kurburgring Lap

    You can watch the G-Force LM's lap here. file:///C:/Users/lukea/Desktop/KSP%201.3.0/KSP%201.3.0%202/Kerbal%20Space%20Program/Kerbal%20Space%20Program%209_24_2017%204_12_52%20PM%20-%20Copy%20(
  2. The Kurburgring Lap

    Finally finished with the G-Force 2.0 and G-Force 2.0 LM. The LM version managed to run around the kurburgring in 0:56 but I'll need to do some editing before I can show the video. You can find both crafts here.
  3. The Kurburgring Lap

    I've run into this plenty of times, most recently with my Bolt. You should be able to fix this by softening up the springs and dampers and it also helps to try to avoid these areas of the track.
  4. The Kurburgring Lap

    I plan on allowing people to design their cars using whatever method they want, the only real rule so far is that the parts used in designs will have to be stock but textures won't matter.
  5. The Kurburgring Lap

    I'm currently working out the rules for a new car related challenge that will test cars based on looks, performance, fun, and flexibility, I Plan on calling it the best player's car challenge. The main Idea of the challenge would be to find the car that puts a smile on someones face like no other.
  6. The Kurburgring Lap

    I don't know whether or not @He_162 knew about this, but I had no idea that this challenge existed and I apologize If this has offended you in any way.
  7. The Kurburgring Lap

    I don't think @He_162 and I will allow this because any extra performance you would be able get from rcs, could most likely be gained from tuning the wheels properly. If you need help with that part, just ask anyone on the forum who knows what their doing, @Azimech probably has an encyclopedia on making cars in KSP!
  8. The Kurburgring Lap

    Don't worry it wasn't offensive, but I can see what you mean, yesterday there was a bit of a fallout.
  9. The Kurburgring Lap

    I think the TR-2L was chosen because of its superior grip to the RoveMax M1. Performance is the biggest part of this challenge, but I can understand why this would be a problem for some people. I'll see if we can change the rules to allow the RoveMax M1 in the main category.
  10. The Kurburgring Lap

    On one of my better clean runs, the G-Force 2.0 managed to run around the kurburgring in 1:00 and my test track in 0:36. I'm still testing it and considering making a Le Mans racing variant. I've also come up with the design for another megacar I will begin working on soon, although I have yet to come up with a name.
  11. The Kurburgring Lap

    Thanks, that definitely helps.
  12. The Kurburgring Lap

    I absolutely agree with you and @Azimech, i'm not exactly sure what happened here, but it seems there's a bit of misunderstanding mixed in as well. @DoctorDavinci I can understand why you would feel offended and want to leave, but if you choose to stay, I promise I will make sure that everything works out.
  13. The Kurburgring Lap

    I've spent the last seven or eight hours working on my latest megacar. Since my original G-Force was little more than an experimental hypercar I figured the name deserved more, so this will be called the G-Force 2.0. Its not done yet as I still have some tweaking to do but it should be ready in a few days. Also, does anyone know what the easiest way to record a KSP video is, taking screenshots will be difficult to impossible with how fast the car is.
  14. The Kurburgring Lap

    This looks amazing! I love the stance.
  15. The Kurburgring Lap

    I can't believe that its been well over a month since I first found out about this and i'm still blown away by it! In that case feel free to ask anything!