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  1. LABenterprises

    Custom Craft, inc.

    Just an update on the Mclaren P1 for @eagle92lightning. Life has been a bit of a roadblock recently so the project is taking longer than I originally intended but I should be done after a few weeks give or take.
  2. LABenterprises

    Custom Craft, inc.

    That's my number one favorite car! I can get started on that this weekend.
  3. LABenterprises

    2018 Lowell Blackout vs 2018 L.A.B. Apex

    I tested the cars in version 1.3.1. I played around in 1.4 for a few days but I couldn't figure out why some of my cars flipped over and others stayed relatively the same, it's good to know that the problem's in the wheel grip settings. The increase in body roll is still an issue but not something I can't work around. I do hope Squad changes the grip settings back to what they were before though.
  4. Recently I wanted to see how my Apex stacked up against @Azimech's Blackout. I was surprised to find that although these cars couldn't be much more different, their results when tested on a track are extremely similar. On paper the Apex shouldn't stand a chance, the Blackout is faster, quicker, lighter, and has a better power to weight ratio. However, both cars use effective aerodynamic methods to enhance their performance and it's here that the Apex claws back lost ground. At my test track the Apex has completed the circuit with a 39 second lap and the Blackout completed it in 40 seconds. I could probably make up the difference with an extra hour to familiarize myself better with the the Blackout's handling. In the future I will be testing these cars on multiple tracks to figure which one has superior handling. Until then, here are some stats. 2018 Lowell Blackout Top Speed: 155+ m/s Curb Weight: 6.63t Power: 160 kN Power to Weight Ratio: 24.1 kN per ton Dimensions: L: 6.55m W: 3.49m H: 1.59m Download Link: Lowell Blackout 2018 L.A.B. Apex Top Speed: 126 m/s Curb Weight: 13.16 Power: 240 kN Power to Weight Ratio: 18.2 kN per ton Dimensions: L: 6.47m W: 3.56m H: 1.8m Download Link: L.A.B. Apex L.A.B. Test Track 2018 Lowell Blackout: 0.40 2018 L.A.B. Apex: 0:39
  5. LABenterprises

    Vagani Craft Manufacturers - OLV-1 Shuttle

    It's a pleasure to see you again @Vagani. Those rovers are beautiful, especially the Model 1A.
  6. LABenterprises

    2020 Tesla Roadster

    Yeah, that first pic definitely says it all. At the moment my future projects comprise of a Lancia 037 replica, a higher performance variant of a muscle car I made a month ago, and a Corvette inspired front engined supercar.
  7. LABenterprises

    2020 Tesla Roadster

    Thanks, it took me over three months to make.
  8. LABenterprises

    2020 Tesla Roadster

    This is my 2020 Tesla Roadster replica. I plan on updating it over time as I improve the design. It can be downloaded here.
  9. LABenterprises

    Future Projects and Ideas

    Just uploaded a higher performance version of the B-32. You can download it here.
  10. LABenterprises

    Future Projects and Ideas

    Recently uploaded my latest supercar, it has a detailed engine and interior. You can download it here.
  11. LABenterprises

    Future Projects and Ideas

    just uploaded my very first muscle car! you can download it here.
  12. LABenterprises

    Future Projects and Ideas

    Just uploaded the 2018 Apex. You can download it here.
  13. LABenterprises

    Future Projects and Ideas

    I was wondering when someone would notice that, I did take heavy inspiration from the Testarossa for the cars design. For the SUV, the design was primarily inspired by the Lamborghini Urus. Its name even means ruler in Italian. The 2018 Apex will be arriving on the 1/29/18.
  14. LABenterprises

    Future Projects and Ideas

    Just made an 80s style Supercar. You can download it here
  15. LABenterprises

    Future Projects and Ideas

    I'm currently working on quite a few projects but one of them happens to be my next number one performance car. It's mission will be to set a new record on my test track which will mean dethroning the Destiny.